Friday, August 14, 2009

Hospital Knitting

How many rows can you knit while waiting for your husband to get his Heart Catherization Procedure done?

About that much. I was just too nervous to keep going. I couldn't read, couldn't knit, and really didn't want to TALK much which is SO unlike me! (But I was VERY grateful my inlaws came to town to be with us!)

Our ordeal started a bit ago when I finally got The Big Guy to switch doctors. His new one takes his family history and his health VERY serious, I mean, we aren't spring chickens anymore. Things are going to happen. The Big Guy had been having some weird pains and rapid heart beating episodes, so the doctor ordered an EKG and x-ray. They were okay. But they still ordered the stress test and that showed slow blood flow in the front wall of his heart. So. There we were at the hospital for the Heart Cath. Along with many other people. Busy place. Too busy.

And He did fine. He has 40% blockage in one artery and 50% in another. They'll only do a stint if it's at least 70% blockage. They've adjusted his BP meds and will also look at getting his cholesterol numbers even lower to prevent any further increases in those percentages. All in all, we can handle this. And we were very blessed that this all was discovered before any scary episodes happened. We celebrated the next day with a small cake for his birthday. We're just glad he's around and he's going to be feeling better all the time. He better. I can't take this kind of excitement.

Ravelry has been my safety net lately. I've been spending my "worry" time looking at other people's completed projects and that can be a huge time suck. I haven't been doing much of anything lately. Everything I start, I put back down or rip out. So I just pretend I'm as efficient as they are and just browse all day.

I did manage to finish this. I have no idea when (the past few weeks are a big blur) and it took me a good bit to do since it's with cotton - cotton and me don't get along too well.

Rumbly Tummy Bear
The pattern is on Ravelry and Sharman will email it to you. I made this for my Aunt Rene for Christmas because she's the biggest Pooh Fan Ever I think. And she loves to clean, so this will make her smile while she scrubs away! LOL!

One gift down. A few more to go. I'll never make it! Ack! I'm hoping to get to my Knitting meeting potluck this weekend. But if I'm eating....I can't be knitting....Oh well!!

Happy Knitting!


knittinwolf said...

You did quite a bit of hospital knitting! I know what you mean though I don't knit either when I'm worrying that much/waiting/ and people walking by and talking and talking with relatives. I'm soooo glad Richard is ok and is doing scary but thank God it was found before something horrible happened. It really stinks getting older especially when you still feel young!:)
Will still be praying for his recovery and that it will get even better! Love and hugs!

Anna said...

Glad to hear your hubby is okay. That must've been so scary. I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. ((HUGS))

Lucy said...

Hi Dawn
So glad to hear that your husband is recovering! What a stressful time you have had!
I am blog visiting this morning (new resolution along with posting more often on mine from now on!!) I am not sure that I have ever commented on your blog - you have done that so often on mine!! Thank you for that!! I do hope everything continues to improve for you and yours

Cheers and Hugs

Debbie H. said...

I love the Pooh washcloth. It's absolutely adorable!

I think it's good that you spent the time browsing Ravelry. It sounds like it helped you to give your mind a rest (granted only a few brief moments here and there) from the strain of worry. Your husband needs you to be happy and healthy too. Stress can be as much an ailment as a physical disease.

I'm glad your husband is recovering. But don't forget, you need to take some time for yourself.