Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone got lots of candy! My girls made out pretty good. One of our local malls has Trick or Treating there. All the stores give out candy and we get a good walk out of it! We've done it for a few years and really enjoy that it's inside and safe (and warm usually, but this year that wasn't a problem since it felt pretty good outside!) Plus we can eat at the food court beforehand, (always a plus when you're trying to get kids shuffled around!)

I got to steal away and get some Christmas shopping done! That in itself was a big relief for me, I hate being behind on things and just started to feel anxious thinking of how busy it's going to be VERY soon. I know some people love that thrill of finding things the closer the holiday is, but I just can't take the stress. I'm a weinie I guess. That's one shopping gene I just don't possess.

I had Knitting Nite with some new people last night. It was fun and we're hoping to get on a more regular schedule so I'm jazzed about that. I'm a bit of a talker though (being a SAHM makes that a given) so I sure hope I don't scare anyone away. When it comes to knitting, I just can't hear enough about how you learned, what you like to make, where you buy your yarn, etc! Past SnB groups I've tried to get going just fizzled out. I felt like I was the only one who thought knitting had a social aspect to it but I guess some people just want to go to knit! Anyway, we're excited and they seem like a fun group!

I bought more yarn *sigh*. I saw some Lorna's Laces on Ebay and also some Cherry Tree Hill I think. I promise next year will be my Stash busting year. (I hope). That's my plan at least! It's always good to have goals!!

I'm off to finish another sock, I'm working on a pattern called Lesley's Socks that I saw on Ravelry. They're going to be gifted so I'm going to have to post pictures later. I'm also waiting on my Dream in Color to finish up one of my Baby Tulip Sweaters too. I just love that pattern! I can't wait to start the second one I got! It truly is an "addictive" knit, you want to make a million of em!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What a GREAT Yarn Store!

I had to post about this store:

Knitters Palette

Last night I ordered some Dream In Color yarn from their website, and after reviewing the color choices decided to order one more skein (just HAD to have it! LOL!) I had thought about calling them today to see if they would possibly combine shipping for me but never got around to it.

Being that it was an internet order, I wasn't sure they'd be so careful or attentive, but Pam actually emailed me and told me that they realized I had placed TWO orders and went ahead and combined shipping for me!!!

Isn't that GREAT Customer Service!! I'm so happy and will definitely be a repeat customer. I think they're awesome! Bravo Knitters Palette!!!! I'll be back!

My Ticker is driving me crazy...

I thought my countdown to Christmas ticker would be helpful to those of us who make goodies for the holidays and just need a reminder that it's coming... Unfortunately, mine's only making me tense up everytime I check out my blog!

See, I'm usually DONE by now with my holiday shopping (not knitting, just shopping!). I've always prided myself on being so efficient (my main motivation being that I hate crowds and stores running out of what I need). This year I've drawn a blank on what to get and just want to hide until it's all over. I know my girls aren't spoiled in that sense, but seeing that Santa has come is a big happy smooshy feeling in our house. (Even when they wake us up at 4 am and I just went to bed at 2!). They'll only be so small for so long ya know? Now, my girls are at an age that's kind of "in between" being "little" girls and being "big" girls! Getting them gifts gets harder each year as they grow up. I'm so totally BLANK!! I'm getting kinda stressed!

I know, I'll just keep knitting and things will come together! LOL! I'm meeting up with some fellow knitters tomorrow night. Just what the Dr ordered: a good dose of fun and clicking sticks to soothe my soul. It's not as fun a place as Charlies Pub she went to (what a cool place!), it's just a local Panera, but we enjoy ourselves and I really look forward to our hookups.

Caio for now and happy knitting.

Friday, October 26, 2007

It's been a nice week...

Here's a couple shots of Hubby's Socks, it's not easy taking pictures of your own feet but I wanted to show the pattern better. (The second picture is more the actual color also). Like I said before these are done with Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in Charcol. I usually get all my LL from ebay, I don't recall seeing it at my LYS's. Since it's my very first patterned sock I'm pretty darn happy to get them done. I'm a *vanilla ice cream* kind of gal as far as sock knitting goes, I LOVE plain St St to show off yarns (and it's a relaxing knit as well) but I have to admit, as long as I keep the foot part St st, I think I'll love knitting patterned socks.

Here's a pic of the finished Vintage Velvet. It's so shiny and pretty and unbeliveably SOFT. If this wasn't a gift for my Mom, i'd keep it for myself without question!

Obviously the rain did let up (and we really did need it!) so I took the girls to my afternoon knitting meeting at the library and then we went to a little park around here and I let them loose.

Needless to say after being cooped up for a few days - They left me in the dust! But, it was a great day for a nice brisk walk and even though there was a nice breeze and we can "see" some changes:
It just doesn't feel as "fall"-like as it has in the past by now. It's still a tad bit warm, but we'll take the pretty color changes anytime. Happy Autumn.

PS. Happy Happy Birthday Miss C. My youngest is 9 years old now and growing into such a beautiful and spirited young lady. We luv you!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Still raining, no pics yet of recent FO's...

But I do have one of yarn I forgot to post about awhile back! Doesn't this kind of package just make you happy- happy? I feel like it's Christmas when I get them in the mail - Especially when I've forgotten what I've ordered! (Sorry for the poor pic quality, I've got to get better lighting!)

Here's some Yarntini in Cosmo & Appletini. That's Sophie (my kitty) trying to see if she can get in the picture.
I also got my Knitpick Options set, (not the Harmony's - the metal ones). I'm still trying to decide if I like them. I love the tips, but wonder if they'll come loose when knitting. I'm afraid to tighten them too much with that key tool.
I ordered them especially to do this:

I couldn't resist after seeing them all over the place. It's a Tulip Baby Sweater Kit that I got from Threadbear. I called on a Wednesday and they quit making them that Saturday. Whew! Talk about cutting it close.... Although now with Ravelry I've seen a few more places that have them "just in case" I get as addicted to them as others have! LOL!

I'm kind of worried about getting going on this one now since I've read more than once about "not having enough yardage" from Threadbear for the sweater. They seem to be good about sending out more if you need it, but I'm hoping I get lucky since they aren't even making the kits anymore. You can see the peach color has two balls, they sent me a hank (that's wound by someone in the shop) with a huge knot in it. I'm thinking if she was measuring the yardage as she was making up the kits, she would've had to have seen that and just let it go. hmmmm Oh well, it's still going to be pretty I'm sure.

I've got more socks OTN's right now, but they're going to be gifted at some point so I have to wait to post pics of those.

Life is pretty busy with the kids home for Fall Break this week. They're about ready to kill each other so I can't wait for school to be back in session. With the rain we've been cooped up, can't wait until this weekend when we're supposed to dry out a bit. I'm just hiding and knitting...

Monday, October 22, 2007

TN's 1st Knit Out & Crochet Fiber Festival

I almost didn't make it to this event in Crossville TN. I wasn't feeling great (I know, what's new??!) but it was on the way to my in-laws house (to celebrate my youngest's birthday) and I'm glad I did stop. It wasn't very big, but it's nice that it's going to be an annual event, which hopefully means it'll only get better as time goes on! My girls had some fun:

(I know she doesn't look too excited, but she's that age when I just can't figure her out! LOL! I think she had a good time!!) We saw some interesting things, this made my eyes hurt! Can you imagine??? I'm amazed at what others can do!!

There were tables of exhibits of all kinds of stuff, this fiber festival covered it all, crochet, needlepoint, spinning, knitting, felting, bobbin lace (like above), and so many others!
These bowls were crocheted out of wire, really sturdy and nice.

It seriously gave me withdrawals for wanting to buy yarn, (they can't sell it at this event). And of course all the yarn shops in the area were there (meaning closed!) so I couldn't go shop to fulfill my addiction! LOL!

There was another event in North Carolina I believe that went on the whole weekend. That may be in my future one day too, (I can always hope!) I think that one is more in stream with the bigger ones that go on in other areas with classes, and yarns that you can buy etc. It would be my first time at such an event so it gives me a lot to look forward to!

Our weekend went fine, we ate great ice cream cake and I got some rest once we got back. I finished my scarf and hubby's socks (WOOHOO!) but due to rainy days this week I'm not sure when I'll be able to get good light to take some pic's. It just felt good to make progress since I frogged the whole EZ baby sweater. I can't believe such an EASY pattern kicked my BUTT! Okay, till next time...

SIDE NOTE: A big THANKS to my hubby for going around and taking all the pictures for me (he knew I'd blog a few) so that I could enjoy myself and not worry about it! What a huge sweetie!! I just *heart* that big guy!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

What Sweater?

I do this more than I like to admit, I get so excited to start a project and then fizzle out a tad (or more) and it gets pushed aside. That's what happened with EZ's February Baby Sweater. I've been knitting everything and anything else that I have besides it.

In my defense on this one, I got a little nervous after reading on Ravelry about construction problems with the sleeves and the pattern lining up etc, and just decided to put it off for a bit. Not give up (at least not yet) - just take a break from it.

Plus, I kept forgetting the first 4 sts are garter for the border and even though it's a simple pattern I kept screwing up y/o's etc. Ugh. It was begging me to leave it alone until my head was clearer and I could put a little more concentration into it.

So, I've almost got my scarf done, and the garter rib socks. And here's some goodies I got in the mail recently to keep me from feeling too bad:

I can't remember why I bought the Knit picks circulars, I think to try the magic loop sock technique (that explains the book too!). My mind hasn't been too clear lately, my migraines were acting up and I've been more foggy than I usually am. Bear with me, I'm a slow knitter even when I'm feeling good, but I hope you guys will come around to check on me once in awhile! LOL! Happy Knitting.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Hubby came back from out of town on Friday and his socks are no where near finished (I crack myself up!!), but I did make a lot of progress. I've got both heels done and am now working on the decreases and foot sections. It's impossible to work on them on the weekend while he's here so I've been sidetracked working on another project:

This is another Vintage Velvet scarf from Scarf Style . I'm using a Sage colorway of Touch Me and I really love it. This is the third time I've done this scarf and every time I swear it'll be my last, (only because of the little fuzzies that are produced when knitting this yarn up) but oh, the beauty once it's washed & dryed is just too much to resist. I picked it up while in CA this last summer. It's going pretty fast, I'm already on the third ball and have two more to go. It's nice to switch to a larger needle project while doing socks too, just to keep my sanity. I honestly don't have the problems with "worming" that others seem to have with this type of chenille. But I'm a tight knitter by nature, maybe that helps.

I also received my other birthday present from my Mom last week: Season Seven of Murder She Wrote. We always were addicted to watching it and are happy as clams that they finally started putting this series out. So, I better go pop in another Dvd.....(thanks Mom - AGAIN!) Yes, I'm pretty spoiled...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Busy Busy

Hubby's out of town on business for a couple of days so I've been a "knitting tornado" trying to get his socks done (and my wrists and fingers are feeling it..). Both are on the needles (Knit Picks DPN's - Luv Em!) so I hope to finish soon. These are Lorna's Laces - (Charcol) and in real life they look way more dark brown then here. Funny, in this pic they really DO look more like Charcol don't cha think? The tops are in the simple Garter Stitch Rib pattern and I'm going to work the foot in plain ol St St.

I've been diagnosed with having "something" off kilter recently with my auto-immune system but arthiritis was ruled out. Gotta say though, this almost could pass for it as bad as I've been hurting. It won't stop me though (I hope), I have finish-itis really bad with these so I'm on a mission! Wish me luck!

PS. I have to say, it's so awesome to have visitors here from all over the world!! Your blogs are so awesome and I'm enjoying reading thru them! It's so cool that you can find knitting friends near and far! I'm thankful for your comments and input and can't wait to get to know all of you better!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What yarn?

Okay, I didn't need this in any way shape or form, but my gosh, what else would you buy if your Mama sent you some Birthday Money??

See, this is how I buy yarn...a little of this, one of these, and a couple of those.... this is why I have such a "diversified" stash! That's a good thing right?

That's some Malabrigo, Sirdar Baby Bamboo, and I couldn't resist the skein of Berroco's Comfort. It's soooo soft! The scarf kit is lace weight, (and may never get done) but at least I HAVE IT! It's MINE!!!! I'm just tickled pink. I must've been on a blue/pink wave that day too....happy happy joy joy. Thanks Mom!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Ready for a nap...

My company left early this morning so I'm about ready for a nap and it's not even noon yet...(I wish I slept better)

I'm still working on the baby sweater, here's a pic of the last two I started.

I had to frog both of these. I changed my mind about the super bright pink, (well, everybody else in the house was saying that it was a tad too bright) and the white was the wrong gauge. I've started over in the white using Caron's Simply Soft. I know people bash the acrylic yarns, but this is one exception for really nice, soft knits (or crocheted items). I just feel you gotta be practical when you're knitting for kids/babies. I've been there, done that. Parents don't always have time to handwash items etc. I personally like easy. Easy. Easy. Not just for babies but for EVERYTHING.

Anyway, I'm still working on hubby's other socks. I feel like I'm knitting like crazy and they're simply not showing any growth. I can only work on them when he isn't around too, which makes it kind of hard. I should go work on them now.....

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ravelry is pretty cool...

Ravelry has had me hooked since I got my invite yesterday (even though I had company). I spent a lot of time checking out projects, yarns and visiting different forums and groups. What a lot of great info! Perfect for someone like me who buys yarn with absolutely NO idea what they're going to do with it. I'm not a "gee, this would make a great sweater, I better get a bunch" kind of knitter. I'm more the "buy one or two hanks and just see what I can come up with to see if I like it" type. Ravelry makes that SO MUCH EASIER! I don't think I'd put all my stash on there though, I really don't think I'm ready to face how much yarn I really have!

Right now I'm working on baby things for a few people. I've started Elizabeth Z's baby sweater that's in her Knitters Almanac book. Ravelry was awesome as I could view pics of other's projects, the different yarns they've used, and how they changed up the pattern itself. Very enlightening. I've already had to rip out twice now, once I realized my gauge was too big, and the second time I completely flew by an increase row since I was distracted by my buttonhole placement. (sigh). Good thing a baby sweater is small! Plus, knitting and being tired don't mix well. I just get in a zone and my fingers move but my brain is on standby!

I plan to post a pic soon. I'm still working on the yoke (darn frogging) and can't wait to see how it comes out. Wish me luck!

Friday, October 5, 2007

More projects getting done...

I'm trying not to stress about Christmas this year. But it already seems to be happening anyway. I keep thinking of more and more things I'd like to make but as I'm a slower knitter, it probably won't happen! I have to just try to relax so I can enjoy what I'm supposed to be enjoying! Isn't this supposed to be fun?

I finished one pair of socks for my Hubby (Lorna's laces-Pewter/worsted) and am working on another pair that's really my first "patterned" pair. I'm using a really simple one for my first dip in, just the garter rib stitch from Sensational Knitted Socks. They're turning out rather cool, these are sock weight and taking forever but he's going to be really surprised. Everytime I make socks he always asks "are those for me?" I know he's kidding most of the time, but he's going to be surprised at his stocking stuffers this year! Get it? "Stocking Stuffers" and they'll be "socks"! hahaha! Here's his first pair:

I'm still working on the blog. It's been interesting fiddling with things and I'm checking out others to get ideas. Bear with me please!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Finally getting my blog going!

Well, here we go:

I should say I'm going to "try" to get this blog going. I've already been having some blips occur! Yikes!
I'm hoping to chronicle my knitting projects, stash acquisitions as well as share some about my family, pets and friends. If I could just get this to work right....Gotta go explore...