Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's Only Knitting...

Or "I Hope I Never See This *&%*# Pattern Ever Again".

Just kidding. These just about drove me insane, but it's because of ME that they had so many problems after all. These are the ones that suffered being ripped completely about 3 times, and had Sasha chew up their needle. Oh, it just went on and on. And it was all on mitt #2 too. She just didn't want to cooperate.

This was the last doozie I did. Why did I look at the cables and think to myself "hey, that doesn't look quite right" and just keep on knitting. AND BIND OFF? Must be the flu and Fibro issues going on in my house this month....

But, Scarlett was right, "tomorrow is another day". You just have to buck up and rip out your bind off, tink back to the right row and start over.

Yes, a knitter can do anything. (But this is clearly why I don't knit shawls and bigger things like sweaters). And in the end it's love.

Miss J loves them. She wanted them. She got them. All that matters is making my baby girl happy.

Pattern: Yummy Mummy Mitts
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock - Tiziano Red
Size 2 Magic Loop

Latest Bummer: missed my knitting meeting yesterday due to a nasty migraine and the pouring outside of cats and dogs. But I was missed. And that always feels good. I <3 Knitters.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Whiskers On Wednesday

I've had to start Jessica's second fingerless mitt a few times so far. At least this time it wasn't all MY fault. Here's the proof:

It's not all Sasha's fault either I guess, because the stitches came off the needles sort of by accident the first time. I got them back on - barely- but by pulling it out a second time (and realizing my needle was "chomped" in two) I pulled them off again on one side. Oops. With all the cables and twists and such on teeny tiny needles, I finally just frogged the whole dang thing and started over... AGAIN. I'm starting to wonder if this pair was ever meant to be....

Sasha says:

"See how ADORABLE I am!!"

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life Lately & Some Knitting

Flu. Darn Flu. The kids. The Big Guy. Me.
Good news is we're on the flip side of it and getting better little by little. Honestly, we've been sicker with the flu in the past but I feel crummy most of the time anyway, and even though I didn't get it as bad as they did, I think it's holding onto me for some reason. Just that really worn out feeling. Dragging. AND, I did everything they said to do and then some: wash hands constantly, clean house (over and over), wash bedding etc. It. does. not. work. Just an FYI. If you're gonna get it, you're gonna get it. "Back to school" was the trigger it needed to just explode here where we live.
The Hello Kitty band-aids and neosporin are for my injured left pinky finger. I cut a nice slice into it over a week ago and it's still trying to heal up. You don't know how much you use that little digit until it hurts to anymore! Typing is now done with 9 fingers. I'm giving it another week, if it's still so tender I think I'll get it checked out. Just a gut feeling now that maybe I should've from the get go.

And miracle of miracles: I've actually gotten things done in the fiber world even though I've had many days of NOT picking up any needles or hooks lately. Twilight Zone moment here. Oh well, just glad some things are getting done.

Chelsea's Nalu Mitts.
Size 1 needles (I think) could be 1 1/2.
Malabrigo Sock - Tiziano Red.
(Sooooo soft to work with. Love Malabrigo Sock.)
Okay, I was pretty sick of all the twisted stitches but they did turn out pretty cool and she loves them. I have no clue when I got these done. Really. Not. A. Clue. I think it was sometime in August.

These are some very soft washcloths for my Mom. I hope she'll use them. Usually she puts them up on things like doilies! She's so funny! I saw this worked up at the new LYS I went by, bought the yarn there, and then later emailed her to ask about the pattern. They were using it for a class so that's why I didn't ask for it while I was there but I figured I bought the yarn there, what the heck right? What she emailed me was very kind, but it was a mess. In crochet, brackets, commas, etc are VERY important to the pattern and it was seriously lacking. I had already found something similar called Crochet Dandy Dishcloth and it worked up the same pretty much. I modified my own edging on the top one using a sc, then dc, then shell stitch border. I actually like my own a bit better! ;O)

Yarn: Jeannee
Size H hook
one ball of the green made both cloths.
After I washed them they got a little bit pilly but I'll fix that before I send them to Mom.

More mitts in the works right now, and a few small things for the holidays like The Big Guys Scarf and hopefully a pair of socks for him.

Happy Knitting! (or Crocheting!)
Ps. Got an Anniversary MAC laptop. Sweet Sweet Man of Mine!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

20 Years! Wow!

September 2, 1989
We were engaged 3 months after we met and married 6 months after that.
When your heart (and your cat) knows...., you know.

He's still taking care of me (bandaged my cut pinky finger today),

Still loving me (he's taking me on a special trip WITHOUT the kids soon!),
And still putting up with me. (always! -sigh!- I'm spoiled.)
Thank You Big Guy. You're my best friend,
the BEST Dad, and you still make my heart skip a beat when
I see you, hear your voice, or think of you.

I love you.

Our Song:

ETA: posted EST but apparently even though my settings are for EST, blogger still goes with PST!