Monday, September 29, 2008

One Baby Item Done! whew!

This isn't blocked yet as you can tell, but when I do wash and block it, I plan on being very careful about the whole "Cat Hair" dilemma. I plan on wrapping it up and sticking it in a zip loc bag ASAP once it's dry. I will try to get a better picture of it then, we can only hope right? I just depends on how paranoid I get as I see cat hair floating past my face....

"Snuggle Up"
Bernat Softee Baby in Pink
2 skeins (I bought a third but didn't need it after all)
Size H Crochet Hook
Leisure Arts Leaflet 3015 "Absolutely Gorgeous Baby Afghans"

This is the third or fourth one of these I've made over the years. It must be my favorite for little girls because I always go back to it. It doesn't come out big for "regular" use, but as a "snuggly" or "special occasion" blankie, it's just precious.

Funny, crocheting didn't come back as easy to me this time, I struggled with that darn treble cluster stitch and on a couple of other parts (evenly space x number of stitches between here and there! Ugh!). Of course I was working on it during the season starter of Dancing With the Stars, so that made it MUCH harder to concentrate. (I love Brooke & Rocco for this season). I did little modifications here and there, fudged some stitches here and there, and it still came out okay for a little chick-a-dee to drag around and wrap her dollies in. I hope little Ella Rose likes it.

Dawn sent me a meme called RIGHT NOW. Meaning you take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW. No make up, combing hair, changing clothes etc.'s me!

My daughter got her new CookingMama 2 Nintendo DS game for her birthday last weekend and used me as her first character!! She was so PROUD of how she created ME, and I thought it turned out looking JUST LIKE ME! (Aren't I cute!? Notice the crown??) Now if I could just really learn to cook from this game that would be so cool.

I'm gonna pass on passing this one along because I think Dawn sent it to the people I would've. Plus, it was too much of a shock to see what I really looked like in a recent photo. (The sleeping schedule thing with me is still all wonky and it SHOWS on my face big time). I'll spare anyone that trauma. But IF YOU WANT TO DO IT- GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

What a Mockery! & I Lost My Needles!

First, I'm talking about my socks of course!

Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock - Cool Colorway
Pattern: Mockery Socks
Size 1 needles (should've used size 0)
Eye of Partridge Heel
(These look really cool with the pattern carried all the way down the foot, but I got too lazy tired.)
These did come out too big and too loose. I forgot that I should always use size 0 needles with my Lorna's Laces. Sometimes I just operate on "Auto" and forget to edit for my needs. I'm not crazy about the stripes on these but they're done and "just socks", so I guess I can live with that. I was going to over-dye them, but "que sera sera"'s too short and I have so much to do.

This was my first time trying the Eye of Partridge heel and it's WAY TOO BIG for my ankles/heels. Maybe I'll try it again with a smaller needle someday. I think I prefer the regular heel flap better, it just feels snug and comfortable. These are SO saggy as you can see in the picture! Oy. The truth is, my heels and wrists are probably the only skinny places left on my body so I'm going to enjoy that while I can and do right by them!

Second -My Next Dilemma: I'm trying to work on some baby things now except I can't find the size 1 straights that I was using for the baby booties! I'm thinking they must've been thrown away by accident!! I Know! GASP!! I've looked everywhere and can't seem to locate them for the life of me...I usually only knit in one place - although I have several knitting bags around here, they aren't here. They just aren't. I keep hoping one will poke me in the behind sooner or later, but no such luck. Oh well....guess I'll have to place another order with Joanns.....


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

When it pours...

Is it "Opposite Week" or what? Cause my lovely week has been totally sucky. I accidently was overdrawn 90 cents (gotta confiscate the big guys debit card) and my bank charged me $35.00. (Yes, we have $$ sitting in other accounts with them, they just suck big time-can you tell I'm a lit-tle bit miffed???). Our upstairs air conditioner broke down AGAIN (every summer/winter like clock work -another $80+ bill). And Yay! It's fundraiser time at school again! Yippee!

Oh yeah, we're also going to have another gasoline shortage again in the coming days/weeks to add to our stress. We just got through one last weekend and already prices are going back up and pumps are getting covered up again. I can't believe how wonderful things are going, what DID I do to deserve all this joy? I know, things could be a LOT worse, but when you're already feeling the pinch of stress, it doesn't take much to push you over the edge. I just want to crawl under the covers and not come out for a bit.

So leave it to Miss Anna (Diary of an Eccentric) to cheer me up by bestowing this to me:

A blog award!! Thanks Anna!! I needed this upper and HOW!!! You don't even know!

Here are the rules:

If you've already received the award, great! That means you really, really deserve it! And feel free to pass it on again!

1) Add the logo of the award to your blog

2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you

3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs

4) Add links to those blogs on your blog

5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs!

Let's see, I nominate:

Dawn (KnittinWolf)

Jeanne (NatRedKnits)

Julie (Julieanne's What's Up Page!)

Anna (again cause she's so cool!)

Cass (Shut Up I'm Counting)<

Kay (From The Back Yard)

Ariel (Ariel's Knitting)

I read a lot of blogs but don't always comment much (bad blogger-bad bad) so I'm going to be brave and pass it on anyway. I REALLY love nice comments so I have to work on that.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gretel #2

She's done!

Caron Simply Soft Heathers in Gray
Size 4 needle for the ribbing
Size 7 for the rest
Regular Size

I used my cable needle this time instead of working it without one. To be honest, it just "flows" better for me WITH it than without it. I don't dig cabling without a cable needle for some reason. (Probably because this works cables back/front in same rows at times. It took me more time to look up the directions again and again for each than to just use my needle.)

It wasn't blocked in these pictures. I washed it tonight in All Clear since my cousin is very allergic to detergents, then stuck it in a plastic bag (loosely) to finish blocking on a plate since she's also very allergic to cat dander. (And that's ALL over my house!) I'm praying that it's okay for her and I'm going to tell her to wash it herself when she gets it to make sure no stray kitty hairs are on it. I don't want to be the cause of a bad reaction! Gulp!

Again, I have to say I love knitting this pattern, it's fast & really fun to make. This is actually my third one but #2 was made out of Red Heart Soft in a pretty purple color and came out too snug, (I was experimenting with needle sizes) and too "shaggy-fuzzy-frizzy-pilly" (eww!) It's buried somewhere around here....

Today was spent clothes shopping for my girls, cleaning (blah), laundry (blah blah), and cooking, so no fibery things were worked on (yet!-that baby blanket is bugging me). The seasons are changing around here slowly but surely, so my girls were hinting lately that the need for longer pants was arising. It feels like school just started and we just finished clothes shopping for capri's and shorts...where does the time go?

It's slowly been getting darker a little earlier each day and the terrible heat & humidity went bye-bye a couple of days after Hurricane Ike passed by (whew!). Can you see autumn? I sure can. The "sunshine" during the day has a whole different look and glow to me. Amazing.

Here's an early"Happy Autumn" to everyone.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WIP Wednesday

Oh my gosh, do I dare? Because I have to confess that even though I've read that a lot of people really enjoy seeing WIP's on blogs, I seem to only JINX myself by posting about them.

Exhibit A: My Stash-ghan (on my sidebar). Which if anyone ever notices is still at the same percentage as when I posted about it... I just haven't gotten back to it and I won't go digging through my blog but I also never finished a couple of sweaters I posted about either. I have a habit of only posting about Finished Objects and that forumla seems to work for me because I WANT to post about them when I'm done of course. My head can come up with the craziest things.

But, I'm going to try again:

I'm working on a baby blanket for a co-worker of my husband's whose daughter was born a YEAR ago. He volunteers me for these things and the only reason I'm trying to pump this out is because a different co-worker is due to have a baby boy in November and I'm making him some booties (I've made one, need to do the other one...forgot to get a pic yesterday!).
Guilt will get you every time.

Here's my socks I've been ever so S L O W L Y working on. I'm not liking the striping on these so I may overdye them with some kool-aid or food coloring when I'm done with the second sock. (I know my pictures are TERRIBLE, please forgive the dark shadows but it was so gloomy outside yesterday and I can't edit to save my life!) This is how pretty my yarn looks in a cake. I loved it in a hank and I love it in a ball, but I don't love it knit up. I know, I'm one of those crazy people.

I've really been tugged towards more "solid" sock yarns for awhile now, I'm really enjoying the look more for some reason but these fooled me, they were close so I didn't expect what I got. I hope to post closer up photo's so you can actually see the stripes (hopefully) when they're completed.

I've also added another Gretel in the mix as well. My cousin's 50th birthday is coming up in October so I just got a bee in my bonnet last night to whip her up one of those. Hope to finish that by the end of the week so I can send it out soon.

So that's with a million things to get done and I keep thinking of more. Please wish me luck! (gulp)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Miss J

My oldest has a birthday today!! Where did the time go and WHY is she already acting like a teenager?? Did I seriously miss some days, months, years, of my life somewhere along the way?

One thing I remember about the morning I went into labor with her was that I was totally craving biscuits and gravy, and when I called the hospital they said "don't eat!". Talk about being BUMMED OUT!! Okay, she was totally worth it (even though she didn't come OUT until the next day via c-section), but isn't it funny how that sticks with me? I've never forgotten that! It just isn't the same when you only get popcicles, broth, or ice chips! Yes, We had a tough time getting her to come out, and that stubborn streak is still very evident these days but she's still a blessing we're always thankful for. (Remind me of that tomorrow and the next day and the next day...and the next day...)

**This picture was taken last summer (do I look like a Mom who will never let go?). This summer she's still beautiful of course, but like that Cruise commercial on TV, the "elusive smile" of a child her age is about as rare as finding a needle in a haystack, hence, not very many suitable pics to share. I don't care, I still wuv her. She's always going to be my baby.

Oh, and She's quite thrilled that her birthday is on a MONDAY - AND she has to go to school. Poor Poor Baby! We shall have to get her some ice cream.

Happy Happy Birthday Sissy!

Knitting?? What knitting???

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Super Commenter Award!

I'm very proud to accept the Super Commenter Award that Anna passed on to me!

Anna is one of my first ever blogger buddies like Dawn and Jeanne, so we've built a friendship out of those "beginning" comments that means a lot. I'm rather on the shy side most of the time, I read a lot of blogs, but often get too shy and chicken out about commenting. I should though, I know I REALLY enjoy reading new comments when I get them! I Gotta get over that shyness!!

So here's to all of us who make each other's day a whole lot brighter by simply taking the time to let someone know you enjoy them! I promise to do better at letting other people know as well!

I pass this award along to Dawn (Knittinwolf) for sure, Jeanne at Nat Red Knits (LUV your new blog look Jeanne!) and my BF Julie too! Anna would've gotten it for sure if she hadn't passed it to me! LOL!!

It's a nice rainy day today, the perfect day for knitting. Yet Mr. Sock doesn't seem to be growing very much...I'm trying, I really am. (My Noro Scarf is in limbo land as well.) We've had rain off and on since last night and it's been very refreshing! I had wanted to do some shopping today on the other side of town but since that meant having to take the interstate on wet roads with nutty, crazy drivers - ah, I chose to stay home. Sometimes I do have some smarts!

Onto other good news: We've done it ladies....pulled Julie into the knitting vortex.....she's not only knitting, she's kind of "free-form" knitting!! I don't think she's ever used patterns in her crocheting either come to think of it....! Ms. Fiber Ar-teest! I know she's very limited on her free time (2+ jobs, school, family!) and her blogging is kind of spaced out here and there too but she's allowed that due to her shedule, so I'm proud to know she's on her way to someday relaxing and knitting up a storm!!!! Gooooo Julie!!!!

Now I must go grab a tissue...I'm just SO proud.....

(Someday there will be knitting to share again on this blog....I can imagine it so clearly! LOL!)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

What's up?

I wish I had a fun answer to that question!
Since I'm about ready to be put out to pasture (same old pain, I know, I'm so tired of myself !) I haven't been knitting on much of anything lately. Well, ONE sock, but that seems to be turning out kind of "icky" so I'm not going to be braggin' on it anytime soon. The pooling is turning me "off" (and I refuse to start over-just too tired!) so I may just knit the socks up and over-dye them a darker blue. We'll see, and I'll show pics when I decide.

I did finally get this in the mail last week:

My new Ott Light from Joann's. It's taken some getting used to, but to read or knit by it really helps. It's not as pretty as some of the other (much more expensive) ones they have, but I'm "Mrs. Frugal To The Max" at times, especially if I'm not sure I'm going to like something beforehand. I miss a more "sunny" glow (this is super-WHITE) but it works well for it's purpose (to help these OLD eyeballs!)

I've been reading up a storm since my pain level has been on the high scale again. In the past few weeks I've read:

by Mary Kruger:
Dyed in the Wool
Knit Fast, Dye Young

by Maggie Sefton:
Dying to Sell (not a knitting mystery)
Knit One, Kill Two
Needled to Death
A Deadly Yarn
A Killer Stitch
Dyer Consequences

Fleece Navidad is coming out September 30th so I sure hope my library gets that one in as well.

I've already read all of Debbie Macomber's Blossom knitting series, The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood, The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs (both terribly depressing in my view). I never even bothered with "Knitting: A Novel" by Anne Bartlett because it outright tells you it's about grief, and I don't do so good with that. I want to feel good by a read, not worse off than when I began. I guess I'm overly sensitive about that subject, it deeply affects me and stirs up too much pain.

I'm now reading Death by Cashmere by Sally Goldenbaum (will be done today, most I can finish in a day) and I have the three Chicks With Sticks books (It's a Purl Thing, Knit Two Together, and Knitwise) waiting in the wings for their turn. They're geared toward girls my daughter's age (tweens) but us old fogey's seem to really enjoy them as well!

I have to admit, these are all fast, easy reads but very enjoyable for people who love knitting and like me can't get enough of it. I usually figure out who the "murderer" is (in the mystery series') by the middle of the book, but a couple of times I've been wrong!! LOL! I just grab what's available at my local libraries and that's what I read. Checking out Amazon today though, I see a few more I may have to try to find....

Outside of Knitting, I also just read "Mistress of The Sun" by Sandra Gulland. It had me crying by the end, but in a good way I guess. Sad, but good. That's different than overwhelming grief. Next up is "The Heretic's Daughter" by Kathleen Kent. Looks like a good one! It takes place during the Salem Witch Trials. So much to read, so little time....if I could only enjoy audio books I could knit at the same time, but getting lost in my own imagination with the printed word is what I REALLY enjoy most of all.

I better get back to my books!! I miss them already!

UPDATE: Thank You Girls for all of your prayers!! Grandpa Ken was released from the Hospital today and is feeling stronger bit by bit!! God is Good.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Not a Good Night :(

My SIL called tonight to let us know that my FIL was taken to the hospital with a possible heart attack. I hate late night phone calls...never good news.

Later, my MIL called back and said they put a stint? shunt? (like a catheder) in and he was doing better and was going to be in ICU for a few days.

Okay, so they go home and about an hour later call us back and say that the hospital has called back and they're taking him into surgery because he's having more chest MIL sounded so stressed, I worry about her too....

Now I just got another call that they re-checked the stint? shunt? and it's actually working pretty good, he does have 95% blockage in one artery in the back of the heart, and they'll be doing an ultrasound in a bit to check for fluid around his heart (they want to know why he's still hurting).

It's 4:00 am here now...I'm up waiting for anymore phone calls and gotta wake The Big Guy up so he can take off around 6:00 am to go there (they live a couple of hours away). I'm really sleepy, but I'm too stressed to sleep. My SIL did say that his color does look okay, and he's conscious and all, so that's a good sign I hope.

The blessing tonight in this scariness was that my SIL (who has been in nursing for quite a few years) was THERE tonight (she lives in Indiana but was in TN for some job interviews this week). God is good.

Please, if you can, keep good thoughts for Grandpa Ken. He's a big sweetheart and we need him around for a whole lot longer. Thanks a bunch! I'll update when I get more news....

UPDATE: No heart attack! Whew!! But 95% blockage in an artery. Stint is working good and he'll be in the hospital for a few more days. They said his heart was actually okay, it was the blockage and swelling that was causing so much pain. It could've been a heart attack, but again, they were lucky my SIL was there to call 911 and make him go in! Thanks Dawn for the prayers!! ((hugs!))

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Will Get This Right...

I've spent most of this afternoon on some basic technological stuff and I'm THIS close to losing my mind.

I finally got my little boom box hooked up to my desktop computer (thank you Radio Shack, I have the right connector) and it must be right because my sound check works. Yay! I found some free software online to use to record files on my computer. That's what's not working for me. I've rechecked my settings too many times and still can't get sound recorded. Time to step away, I'm too riled up right now! grrrrr

I've really been meaning to do this for a very long time. I have cassette tapes of my girls from "infant years" on. First words, baby babble, singing, etc., it's so cute to listen to but I want them on CD now. Taping them was just another weird thing I did besides having a video camera in front of their faces most of their lives. They just LUV me doing all this stuff. Anyway, I recently saw a "cassette to cd" converter in JCPenney's catalog for $150.00, (the way things are going today I may just buy the darn thing) so I figured it's about time to at least try the cheapest way. I just don't think my brain is fried enough ya know? Gotta give it more pressure.

Not a whole lot of knitting going on. My pain scale has been high for quite a few weeks now and it's just been something that hasn't been much fun for me. That's one reason I thought I'd finally try to get to another "project" like working on the tapes. (Oh Joy!)
I've been slowly knitting on this:

Just a Noro Scarf. I'm not even sure what colorways I'm using, just stuff that was buried back in the stash. Honestly, it's a fun knit for someone who needs something easy and relaxing, but I think I would've liked darker colors. The k1, p1, with wool is easy on my hands right now. I may even finish it one day.... I do wish the cat hair floating around here wouldn't stick to it like a magnet so bad tho!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

19 Years of Marriage Today

He was so romantic, I could not resist.
Someday my Prince will come
Someday we'll meet again
And away to his castle we'll go
To be happy forever I know
"Once there was a Princess...and she fell in love...Anyone could see that the Prince was charming, the only one for me...There's nobody like him, anywhere at all."

My Prince Did come....and He Stayed even after getting to know me!
I'm very lucky and blessed.
Here's to many more years Richard. Thanks for being the Best Man you can be,
for me, and our family. You still make me happy after all these years.
Luv & Smooches, Always.