Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm still in December

I wonder if I'm the only one who hasn't had a "jump start" with the new year? I had every intention of getting things in order and starting "fresh" on a few things, but nothing much has been going on despite my best intentions at the end of last year. Most of the things I wanted to start doing instead of blogging haven't been happening as much as I had planned but I'm still not giving up. I've tried to prioritize my time better and not spend as much time on the computer or knitting. Okay, the Nintendo DS hasn't helped. Yep. Very addictive for sure. The usual Fibro pain is making it tough as well with some days worse than others. (Mainly worse). Things can always be even MORE worse though so I count my blessings everyday. There is a new Fibro drug coming out in March I believe. I'm sure my Rheumy Dr or my GP will see that I give it a try.

Julie sent me a pic of her with her bright red lipstick on and her new Lipstick Lava Lace Ribbon Scarf I made her for Christmas. I'm just now getting around to posting it. Thanks Julie, looks like a great match!
You know how funny I look in red lipstick? You don't want to know...

I made my Mom some more house socks:

Berroco Pleasure in Fuschia. These are WARM little suckers. Like wearing little mini heaters on your feet. I think it's the angora in the yarn.

I made a few chemo caps for a friend of a friend. I sure hope she can use them.
Berroco Chinchilla-Pale Pink. Pattern on "One Ball Really Easy Chemo Cap"

Berroco Comfort in Pink - "Cold Weather Hat"

Caron Simply Soft in a bright Pink - "Laced Edge Women's Hat"

I honestly don't know when exactly I worked these in, life has been a daze lately. I know I made one, then liked another one better, then remembered I had the Chinchilla yarn - so I just sent her all three. Along with prayers and get well vibes in each stitch.

I'm working on some fingerless mitts right now for my cousin. "Three" seems to be my number so far. I knit the three chemo caps, now I'm knitting her three pairs of these things. Never has anything taken me SO goshawful long to do. I have No socks in progress either. So it's easy to see that I'm the only one moving in slow motion this year for some reason. I have NO IDEA why I joined one of the "Sock a Month" groups on Ravelry. January is almost over and I have a sock and a half left over from LAST year (yea, I was going to cheat), but I doubt it will get done in time anyway! It's kind of funny. I'll have to see if I can catch up before I disqualify myself from the group.

I did get a dandy idea to finally get all my different needles organized:

I bought three of these containers, one for DPN's, one for my circs, and one for my straights. (I leave my needles in their original packages normally.) During this "reorganizing" The Big Guy was fighting with loading stuff onto his new Ipod (meaning: BUGGING ME!) and as I went to go sit back down after having to find something ELSE for him I sat down on two different Knit Picks Harmony straights. I think one was a size 6 and one an 8. His fault I have to order more right?

That's about it. If I EVER finish the fingerless mitts I'll have something else to blog about! yay!