Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Elegant Gauntlets

I REALLY love this pattern. This is my second pair, and while I haven't made them in a really long time, I still love making these. Sally's patterns are so well written. Every detail is there. And I really loved this yarn. Soft, and great colors! If you get a chance check out her Etsy store.
Size 2 needles
Modifications: Shortened by a couple of inches in the arm part. We won't talk about how many times #2 gave me trouble because trouble just follows me around and sits on me. I think I swing the door wide open and just invite her in with my knitting. In the end, it all worked out after a few sessions of frogging here and there.

I made these for my friend Kimberly. She's a Mod on the Auto-Immune Board on Ravelry and no matter what she's going through (and it can be a LOT) she's always picking the rest of us up and cheering us on. She's truly a kind, giving spirit and we appreciate her so much. She loved the movie Coraline so this yarn made me think of her. She lives in Southern CA so I figure she can use these probably more for "fun" than for "function". These look really awesome scrunched down a bit around the wrists. I hope you enjoy them Kimberly! Happy Late Birthday!

If you can, please send out Positive Get Well Wishes and Prayers to my BFF Julie's Mom. She's had health issues going on for awhile now, any and all thoughts and luv going their way would mean so much right now. Thanks bunches.

Happy Veterans Day to all our Veterans too. We thank each and every one of our armed forces with all of our hearts and our prayers are with you as well.


Ariel said...

It gets cold in So Cal!!! Maybe not the same cold as most parts of the world but it's going to go down to the high 60's tomorrow. BRRRRRR

I'm sure that Kimberly will use them and love the fact that you made them just for her.

Anna said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

Diary of an Eccentric

knittinwolf said...

Those are sooo beautiful! She'll love them! Mornings and Evenings here are freezing and with fibro they'll be such a lovely, thoughtful, useful gift. Great job! Hope you're doing well...sick here, down all week.
Love ya

Nat Red Knits said...

I like those...maybe I should make some for my niece.

kkhymn said...

Thank you Dawn for these lovely, perfectly made mitts! OMG! My hands freeze all the time, so they will be very functional and decorative! I love the shorter length at the top of my fingers too ... I can still wear my jewelry and show it off with the gloves. When it is really cold, I can put my black silk gloves under these and looks super chic!