Monday, November 26, 2007

Can't drive by a yarn shop w/o stopping! :)

I almost forgot to post about the fun stuff I picked up Friday after the holiday. I stopped on the way home from my in-laws at The Yarn Patch in Crossville (and The Yarn Haven in Knoxville). They were open on Friday which surprised me, but they have a Friday knitters group that meets regularly, the owner said they'd surely come looking for her if she wasn't there!! I thought that was cute! I got more Dream in Color yarn. 2 of the sock yarn (Smooshy) and one more of the Classy. I just love this stuff....

I also picked these up. I've seen a variety of them online but haven't really needed them. Of course -When they're right in front of my face - oh, I just couldn't resist!!! I still kind of prefer my plain ol plastic ones, (these slightly bug me sometimes with the dangle and all) but they're just too cute not to have! I'll get used to it I'm sure!

I also wanted to try one of these. The Owner told me they've been hard for her to keep in stock. I always just throw my sock WIP's in my little pink knitting bag and I've only lost one needle as far as I can remember - but it's another knitting gadget so I had to have it.

Here's what tiny little progress I've made on my Knitpicks Best Girlfriend sock pattern. I got sidetracked by something i think...
Well, here's one of the "somethings"- just a simple ribbed hat for my father in law (he's from Indiana, hence the color). See one of my handy-dandy new stitch markers? I don't really need it for the pattern, but it's fun to use it anyway! This is made from Cleckheaton Country 8 ply DK weight. I've never tried it before so I hope it washes up nice and gets softer. (Ravelry's been so helpful in helping me to be sure I've made an okay fiber choice!)
Since Thanksgiving I haven't been knitting much because of Ravelry. I tend to go back and forth on how much time I spend on there. It's just so fun and I don't realize how long I've been on sometimes (like almost all weekend!) So glad to see you guys there too! Hopefully I'll have some finished things to put on there soon.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

**Finally put up my Yahoo avatar....

(I've had it sitting in Yahoo forever but never got it on here).

**sigh*** I just wish I was that skinny!!! And how!!!

I'm STILL full (and some knitting got done)

I'm surprised at how full I felt Thanksgiving day. I tried to take it easy and really thought I had done pretty decent. Maybe I ate just a tad more than I thought I did . We even took a nice brisk evening walk around my In-laws neighborhood to burn some calories. It was chilly but it felt SO good! Besides that, we had a nice visit with family and I sure hope everyone else had a nice holiday. I remember family get-togethers at my Grandparents house every year when I was growing up. Those memories still give me warm fuzzies. My children haven't had that as much, (we had to relocate when they were small) but now that my in-laws live closer we at least have them now! For awhile we were pretty much alone here in TN. We're grateful they were able to move closer.

Here's some knitting that I finished, first the SweetTart Socks. I think I like the colors more in the skein form than I like knit up.

Here's one of the mistakes I made. It's on one of the heel gusset corners. I don't know how I left such slack in the yarn there, I'm usually so careful to tighten them up so I don't get any holes. (I didn't catch this until later in the sock also). I did what some other knitters would probably faint at: I just tied a knot!! hahahaha Really, this was probably mistake #7 by then, it was the second sock, it was just going to have to do because I was "SO over" making this pair by then. LOL! It's kind of funny to me now. I swear I've never done this before!

Here's one lonely sock I found in my stash drawer. I think I made this a few years ago, (I know it was one of my first socks) but the yarn was so scratchy that I never made it's mate. This is Opal and I think I have a couple more skeins of this (ugh). I may have to work the other one up eventually, this will bug me since I finally found it. I washed it and it feels a bit better, but still somewhat sratchy to me. I "think" I had to stop because as I knit I wrap the working yarn around my index finger for tension, and if it starts getting "red, raw, and irritated" where it passes over my finger, I know that it isn't going to work out so well! I seem to recall that with this, but I'll try it one more time I suppose.
Here's the bamboo scarf-lette I made. Two skeins doesn't make a very big scarf and although it's squishy soft, I wasn't all that thrilled with it in this form. Bernat has a rep of being full of knots and this yarn was no exception. I already know that I won't be purchasing any more of it. hmmmm, I might frog this and make a hat....
I've been working with some sock yarn that I purchased at a LYS in CA. It's dyed by someone local there but I'm not having much luck with my guage and not loving the fabric it produces (though it says it's wool and feels normal, it knits up with no stretch). Maybe it would be better in a chevron scarf type product than socks after all. The first sock I made seemed perfect, except I couldn't get my foot into it! Even my daughters gave up! LOL! I've never had that happen before and it's driving me crazy. I have so many other wonderful yarns to work with, I have to learn how to just let things go and move on. It's my Leo personality, I just get bossy and think I know it all.
Thanks again for leaving comments! It's really appreciated as I love hearing from you all and checking out your blogs too! I've always been a "lurker" myself, but now know how fun it is to hear from others out there! It's changed my perspective and I love meeting new knitters.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!! (& some knitting stuff!)

Here's one of my SweetTart Socks. This is Tofutsies ( in #718 I think). Seriously, I've never made SO MANY mistakes on a pair of socks ! I feel like this could be my first pair ever! Ugh, How Embarrassing! The mistakes haven't been enough to make me frog back (lazy), I'm just going with the "mo-jo" and they're going to be for me anyway. It's just been "weird"....I've made so many pairs these last few months, I guess I was due for some craziness.

I picked up some Bernat Bamboo and am working up a simple scarf. Gosh is this soft! I got an email from Mary Maxim today and they're having a sale on all of Bernat's Natural yarns...I may think of getting some more if this holds up okay.

I also got my new Knitpicks catalog and did really good (pat on the back ). I only ordered ONE downloadable sock pattern. I got the "Girls Best Friend Anklets" pattern. I love it. Can't wait to work it up (once this sock curse is over!! ). I didn't order any of their yarn, I'm almost certain I have some in my closet somewhere.

The thing is, I can't SEE in my closet. We thought the fluorescent lights burnt out, but it's still dead after getting new ones. So we have to check the wiring, or we may just change the whole fixture out. I totally believe my house was built out of cardboard, toothpaste, and any other cheap stuff our builder could get a hold of. Our downstairs heater is kaput (yet again). Every season, winter or summer, one or the other needs fixing (ac/heater). It's getting to be a real drag and if we weren't thinking of moving in a few years I'd change it all out. Anyway, the house story is a long and frustrating one. Let's just say that different states have different standards and we didn't find that out until after we had our home built here in TN. NOW we know! Sometimes you just find things out the hard way!

I started a Sitcom Chic sweater, but I'm still wondering if I should make the large or extra large size (or maybe the medium???). I like my sweaters or jackets with some room to move around but I'm not sure about the ease with this particular yarn, it may turn out bigger than I thought. I also had to order more of the Lion Brand Cotton Ease thru Joann's and they haven't confirmed my order yet so I don't even know if I'll get the rest of the yarn to finish it. We shall see. I picked the "Stone" colorway, now I'm not sure why?! It was the only one there at Joann's that looked the most "neutral" to me but now it seems kind of boring. I guess I'm just having some crazy "my life is not in line with the universe" moments lately. Nothings been going so great! LOL! Hmmmm

I'm off to get my youngest from school now. If I don't post before then,

Happy Thanksgiving

to all my knitting friends. Wishing you a happy and joyful time with your families.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

First Sweater DONE!!

I know, I know, I can't believe it either!!! But I DID IT!! whoo hoo!!

Now that it's done I think I'll wait a bit before I start the other kit I purchased. I'm sure I'll love it too, it's in the original colorway which is really cute, (but a little break with some sock knitting is in order.)

I wasn't sure about the i-cord attached edging around the back of the neckline, I went into every stitch and wondered later about going every 3 for 4 etc. It still came out fine and I'm VERY happy with this little treasure! I also am glad I switched out the one colorway that I didn't like for the green, it just makes me happy happy.

Yesterday I washed it (in the washing machine) and layed it out to dry. Today it's even SOFTER and smooshier. I love (LOVE) this yarn! I may re-think making an "adult" size sweater out of it after seeing how it held up. For me that's a HUGE deal, I'm definitely an "easy-care" kind of gal. I don't do dry cleaning often (like almost never) so it's a must that any yarn I use will be the washable kind. Even the cost of this wouldn't deter me if this is the quality I get afterwards. (And if I could just lose some weight I could use even less yarn!)

I also finished up some Berroco Pleasure sock booties for my Mom. She has a fuschia pair and wanted another. I didn't remember that I had extra of this blue, it's so pretty I know she'll love them. These little suckers can be VERY warm, but she still enjoys wearing them around the house.

Yesterday was a fun day (sarcasm implied here). I got my flu shot (ouch), got blood drawn, got smooshed at the Breast Center, and after all that jolly good fun I got to drive home on the interstate in the rain!! Whew!
What a long day! I was at the BC for-ev-er. I'm so glad I brought my knitting with me! I was the only one not complaining about how long it was taking because I had something to keep me occupied. I bet those other women were thinking "I should really learn how to knit!". Everything went good though, my mammogram was fine, my cholesterol is down and I got home safely in all that mess even in 5 0'clock traffic. I was very blessed.
I'm off to work on my SweetTart socks. This colorway of Tofutsies that I'm making reminds me of that candy package so that's what I call them. I've been reading up and thinking of working some socks from the Toe Up, but got to thinking that working them cuff down truly "relaxes" me. It's my "happy to-go-to kind of knitting" I'll still try them one day I know, (another excuse to buy MORE sock yarn) but I am supposed to be enjoying what I'm doing. (Some of the toe up patterns are too much to think about !!) Sometimes I have to remember what really makes me a happy knitter. I think it's the whole being "tired" a lot lately thing too....LOL!! My brain is drained.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'm too tired to knit today

Better Knitters than I have finished this sweater over a weekend, but that's not exactly the case for me. It's an easy (and fun) knit (except I'm not a big fan of having to follow one thing and also remember to "work something else at the same time"). I've had to frog the sleeve back a few times because I'm thinking about the color change every 8 rows so I've skipped a decrease every 6 rows once in awhile!

I know this is why I don't make myself sweaters, I guess I'm too....too...hmmmm, I'm just not sure. I think I just kind of lose the "enthusiasm" or momentum for a project sometimes. I've definitely discovered that I'm probably more of a "process" knitter than a "project" knitter. I'm not always totally committed (the fun wears off) so that's why a big sweater project scares me away. I'd hate the waste the money because I can say honestly that I most likely would never finish it.

Needless to say, I'm still not done with this baby, but I'm getting there! I have the border on the one sleeve to finish, the whole other sleeve to knit, then the collar - and it's finito! Whoohoo! I can finally say I finished a "sweater". Put me in the club!!

I've gotten sidetracked with more socks as usual. I just love socks. All the new yarn I bought is on hold as I found the skein of Tofutsies that I've been wanting to work up so it jumped ahead for now (it was buried at the bottom of my big knitting bag getting no luv .) I'm also working on some more sock booties for my Mom out of Berroco Pleasure. She loves them even tho they feel like little heaters on your feet!

I'm really tired today, I ran errands, got some laundry done and then just fizzled out later this evening. I hate it when I WANT to knit, but know I'm just too Tired to knit! It's such a bummer! I wish I could do it in my sleep! The Fibro Board on Ravelry has a lot of people's stories that relate to mine. It's nice to know you aren't alone in feeling so crappy!! Here's to a good nights rest (I hope!)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Latest deliveries from two of my favorite sellers on Ebay (Yarnbow & Emtnestr):

Cherry Tree Hill Sock yarn in Old Rose

Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in Watercolor

Lorna's Laces Worsted in Black Purl

Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in Vera

I'm ready to start the border on the Tulip Baby Sweater so I hope to post a picture soon.

On my "to do" project list is a pair of legwarmers for my Mom out of Berroco Pleasure. She has Fibromyalgia and I've only been promising them to her for far too long ... With all this new yarn, I'll have more socks in the works as well. I finished the Red Rover colored socks that are to be gifted for the holidays to a certain someone but can't post pictures until they're sent on their way. (I'll post the link for the pattern then also.)

Just so much to knit and my fingers won't go any faster!! I wish I could knit as fast as The Yarn Harlot, she can do a whole sleeve as a swatch in one night, and I get a few ROWS done . Someday I aspire to jam that fast! Boy the things I could get done before I forgot all about them! It'd be FANTASTIC!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Is it wrong to love your mailman?

Because mine brings great happiness, joy beyond bounds, and many giddy smiles. He feeds my addiction by bringing me precious things I've ordered. Look at this:

Wow! Just beautiful! It's the Dream in Color (Classy) I ordered from Knitters Palette. Isn't it purty?? I need some of it to finish the first Tulip Baby Sweater I started. This is one of ThreadBear's own kits (TB102 I think, I get so excited I forget anything else on labels). I wasn't happy with the color transition between the last two colorways, in the picture on the website it looked more "greenish" after the browny color above it, the next color they sent me blends in too much IMO. I just want more contrast. I can actually see more of a slight contrast here with the camera flash than I can in real life. (I know it's hard to see the difference as good since I only did a "few" rows of the next colorway before I realized I wanted to redo it in something else (the sts on the needle are different than the rows above it.)

I also got these in the mail from Interweave Knits. (I'm sure everyone got the email about old issues being sold out soon). I ordered a couple they had available that I think I don't have. Honestly, I didn't even look, I just went on total instinct because I can't get enough of knit mags and that's the truth! (If I happen to have them already I'll pass them on to another knitter - No harm done.)
Off to eat some dinner. Happy Knitting.