Monday, August 2, 2010

A Great (Birth)Day

I've started counting backwards now (so Birthdays aren't so painful) but I always love a reason to have cake!

Here's my Birthday (& next Anniversary, Christmas, New Years, & Valentines) day present:

My Ashford Joy DT along with fiber to practice on from The Woolery in Frankfurt KY.  I'm really glad I went in person and tested out different wheels before I bought one. I thought I had my heart set on a Kromski Fantasia (and almost just ordered it). It looks really cool with it's more "modern" design, but after trying out several there in the shop, the Joy was THE ONE.

She's awfully pretty, very petite, and quiet as a mouse.  Great travel wheel.

She's hoping her new owner practices more and keeps her busy. I'm really enjoying spinning but realize just how much practice I need! Well, at least I know she'll be patient with me.

A BIG Thank you going out to my blog buddy Dawn for the fluffy goodness and other birthday goodies (my lotion was already in use and didn't make it to the photoshoot!)! I've been having so much fun picking up different fibers and can't wait to try these out too! Thanks for thinking of me! ♥

Off to spin some more.....Hope everyone had as great a day as I had. :O)

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