Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last of the Year 2009 Knits

Some last minute "hits" and "misses" to post before the old year ends and a new knitting year begins.

Pattern: Mitt Envy
Size 1 needles
Yarn: Overdyed Superwash Sock yarn from Little Dog Designs
Result: Hit and Miss. These came out fine, just too small so they're going to my girls.

Pattern: Palindrome Reversible Scarf
Needles: Not sure anymore, maybe a 8
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Black
Mods: Did cables further apart
Result: MISS! Please don't ask me why I kept knitting a whole scarf when I knew the yarn was mis-behaving from the very beginning. It was undoubtably my worst experience with Caron Simply Soft. I think my hope was that maybe after a wash (and perhaps a shaving) that I could make it look decent because while I was knitting it up, it looked ragged, shaggy, basically like a beat up old scarf. There was no saving this. It literally went Bye-Bye in the trash.

Pattern: Fetching
Size 5 needles
Yarn: Dream In Color Classy
Result: MISS
I over-dyed these a dark blue as a present for my Aunt for Christmas and let's just say, they don't look absolutely "ugly" now, but they weren't up to my standards for a gift. I'll still use them around the house. (The picture is them pre-dyed. I should've left well enough alone - not all experiments turn out okay but you won't know until you try right?!)
There's actually another pair of purple Fetchings that made my "MISS" pile too but I can't seem to find them. They came out rather LARGE for some reason. Oh well. Onward!

Pattern: Sock It To Me Chevron Scarf
Yarn: Socks That Rock Silkie - Walking on the Wild Tide Colorway
Size 7 needles
Mods: Didn't do two ends and graft together, just knit from start to finish.
Result: HIT! I love it! My girls love it. The gals in my knitting group love it! I wish the colors would represent better on camera. At times though, I wasn't sure I totally loved them - this almost turned into a pair of socks - but now.....Love. And guess who gets it??.....

Pattern: Jacoby Mitts
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock - Solis Colorway
Size 1 needle
Result: Hit! These are so easy and fun, even I couldn't mess them up too bad. I made these for my Mom, but the girls both "loved" them again...sigh...I'll probably make Mom's pair soon since I have yarn left over.

Pattern: Ribbed Cap
Yarn: Bernat Camo Yarn
Size 6 needles
Result: Hit! And a surprise one at that! I made two hats recently, (sometimes you just need an easy, fast knit) and I was one for two. The Big Guy loved this one, claimed it as his before it was even off the needles. I used a 100 st cast on so I mainly used the hat pattern for the decreases. (Because I need help with things like that!) My tendency for perfection makes me want the ribbing to look right at the top no matter what number cast on I'm using. The other hat will probably go to charity as it came out a bit on the large side. (Check Gauge??? Me???) It was made from a yarn I bought online and it looked nothing like the little picture they had in the catalog. (Bernat Jacquards in Blue). Not bad, just not what I expected.

I think that's it with updates of my projects, if not I'll be back to edit some day. Right now I have a cat laying on my legs so I'm going to relax with my family, enjoy celebrating making it through another year, and keep hope and good thoughts for the upcoming one for everybody. Happy 2010!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm Very Blessed

Oh My Gosh. I got spoiled so much this Christmas! I feel so bad for being such a Scrooge half way into the month. I admit I was feeling a bit down and selfish and I really regret that now. We did get a few more Christmas cards from family members eventually, just like the Big Guy said we would. So I really didn't deserve all this love from such sweet friends.

From my BFF Julie!

Thank you so much for everything Julie!! The cowl is SO pretty! I love the colors so much! That you took time to make it when I know how incredibly busy you are, it makes it a million times more special! The yarn is from Sunshine Yarns in the colorways Ginny and Hermione! I can't stop petting it and squeezing it, man this stuff is SOFT!!! I don't know how you were able to part with it! I love the cupcake mini bag too! I needed something for all my counters and markers floating around the bottom of my bags! Oh I just appreciate it all so much! Thanks for spoiling this bratty buddy of yours! Next year give me a big block of coal! LOL!!

This ornament was part of the package too and I just love it! My girls think I'm going to break it open! Wonder what makes them think that?? (addicted knitter here...)

A very sweet RAK from my friend Marie in New Hampshire:

These gorgeous felted vases and holders. I don't know how she makes that ruffle, I have to try that one day! But these are just so pretty I just adore them! Thanks so much Marie! I know you haven't been feeling well lately, my prayers are always with you my friend.

From my Knitting Swap Partner in the Knottygroup! Mona!!

Oh My. Mona spoiled me terribly as well. I got some of her homespun yarn (She sells it on her blog!) And she made me SOCKS (where did they go? They aren't in the picture? Ahhhh! I'll have to redo that one!) AND the coolest pink potholders! LOVE them! Plus all these other fantastic goodies! I just love it ALL!!! Talk about a kid in a candy shop!

From My Friend in COLD Illinois: Jeanne!

She didn't have to do that, but I WAS still expecting my standard Christmas card picture of Brody (Which I forgot to get in the pic because it was already downstairs but you can see him on her blog!) Thank you Jeanne for all the beautiful items! I love them all! And I'll use them all for sure! I just love that "book thong". It still makes me laugh!!!

From my Secret Santa Swap Partner Kathyrn in the Fibro Group on Ravelry:

I'm going to be busy for days making more stitch markers! I love my "D" ornament too, it turns and spins! It's so cool! Thank you so much Kathryn! This was so much fun! :) The "Healing Angel" pin is very special too. We all hurt so much with our health issues, I'm going to wear it all the time while I keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank You for being Angels On Earth and showing this Scrooge some love.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

*~*Merry Christmas*~*

Merry Christmas!
I hope everyone is able to enjoy being with
family and friends this Christmas.
Keep the spirit of the season in your heart and hold fast.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

Even though I've yet to be added to the list of players for this meme group after repeatedly asking (I'm not the only one or it would really be sad), I still like the thought of doing it once in a blue moon. This weeks is:

10 New Years Resolutions

1. YARN DIET. Yes, this is my second go at it (last one was in 2008). Finding the ISO/Destash board on Ravelry gave my credit card hives this past year. Now that I have no place left in all the cubby spaces in my closet, and things are piling up on other things, it's feeling VERY overwhelming again. It's pretty bad when I don't remember what I have once some "pretty new thing" makes her way into my life. Fickle Knitter. Thank goodness for all the Stash Down Groups on Ravelry. I'll have lots of inspiration and support again.

2. KNIT THINGS I LOVE the most, yet always seem to say "tomorrow" to. I'm really bad at saving nice things for last. "Use It UP" or "make that for myself" will be a big challenge, but could make knitting fun again I think. Otherwise I'll be gone before I ever enjoy it!

3. EXERCISE MORE...yada yada yada. But seriously, some movement, even on my painful days has GOT to start more often in my house. I don't feel good 98 % of the time anyway, might as well add a bit of soreness here and there.

4. FAMILY: Tell them how much I appreciate them a LOT more often. They're really trying, and I'm certainly not easy to live with. Having Fibro and this "Mysterious Auto-Immune" thing is a bummer for all of us. They're all doing their best (well...most of the time), and I need to be a more appreciative person of all the right things they do or try to do.

5. EAT BETTER. Sometimes WAY easier said than done. But we'll try.

6. DECLUTTER:. Watching Hoarders on A & E would give ANYBODY something to think about. I'm a clean freak in a way, but a "collector" of certain things as well. I think I need to work a bit harder on "balance" this year. Some yarn has already made it to my knitting meeting swaps (it's so nice to see someone's eyes light up when they spot something THEY love). I'm also donating things to make room for life, it's a major priority this go around.

7. FIND SOME ANSWERS. Can't say making it through an MRI will be in there, because today on two Xanax's and a Valium, well, let's just say I'm not even asleep yet. TIRED, but not out! We tried twice today and both times my "anxiety" axed it. Bummer, but life goes on. I'm hoping they shoot me with a horse tranquilizer next time. IF there's a next time. The Big Guy says he can't see me go through that anymore. But health issues are a big part of my life and we pray for answers.

8. KINDESS. I had so much fun today telling people Merry Christmas and smiling at them (was it all the drugs? LOL). I usually try to be friendly to people in stores and other places and I'm going to keep doing it as much as I can. A smile can ease someone's troubles.

9. DISCONNECT. Not ALL the time, but some of the time. I admit it, I'm a TV/Internet junkie. Well, I'm home a lot due to pain, but I really want to try to spread my wings a bit more if the pain allows. There's a new knitting meeting starting in my area, I might give it a try and hope it works out.

10. RELAX. Don't take all of this so seriously. If I manage well (or even a little) in one area, it's totally okay.

Time to practice, I'm about an 8 on a 1 - 10 sleep scale now....nighty nite!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

*~*Dawn's Magic*~*

"Friends are God's way of apologizing to us for our families." -- Unknown

(I thought that quote was funny in a way)....

You know how it is, sometimes the holidays can seem a bit overwhelming. I think I've been feeling a bit blue. I've gotten TWO Christmas cards from family ("so far" as The Big Guy keeps saying, he's ever the optimist)... well, three actually, but two were from the same cousin. (I think she forgot she already sent me one). (Note: I know it's better to give than to receive, it's just nice to feel a little luv ya know?). Then, my youngest daughter said "take us to the mall, we're grown up now, we need GROWN UP presents". Okay kid, rub it in. (They're buying each other something tonight). Did you see my heart droop a bit more there? No more babies here. Sigh.

Then I got this in the mail today:

A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature.
* Ralph Waldo Emerson

And like the Grinch, my heart grew 10 sizes this day. Yes. It. Did.
Dawn remembered I love green olives...YUM!!! From NAPA Valley Too!! Oh California, how I miss thee... The PINK pattern tamers she sent are so awesome too. I won't admit how many times I've almost bought some but wasn't thrilled with the colors available. These are PERFECT. PINK IS MY THING. (Just realized I haven't put my Christmas tablecloth out yet either. Darn Grinch.) I think it's amazing that this is one knitting accessory that I don't have yet, and I have just about everything out there. Now I can't wait to use them! I loved the PINK project bag and PINK yarn too! And a Pink Kitty Calendar. Oh, Pink always makes me SO happy!


Oh, these are so AWESOME! Another story here: I ordered some scented soaps from Dawn's shop Wolfe Farms for my Mom (5 star rating from Mom too!), but I don't think she had the Unscented items yet. I saw them later and thought "Next Time, those are for ME" and lo and behold, she sent me some!! I get scent triggered migraines at the drop of a hat and have to admit I was more than a little jealous of all of Dawn's customers enjoying all of her products. (Grinch Again). Now I (ME, ME, ME) can partake in the all the softness and I LOVE IT!!!

If you need awesome soaps/lotions/candles, Dawn's place is where to get them! The reviews aren't kidding, everything feels wonderful and really soothing to your skin. The lotion is totally non-greasy so I can pick up my knitting right after applying it. That's amazing because I've tried SEVERAL! You know you've done it too, had to keep wiping your hands on something AFTER putting on your lotion. We've all been there! Here's Dawn's Ravelry Group Link. Go SEE HER.

A true friend is the greatest of all blessings, and that which we take the least care of all to acquire.
* François Duc de La Rochefoucauld

And for the pièce de résistance. Dawn sent me her homemade Persimmon Cookies. I can't relate accurately enough how I feel. Elated?!! Unbelieveably Hysterically Happy?!! Yes, I think so! I've been tearing up and crying all afternoon because I know how incredibly busy she's been with her new business, and yet she still took time out to make ME cookies! My FAVORITE holiday memory cookies. I keep opening the lid and INHALING deeply. I can't get these persimmons here and these are what my Grandpa made every year while I was growing up. They mean so much more to me than I can say.

Dawn, I can't say Thank You enough. I have to go blow my nose again. Everytime I even think of them, and all you sent, I cry again. But it's a HAPPY CRY!!! This Ole Grinch feels SO much better. Thank you so much for helping boost my Christmas Spirit WAY up. I may go get my tablecloth out now!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Few Christmas Knits

Thick Comfy House Socks For The Big Guy

Pattern: Sock It To Me Socks
Yarn: Bernat Denimstyle
Needle: Size 6
Made for Hubby whille he was out of town on his last business trip.
Mods: I made them extra tight because I read this yarn really stretches. These are soft and smooshy. Very comfy.
Big Yarn = FAST Socks. Gotta love it.

Pattern: Bow Knot Scarf (Oooooooh, Luxury. I love my Meunch Chenille.)
Yarn: Meunch Touch Me in Dark Blue 3603 (I think. Where do all my labels go?)
Size 6 needles
This was made for my Mom for Christmas. (I got the idea from another gal's blog and darned if I can't remember who's blog it was now. When I find out I'll edit for that. FOUND IT! Thanks Irisheyes!)
Mods: I did 14 rows for the insert part instead of 16. I also made the wrap part around the neck longer than the pattern instructed. My Mom and I don't like anything wrapped close around our necks. Just a comfort thing and we tend to overheat easily. Couple of Hot Momma's!
Vesper Socks
Yarn: Vesper Self Striping in "Love Stinks, Yeah, Yeah" colorway.
Size 1 needle 64 st cast on.
What can I say, these were going to be my "happy" socks, but a sweet little girl of mine loves them a whole lot so she'll be getting them for Christmas. These took an unusually LONG time for me to knit up, I just couldn't stay with it for very long but they finally got done. I messed up the decreases on the second toe, but it's hardly noticeable, it just proves how scattered my brain is these days.
Pattern: Noro Fingerless Mitts (for Mom for Christmas.)
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden in Colorway 232
Size 4 needles - magic loop - TAAT
Okay, Confession Time: She wanted GRAY ones, but I wasn't having any luck with the ones I was working up. I must've bought 4 different kinds of gray yarn too. I flat out had to get out of that zone for a bit so these were born.
Mods: Some splicing was done due to a muddy brown that was in the middle of all the other pretty colors. I went down on the needle size because my Mom has small hands, and in my own experience NSG grows or blooms upon washing. I just wanted to make sure they'd stay snug to some extent.

I know one of the thumbs *looks* bigger than the other one, but that's what you get with the thick/thin variation of Noro! It made me think I had messed up, but they're the same! Honest!

I'm fighting sinus issues still, getting headaches almost everyday. Can't wait for winter to be over with over here! Still trudging along though, I still can't believe I have ANY knits to blog about! Wow! Maybe I'm doing it in my sleep! LOL!
Happy Knitting!!