Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Forced Time Out

I'm a bad blogger anyway but things have had to slow WAYYYY down due to a slight fall down the stairs one night (no light, a cats behind flashing in front of me for a nano-second, hands full so not holding onto rail = DISASTER). I dislocated my right shoulder and also gave myself two really nasty fractures. I'd love to write out the story one day, it still feels like it wasn't even real (an ER doc who looked incredibly worried every time she looked at me was funny after awhile) but it's really only entertaining to myself I think. (And maybe my husband who was with me to see it all transpire.)

I'm into week 5 of probably 12+ of healing and physical therapy, so I won't be getting any blog writing awards - or knitting - or spinning ones either. I somehow managed to finish up a sock while on a regular dose of pain killers but have since stalled out, both due to pain, and just lack of interest right now.  Of course, that hasn't stopped me from BUYING yarn unfortunately.

I'm in a sling with a support pillow most of the day, I even have to sleep in it so that has been interesting. I learned my master bedroom recliner is "perfect" to sit and spin in, but to "sleep" in, not so much. Somehow I've adapted in bed and have finally been getting some decent sleep without killing myself with pain. Anyway, this is one injury anybody should avoid at all costs. It just sucks.

I finally see a surgeon tomorrow for my gallbladder problems too. (At least I think it's my GB). The Gastro doc is pretty much done with me and what she can do but I'm still in pain so this is the next step. I'm just praying he'll listen and at least try to see if anything is up when he checks things out. I figure I might as well get all the healing over with at one time, after this arm is healed I want to just feel GOOD for a change!! It's been a sucky, hell of a year for me. :(

Here's to staying healthy and being good to yourself. And turn the light on when you go downstairs at night no matter how many other times you were successful in the past!!

ETA: Will get pictures of socks up that were finished in June when I can feasibly take a picture again...perhaps 7 more weeks??? wahhhhhhh