Sunday, March 21, 2010

Smokey Mtn Fiber Festival

Saturday was a super busy day for us, we headed out for the first Smokey Mtn Fiber Festival and we had a really nice day (with no rain for a change!).  It was in Townsend, which is the "sleepy side" entrance to The Great Smokey Mountains.  (The other side is Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg with a bazillion and a half  tourists).

There was a lot to see and do. I didn't attend any classes but may consider it next time. I missed the sheep shearing too. For leaving our house so early we were really rushed while we were there!
I was busy looking at everything (so MUCH to take in in such a short time - I think I'd hyperventilate and get the vapors if I ever attended SAFF!) so my daughter took the pictures for me.  Once I get around all this stuff, it's like I'm in a candy shop.

I actually didn't purchase a whole lot here, we were kind of in a rush to get to the sheep-dog roundup they were having down the road a little later.  Luckily I had already picked up some yarn loveliness  at The Knitting Nest (the yarn shop in Maryville on the way there) so I didn't leave feeling deprived.

This was so much fun to see, aren't these guys cute?

I don't know if you can see Rick ready to spring into action here behind his owner. He's trained by a certain whistle and he knows when to chase, go right, go left, cut them off, etc. by the whistle. He was awesome and he's actually almost blind because of an accident he had. All this couple's dogs are rescued dogs too. The way they talk about their animals (and they have a LOT), you know they really care about each and every one.

Brock, his buddy on the left, was a little more of his own mind but he's still learning. They like to round up ducks, goats, and cattle as well on their farm.  Once they get their job done they're free to go take a dip in the water tub there! They are ADORABLE, and I'm not just saying that because we're partial to our Jenna either! ;O)

We need to get her some ducks!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Add me to the bandwagon:

My First TOE UPS EVER!! 

And probably my last to be honest. 

I totally and thoroughly enjoyed knitting this pattern (Lana is an amazing designer and super nice person - I had to bug her about something and she was fast and so helpful). The thing I guess I didn't care much for was the fit on my leg and the bind off - and that would probably bother me with ANY toe ups I think.  I just ended up using a larger size needle and it worked out - but they were either too "loose" or too "tight" for a bit there.  These are still fun to make (a LOT of FUN!) but it's going to take adjustments to make them easier to pull on and take off if I make them again and I'm just a lazy relaxed sock knitter.  If it takes too much brain power, I'm not up to it right now, even with everyone's mods on Ravelry to refer to. 

Project: Skew
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Semi Solid in Slate colorway
Size 1 needle ML
The PERFECT sock pattern for that FUNKY yarn you aren't sure what to do with!

Side Note: I had forgotten how "fuzzy" CTH sock yarns can get and this one was the same. I haven't even worn these yet but they already look like I have....LOTS!  But they're soft - and so FUN to look at so I don't mind. (too much).  This pattern is super fast to knit up, if you haven't tried them you should, I think Lana's already added mods to the main pattern on her blog to adjust for a better fit.

I was so excited to knit these after the Ravelympics that I'm feeling "lost" right now trying to pick another project to start. I think it may be more socks, but... cuff down this time I think!
Happy Knitting.