Monday, May 10, 2010

More Finished Knits

There's nothing like "marathon knitting" to get your wrist nice and sore, but for some crazy reason
when I got the flyer about "Teacher Appreciation Week" at my daughter's school last week I thought "Hey! I loved this pattern, I'll make her some of those mitts!" ---- In less than a week. 

I'm amazed at how fast a knitter I pretend I am.  I actually DID get them done by Friday (I totally lost Thursday as a knitting day due to a new medication knocking me out all day) but they still had to be washed and blocked before I could send them in to her.  So today was the day and my daughter said she really loved them! Score!

Pattern: Glacial Gauntlets of the Wolf
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill SuperSock in Cherry Colorway
Red size 6 beads from a craft store - used size 11 crochet hook to apply them.
Mods: Again, only put beads on the top of the hand and omitted them from the top of the thumb.
Added about 10 more rows to the top for extended length on the hand/fingers.

I'm tempted to keep every pair I make of these, I must make my own soon.

I also forgot I had finished up these:
Just some basic plain stockinette socks for my Mom. When the yarn is this colorful I feel basic st st  really showcases the yarn better. That's my own "I'm getting old and too opinionated" point of view. (I have to try to get a better picture before I take them to her. It's hard to get all the pretty colors in this to come out on my camera.)

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll in the "Make Believe" Colorway
64 st cast on
Size 1 needle (ML)
They came out a tad small, but my Mom's foot is only a women's size 5 so they'll fit her better than my
6 1/2 foot!

Last but not least:
The "Took Forever to Knit- Knitting Meeting Scarf".  Because when I'm at my meetings I blab so much I like something simple to work on.  K3P3 helps, but I STILL made a couple of boo-boos!

Yarn: Blue Heron Bulky Rayon Chenille in the Berry colorway
Size 6 needle
K3p3 cast on 27 (I think).
After washing and drying, this yarn is SCRUMPTIOUS and of course THIS IS MY COLOR!
And now, it's all ready for NEXT winter. Happy Happy.

I'll be heading off to CA to see family soon so I won't be blogging as much until I get back. I'll still
be checking my google reader to keep up with you gals' blogs so Happy Knitting and have a great start to the summer!!


Prairie Rose said...

And love the colors of everything!!!

knittinwolf said...

Wow wee look at all those projects! Fabulous!

StarSpry said...

These are all beautiful projects!! Have a great time in California with your family :)

Nat Red Knits said...

I especially love the mitts! Look at you with the beading ;) Kinda fun isn't it. One of these days I may yet finish that last beaded scarf I started...haha. And I will post it in that same "it took me forever to finish it" scarf.