Saturday, January 9, 2010

The New Year Chill

I don't mind snow (as long as I don't have to drive in it). It's the ICE that makes me nervous. Here in the Southeast we don't get much snow and even less ice - but this latest blast just wanted to share I guess. It's been a week of 20 degrees or less, with a nice steady breeze of icy wind to make it feel like half of that. This Central California girl isn't used to this (we could DRIVE to the snow, but didn't live right in it). I know we're not in anything like in the mid-west or like my cousins buried in snow in Michigan. If we were, I'd be in really big trouble! We city folk are used to running to the store for stuff on a whim. This isn't so much fun.

These cars parked in front of our house because the street is ICE. They couldn't make it up the hill further down the sub-division so they just parked here and walked home. These are the days when I'm glad I'm not working right now. With my lead foot I'd be sliding off a mountain for sure. Thankfully there were only a few days of this, today the road seems to be getting better and next week the sun should warm the streets more - so less icy patches. The kids loved having snow days from school though, especially on the heels of winter break!

This is one of my latest projects, my first go at two at a time, toe up socks. I'm using's pictures as my guide and I had absolutely no problem with the cast on - but I don't like this toe at all. I think I need to rip and add more to my initial cast on, a rounded toe is going to suit me better. Unless we have little elf "pointy" feet, these aren't going to fit any of us (trust me, I've already tried it on every foot in the house to avoid redoing them.) I'm using the handspun yarn that CA DAWN sent me for my birthday last year. It's made this new journey of 2 at a time more fun because it's really soft and squishy. I may break down and just do 2 at a time cuff down though, just for expediency.

Tomorrow is car shopping day, it's time for the Big Guy to replace his company car. I love that he wants me to go with him (we may end up buying this one for our daughter down the road - a teenage driver...yikes) but I hope I can stay warm out there! I negotiated a trip to Joann's for some buttons for a project for my SIL. Gotta love a man who is easy to trick compromise with.
Happy Knitting! (And stay WARM!)


Bubblesknits said...

BRRR...I agree. Too darn cold for the Southeast. There were a lot of wrecks around here this past Friday. I was glad we were all at home.

Nat Red Knits said...

Oooo Your neighborhood looks like mine! Apparently no place is warm. My dad said they had some snow in Orlando and it is 30 at his house in Bradenton FL.

Just when I was just starting to think of moving to TN.

Pretty bold, that 2 sock toe up thing ya got going.

knittinwolf said...

Wow look at all that white stuff!:) Brrrr!

I wanna try two at a time this year! I don't like the pointy toes either. My friend DawnRene gave me a tutorial called: the boy who knits...I think its a blog?

Anna said...

It's been cold in MD, too. I'm a New England girl so these temps should be warm for me, but I've acclimated. :(

kkhymn said...

Dawn you are so good at socks! I tried doing the Two at a time method and it was great until I realized I made a mistake on one sock and it was harder to undo! Plus, I need two skeins to work with this method for a pair rather than one! Stay warm!!!