Thursday, January 31, 2008

Magic Loop ~~Magic~~

I seriously think I could get used to this method (mind you I'm not to the heel yet...). But it seems to make things go so much faster which is awesome! The hardest part for me is keeping my working yarn from getting all tangled up in my needles, you have to position things to avoid that and it's easy once you get the hang of it. (Even though I still screw up).

My Knitpicks needle is pretty "twisty" too (as is evident in the picture above). I put it in some hot water to see if that would help and it did a bit. I'm hoping over time it gets more flexible. Everyone seems to rave about them, maybe I got a dud or I'm just not working things right. The picture above was taken in my car while I was waiting to pick up Miss C from school. (Doesn't everyone carry their camera with them all the time?? )

I checked this book out from my Library the other day and I really liked what I saw! I wanted to buy it IMMEDIATELY (as is my way unfortunately) but this time I did a little research first and discovered that this first edition has MANY errors.
I can't find an errata page anywhere and it seems others are just figuring things out as they go for now. I think I'll listen to their advice and wait for the next edition to be released (if ever) or hopefully they'll put an errata page out. I'm going to email them to see if they'll be doing either. From all that I've been reading it seems Vogue has a reputation of not being concerned about us poor knitters who need "correct" instructions to knit from their publications. That's really sad. I really really would buy this book in a heartbeat even with corrections somewhere on the web....

I'm going to re-cast on my Sitcom Chic sweater again. This will only be the third time. I just can't decide which size to make and Dawn helped me decide to just go with the larger size. It's better to have a comfy sweater to wrap in, than one that I can't squeeze in. If it comes out too big I'll give it away or frog it. I already am wishing I had gotten a different color of the Cotton Ease. I got Stone, which is pretty drab and boring -blah . Oh well, it's just a sweater! I may never finish it anyway!!

Dinner time calls...happy knitting.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Finally some knitting....

These took me a looong time to finish. It's the first time I've used Fleece Artist and while I liked it, I used size 1 needles so it was a "snug" knit. They're firm, while still soft, and will wear well, but weren't as easy for me as the thinner yarns I use (lorna's laces).

I LOVE the colorway Fruit Punch. It reminds me of candy, or roses. It's so hard to get a good picture to respresent the true color, the green is so bright and pretty. The top pic is a tad closer in the pink range than the bottom one, but it's too light - and the next one is too dark! I just couldn't win today.

Below: I saw these on Dawn's Ravelry project page and loved them for my Mother in Law (who loves butterflies!). I made her two for her new kitchen. I hope she enjoys them! **ETA: here's the pattern: Lacy Butterfly Dishcloth. Sorry, I should've done that before!

They came to visit us yesterday so I was finally able to give her her socks as well as Grandpa's hats that I knit for him. (I didn't get pictures of those, they were just basic 1x1 and 2x2 rib hats.) I think I've already posted pics of the ones I DIDN'T give him, the burgundy one in Cleckheaton (I remade one in Plymouth Encore) and the Bernat Denimstyle one (I redid in the round instead of seaming, hubby got the seamed one).

Dawn and I are going to work on a sock pattern using Magic Loop in February. (Which neither of us has done before - but we're FEARLESS!! ). I got my yarn wound for that today. I'm using more Fleece Artist in either Blueberry or Burgundy.

I'm hoping these won't have the problems I ran into with the Fruit Punch skein. It had some spots that looked like it was cut almost all the way thru and was hanging on by a thread. I had to cut and reattach and I hate doing that with socks!! That was disappointing. Especially since it kept happening, has anyone else had that problem?

Busy Busy, games on Saturday, practice pictures tomorrow, Beta Club induction ceremony, cleaning and more cleaning, birthday party shopping, hair appointment (I need it desperately!) and all this while getting very little sleep. I hope it all goes smooth.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Green Olives

This is kind of funny to me. Here I was, totally excited that I FINALLY found, and was able to order some Canned Pitted Green Olives from California (because they don't exist here in TN, like persimmons, and "boysenberry" pies ) & Dawn sent me this link of what she's going to be making for her husband: Knitted Olives. I know mine are the plain variety (they do sell those stuffed olives in a jar here) but it was still funny & ironic in my crazy mixed up head that we're on the same wave length so much sometimes! Look at the love:

I can eat a can all by myself in no time. I love them with sandwiches, but to really enjoy the taste I eat them alone mostly. I absolutely adore these. I hadn't had them since we moved here 7 years ago, and you just don't know how good you have it until you ain't got it no more! I ate a ton for the 4 months I was in CA last year. My brother kept asking my Mom why there were so many green olives in her pantry! It was a hoot! There's a LOT I miss about CA, my family & friends being number 1, but some awesome mexican and chinese food, and tri-tip come to mind too. (And I wonder why I weigh so much) I just love good food .

I haven't been knitting as much as I've wanted to lately. I don't have anything else to show for now. I've already said that I've been busy with de-cluttering (my bedroom needed a good dusting as well), but I've also been reading Karen Harper's Queen Elizabeth I Historical Mystery Series . I checked out the first 5 of those as well as the last installment of Sandra Gulland's Josephine Trilogy from my local library and kind of expected them to come in from holds little by little. I had 6 books to read in three weeks - totally doable, but knitting goes by the wayside at night when I have time.

I have a few more to go in the QE series to get current (I learned my lesson and am spacing them out), and both authors have others that I want to read now too. My library is going from 3 week checkouts to 2 week checkouts so I really have to try not to rush things so I can enjoy reading and have time to knit as well. One book the librarian told me about was Ken Follett's The Pillar's of The Earth, I found that one at Sam's Club (have yet to read it) and just bought it because I was 20th in line for it at the library. His follow up is "World Without End" which I'm also WAY back in line for, but I have so much more I can read in the meantime. That's why they're shortening the time, people have to wait so long. They say if a book is on "hold" you can't renew it, but I've waited for-ev-er for some knitting books. I think some people are able to get around that somehow. Or else they pay for late fees.

Okay, I'm going to go read and try to get a little knitting in (hopefully). And get WARM!! I'm sooooo cold!!! I swear it's been warmer in years when we DID get snow! Brrrrrrr

Monday, January 21, 2008

Is anybody as COLD as I am?

Man has it been chilly here!!!! For ME to turn up the heat, we KNOW it has to be cold ! I'm the warmest blooded person in the house. My electric blanket is up on HIGH and I'm still trying to defrost my toes! Woe is me!

I'm sorry to be MIA for a bit there, I was working on trying to take some of my meds at the same time to see if they'd help me sleep and I didn't help matters much!

Thursday I was barely conscious at my Knit Nite. My hubby took me (I knew I was too tired to drive) and we ate at Panera, then I stayed for a bit with the ladies while he went to run some errands with the girls. I put my knitting down probably 5 times wondering where he was and why he was taking so long to come get me! I had fun, I just don't remember much of it !
After he came and got me I couldn't believe I had only been there for about an hour! I was gobblesmacked! Usually I can sit there and jabber and knit until almost closing! I was so out of it!

Friday.... hmmmm, don't remember much of Friday. Saturday was Miss C's game at 4 pm and I barely stayed awake for that. We went out to eat after and I almost fell asleep in my French Dip!! I can't tell you how tired I've been.

Knitting??? Yes. Screwing up??? Of course! I seamed this up before I realized that I was doing it with the wrong sides facing! Then.... I did it wrong AGAIN! See:

Knitters who don't sleep = errors big time (repeatedly). Reading Yarn Harlot's blog entry about her Leaf socks made me feel so much better. Bad things can happen to really awesome knitters too. Life is just that way! Too funny.

This is a little bag made out of some Glisten from Louisa Harding I think. I'll have to find the label. I even made the twisted cord and tried to get it in weaved in to "cinch" the bag like in the pattern book and I can't for the life of me get it right. I yanked them out and decided to see if you gals can help me. I'll find a pic of the purse soon to show you how they have it. I know you put them in opposite directions but I'm lost after that. I can cinch it, it just doesn't look how the book makes it look. I'm screwing something up.

I'm rushing because The Big Guy is bringing dinner home tonight. The girls have been helping me do some cleaning and de-cluttering today so we're hungry! I have so much more to do but at least I got up earlier today and have kept busy all day...hopefully that'll help the sleep issue some. I think the Stash thing got me back on track of wanting to get rid of stuff, I've been sort of in "neutral" since last year dealing with my Mom's cancer (when I was there or here). Now it's time to move forward!

Okay, I say that today...let's hope it lasts until tomorrow....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I-Pod Nano Cozies

I've been checking out other blogs and got to feeling a little behind on Finished Objects. Other people are really cranking things out! I've actually knit a few things, a couple are to be gifted so I can't post about those yet, and some I just can't seem to finish! But I did finish these really fast!

My girls love to carry their Ipods with them so I just made a couple of quick cozies. Used a smidget of Worsted weight yarn (Caron Shadows & Bernat Camo).

I just winged it: Size 5 needles. C/O 16. Slip Stich chrocheted the edges together and also just did a chain for the string. I'm going to put a bead at the top also so they can secure it by pushing it thru the other side. One side I did Garter and the other Stockinette. Just for fun (and cushioning).

They love them and use them all the time. Well, the oldest, Miss J, does. My youngest (Miss C) sort of put hers somewhere and forgot where she put it. Miss J found it and gave it to me and Miss C still doesn't know it's even missing. Crazy kid.

Just started taking the Lyrica and I don't notice any difference yet. I have another Dr appt tomorrow but it's just that annual thing. It's supposed to be rainy and icky tomorrow too. Why do I always end up having to go out on those kind of days? I want to do some shopping afterwards too, I hope it isn't as bad as they say. When things get "icey" I get nervous.

Okay, off to try to knit "something" to feel like I'm accomplishing something. My stash is calling me!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Look Anna! A Jaywalker!!

Granted, not a very "good" Jaywalker, and yes,..... only ONE, (but at least I tried). I made a ton of mistakes, this pair was doomed from the beginning.

First, the sock is too big. I used my size 1's on the bigger size since reading up on this sock revealed that they tend to be a bit snug (and I'm a very tight knitter). Anna said she uses size 2's on the smaller size I'm pretty sure, so I thought I'd be safe.

Second, I had the labels for this yarn, (could SWEAR I saw them when I was straightening out the stash to put on Ravelry), but then couldn't find them for the life of me to compare dye lots. This is some Lorna's Laces in Somerset that I had gotten ages ago. (doesn't this remind you of the sock yarn I sent you Dawn?) After finishing the first sock and starting the second I realized these dye lots looked way off. I just couldn't proceed with that much of a disparity. It went against my knitting mojo and was feeling so... wrong. I'll use the other ball to make some mitts or something. I should frog this sock too. For now I'm just petting it. Even if LL's doesn't match, it's so soft....

What's funny is I really like the pattern for the leg portion. I may just do that next time and not try to work it down the instep.

AND...(drumroll please) I DID manage to do my first "fearless" knitting thing this new year:

I "kitchener-ed" my first toe. I'm proud of myself (thanks YouTube) but have to say this isn't a very attractive toe to me. I think that's why I never wanted to use this method. I have small feet and pointy toes. This looks so square to me and really widens that area. I'll have to experiement with other toes, this got me excited to at least try.

Other than that we've just been busy with the girls. Miss C is cheering again. We enjoy the games and she loves jumping around.

Saw my Dr tody and I'm going to try Lyrica to hopefully help with my pain & sleep issues. Oh, and I better try to stop eating so many sweets. My weight went up again and I'm so bummed. Not that I was trying to lose any (even tho I should). I just hate not being 20 anymore and being able to skip lunch and lose 5 pounds. (Although I need to lose a LOT more than 5, it's just the principal of the thing). I have to work on that this year...that and exercising a tiny bit. I need to knit AND walk some "miles". A stash and fat diet. fun.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Random Wednesday

Happy Middle of the Week!

Not much going on over here, so I thought I should introduce another member of my family. For shame that it's taken me so long! There's a reason why though....see?

Ahhh, there she is!!! Jenna!! She's our Border Collie mix we got a few years ago (my mind is mush, I'm not even sure how long we've lived here, it may be a bit longer).
She's naturally a herder, so to get her to sit still for a picture is ridiculously hard. My camera is no way fast enough. She's a cutie though, and loves being outdoors. I had wanted to get her a friend, but The Big Guy says he has enough people to take care of in this house. I think someday we will though....She needs something else to chase in the yard besides the kids!

He got her shaved and groomed this past summer (she will NOT sit still to be brushed out) and she looked so skinny! Now's she's back to her old self and all fluffy again! She loves the rain and it's hard to get her inside when there's a storm even. She barks at the gas meter man, but still lets him in the back yard. One day I had opened the back door to let her in and he just laughed and said, "she's okay". Some guard dog huh? LOL! Our other dog Petey (in Heaven now) wouldn't let anyone in the back, he'd eat em! Jenna reminds me a lot of him, (except in that way!)

She doesn't attack the cats when we let her in the house occasionally either. They just look at her and she just looks at them. It's like she knows they're off limits and part of our family. (She barks at Sugar, the neighbors cat). She's a darn good dog. But stinky.

Off to go get my little one from school. Where did the day go??

Monday, January 7, 2008

I think I'm alive again...

After that test I had on Friday, I was pretty miserable. That night my legs were still hurting and I could still feel those "zings". They were also jerking some, it was driving me nuts. I took everything I had to try to sleep so I could get thru the night. After Tylenol PM's, Vicodin and ibuprofin, I finally remembered I had some Rozerem (a sleep RX) . So I took one of those with a Xanax and I feel asleep after 5 am (which is almost my regular time anyway !) . I slept literally all day Saturday and barely was awake on Sunday. I still don't know what's wrong with me, but this wasn't fun.

Today I finally got up and took a shower (I'm sure the big guy will be grateful) and got moving around some again. It's easy to tell when I haven't been downstairs for a few days (and the natives take over). Needless to say I had to do some quick sweeping, vacuuming (and laundry etc) so I could rest better today. I also got the checkbook balanced after not writing anything down for about a week, (darn debit cards!) I swear, I think I'm really losing it. I wrote things down that I thought I had paid online already, and today I checked and I never paid them!! I'm really scaring myself with my forgetfulness! Well, at least I have some yarn and got these done (which took forever in between all the Christmas Knitting):

My Girls Best Friend Anklets done in Lorna's Laces Old Rose. They're soooo cushy and soft. I think I'm going to send them to my Mom....I almost want to keep them....I'll have to make another pair soon! LOL!
Okay, I'm off to finish some laundry and "try" to work on a couple of quick IPOD cozies for the girls. I'm not sure what to use, but we don't have a shortage of yarn so that's not a problem.....

Friday, January 4, 2008

Stash Is Inventoried! Wooohooo!

I did it. I went thru it ALL! Yea Baby!! I guess from my last post it was easy to see I was feeling pretty crappy & depressed while doing it (sorry to whine so much). But late last night, after I was done, I felt so hugely, insanely relieved! I found things I had totally forgotten I ever had!

It was great to take the time to become reacquainted with it all again and to put things where I know I can find them. My stuff is grouped by what it's for (sock, felting) and the rest is by color and/or novelty. Now I don't have a bag here and there, or stuff tucked in this corner or that. I also have about 5 bags of stuff to go to the thrift store. I feel so much better. Just wanted to say I'm not having that nervous breakdown after all.

I am getting ready to take a nap about now, I only got about 3 hours of sleep (5 until 8) and I had to get up to go take that diagnostic test for my muscles. It's a Nerve Conductive Survey and it measures my muscle and nerve whatever. I got zapped with shocks up and down my legs and poked with a needle (in several places! ). Let me tell you, not the worst I've had done, but not something I ever care to do again.

He did say that my Doctors will let me know the results but that he could tell me that there doesn't appear to be any damage with either. Now I'm sure that Rheumy Dr will just shrug his shoulders again and tell me I'm fine I bet. I see my regular Dr on the 14th. At least I know she knows my pain is real. I'm going to beg her to give me an elephant tranquilizer to make me sleep. I'm getting desperate.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wow! Is all I can say...

The stash inventory project isn't turning out to be so much fun after all. Yes, it's helpful "to know what you have", but obviously you must face what you have. Actually, it's kind of gotten me down a bit! (The not sleeping thing isn't helping either). I didn't think it would take so long to input without photos (I'm not done yet) and I'm truly shocked at how much I forgot I had! I guess I've been a tad bit more impulsive than I thought! It's time to find patterns for some of this and to knit me a boatload of socks! For sure I'll be shopping my own Stash this next year. No excuses! (I think).

We finally got away from warm weather and got a TEENY TINY amount of white stuff. Think I'm kidding? Look, isn't this funny? At least it feels more like winter at 20 degrees.

The skimpy amount still doesn't stop them from throwing what little there is at each other:

Sasha says "Mom, get these kids away from me!!!!"

Okay, I'm going to dive back into my closet and try to work on the cabinet I didn't finish last night. I'm past 100 items already and I have one more cabinet and some cubby holes to go yet. They're more novelty stuff, I may postpone that....yes, I think I will, I totally need a nap.

A tribute to my Friend Elizabeth:

My friend and co-worker passed on December 23rd after a long battle with Ovarian/Cervical Cancer. She had a sense of humor that was legendary. We'd all be in tears with our sides splitting when she'd tell one of her stories, she was so much fun. We shall miss her, and her spirit, but know she's got them rolling in Heaven as well. God Keep you and may you rejoice in Heaven. I'm so sad to know you're gone, but so happy that you have no more pain. God Bless and watch over us Liz. And give my Grandparents a big hug!!

**There are many Ovarian Foundations out there, I posted this one since I didn't know that January was Cervical Health Awareness Month. I thought it was fitting to let us all remember how important Women's Health issues are and how we need to get screened for things.

Remember, take the time to Take care of YOU!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The work has begun...

Okay, I'm not going to go crazy trying to get pictures of all my stash for Ravelry, I don't have the room on Flickr (or the time to do it all!), and I'm too cheap to pay $25.00 a year for the space that I'd need for it there. I'm just going to list it to SHOCK myself into seeing how much I truly have. (I think in the future I'll just get pics of my sock yarn so that I'll have something to drool over and say "hey! That's already MINE!". I know, I need help. )

Since the "RESET" thing didn't work for me (I STILL couldn't sleep worth beans ...) I thought tonight I'd do something constructive like at least 'start' to input data. All I entered was what was already in the bedroom from recent purchases and also from ideas to start new things. This isn't even entering the closet where all the rest of my stash is and I think I was already up to 20 items. (gulp)

Well, it's a beginning, and it's for a reason that I'm doing this. And then The Big Guy offers to take me by The Yarn Patch in Crossville on the way to his folks this weekend! How can I do this if he TEMPTS me so!???? I have a little left on my gift card so techincally that should count for last year right????? Anybody on my side on that one??? Maybe I won't get yarn, I'll just a book or notions....yea....that's a great idea!

Can't wait for Saturday!