Thursday, November 19, 2009

Whiskers On Wednesday

ON THURSDAY! (Because I completely zoned out this week.)
This scratching mat was a huge success in our house! Sasha had to check it out thoroughly to make sure it was worthy of staying.

And her and Sophie are still enjoying it. Since they use our whole house (stair railing, chair legs, couches, door jams, carpet) for their scratching posts we had to try something. They can be little destruct-o forces for sure. I'm still shopping around for a tall climbing tree for them, the main issue is where the heck we're going to put it!

On the Medical front: I had my first experience with an MRI machine on Tuesday and even with anti-anxiety meds in me I didn't last 3 minutes. It was a bummer. And I felt so embarrassed, but the staff made me feel a little bit better by telling me stories of people who have had to come back numerous times to get one test done. (That very well could end up being me!) I have to go back on December 1st to try again. This time doubling up on my meds and taking them earlier to let them get into my system more. I slept like a log when I got home so eventually they did work! Just not when I needed them to!

The MRI will hopefully tell us if I have a disc or sciatic problem with my back. My right leg has really been bothering me and I've just attributed it to my fibromyalgia all this time. My MOTHER all along has been asking me if I'd had my back checked out to which I ALWAYS replied "Mom! My back doesn't hurt!". Well, She was right all along. Mom's just KNOW! Once that finally sunk in (and the pain got a lot worse) it makes total sense to me and my doctors now. They ought to pay Mom's for medical consultations.

I changed my blog a bit. I love pink but added some green in there. Makes me think of Spring time in this winter drab. I have no idea on how to do a lot of this blog stuff so I just go with what makes me happy at the time. If it's too hard to read, please let me know in the comments, I'd appreciate it!

Knitting: What Knitting? Mom's fingerless mitts may never happen. I can't find the right pattern/yarn combo and it's driving me crazy. Still working on that....

Happy Knitting!


knittinwolf said...

Very pretty blog!

Happy kitties!:)

Hope you are able to do the test so they can see what the problems are. Does it hurt? Praying for you to feel better. I hate when my sciatic nerve flairs....ouchy, usually happens when I vacuum (so I don't!:)) That is now Jimmy's chore!
Love and hugs

Dawn said...

LOL! I changed the blog background again! It's so fun to try these things out.

No, MRI's don't hurt at all, you just have to lay still but you're in a tight space and it's FREAKY if you're claustrophobic! I did NOT like that! :P

Take care Dawn! :)

Julianne said...

Those silly kitties...they are too cute. I love your new blog. It is pretty and springy. Oh, I hope you can get that MRI done. I am the complete opposite. I almost fell asleep when I had mine done. But considering that I am usually burning the candle at both ends it was kinda like a little break for me. My back is really bothering me again. Seriously bad for the past couple of days. Oh well. I sure hope you feel better because I know the feeling and it is no fun. Just relax, take hot baths and I believe if you do the hot/cold pack back and forth it will help a little. Love you lots and prayers that you feel better. YBF

kkhymn said...

Adorable post! Your kitties look like they are having fun! We all need a change once in awhile, so have fun with your blog designs.

Nat Red Knits said...

I Like the new layout...I think you should re-do mine too! I agree- sciatic sucks! MRI is easy peasy but not if your claustro. I was supposed to have one on my neck for the pinched nerve but I keep putting it off..I get tired of tests with no follow up treatment - just more tests....try that laying still thing when your shoulder involuntarily has muscle

Bubblesknits said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you had a hard time with the MRI. Thankfully, they don't bother me, but my mom has always had a hard time with them.

Love the picture of the kitties enjoying their new mat!

emicat said...

I love the scratching mat and it looks like the kitties do too :)

There are lots of people who have a hard time getting MRIs, so you are not alone - just take your time and I hope you get through it. My father has had to go in several times because there were days he just couldn't do it. Hope it all goes well for you!

StarSpry said...

Great new scratcher for the kitties! I love the photos :)

I'm sorry to hear about the MRI test. I hope the next one goes much better and they're able to figure out what's wrong!