Sunday, July 19, 2009

What the Heck?

Or: "I'm Giving Gift Cards For Christmas!"

Mom's Scarf: Frogged. (3rd time)

Richard's Hat: Frogged.

Jessica's Mitts: Frogged.

I don't know if the wording in the picture is readable, but basically I read the pattern wrong and started the thumb gusset WAYYYY later then I should have. Welcome to my pond! Somebody please catch him and make him go AWAY!

I went back to preemie hats. They don't disappoint. They're my saving grace right now or I'd be dumping ALL my needles in the trash! Grrrr!!! (then running out to grab them again).

Maybe it's just that it's summer time. I'm loving the long days and warm sunshine too much to be inside knitting. Even when I'm in pain (like all the time) it's just been hard to not want to be doing other things. Maybe. Maybe Not. Any excuse sounds good to me now because it CAN'T be that my knitting sucks! I really think the "pressure" of Holiday Knits is already messing with my head! Yikes!!

BUT! School starts back in ONE MONTH! Happy Dance Time! Who's counting down the days besides me??? Anybody???

Happy Knitting!

PS: Note to Deborah! I can't reach your profile on blogger to email you back! Are you on Ravelry? I posted a response on the blog post you posted on. Hope we can talk more! It's okay that we're on opposing teams for the Yarn Bowl Challenge, we're California Girls at heart! LOL Hope to hear back from you!


Anna said...

Oh, no! Well, at least you have some time before Christmas to get them finished.

Dawn said...

Thanks Anna! I'm going to need all that time too at the rate I'm going! LOL! :)

Nat Red Knits said...

Nothing wrong with being in the pond! I am there frequently myself. I think the scarf is real cute.

It is hard to knit in the summer, and when you are in pain...pinched nerve is playing hell with mine so I am right there with you. Summer time is for outside fun, enjoy it while you can. The season is short enough as it is.

Dawn said...

owwww Jeannie! Hope you're on the mend too!!!!! I figured you had to have unpacked by NOW! LOL!! ;O)