Thursday, January 21, 2010

Up and Down (And Up and Down...)

Boy am I behind! My Sister In Law's father passed in December and I'm just finishing this up for her to send out. Sewing is my nemesis, why can't I do it right? Or I guess I should ask why does it intimidate me so? The knitting was done. It was the buttons that took me forever to sew on.

Pattern: Celtic Cable Neckwarmer
Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Worsted - (which really seems like a dk weight - very thin. Loved it though, very SOFT after wool rinse).
Colorway: Dahlia
Size 8 Needles
Buttons: From Joann's
I couldn't be there in person to give her a hug (they live 2000 miles away), and it was a long, tough struggle they had with her Dad's illness so I wanted to send a "hug" her way as best I could. I'm just praying the buttons stay on. Oh I'm terrible at sewing! I used the yarn and refinforced, but gosh I worry!!
We've had a tough time lately that's consisted of a stomach bug The Big Guy brought home from work (and unfortunately shared with us), and also having to worry about my oldest Miss J taking care of her "Real" baby for her health class this past weekend. If you knew my Big Guy you'd know that it takes a lot to get him to admit he's sick. Well, I'm pretty spoiled because he works his "magic" around here and gets SO much done. When he's down, our household can come to a screeching halt with my issues making me almost useless some days. Luckily, he was back up by the time I was down with this illness. We're a good team. I did miss my knitting meeting with the gals and that bummed me out, but now I'm SO glad I didn't go and pass it along to them!

Miss J did VERY well taking care of her "Beyonce' Leona" (maybe you can figure those names out? If you listen to pop or whatever I'm sure you know!) She got an A! Yay! I tried really hard to get her to take the written essay assignment but you know how it is when "all your friends are doing it"? Beyonce' was a very good baby for the most part. I do have to admit, I babysat for couple of short spells because my own baby was pretty wiped out. This is pretty "REAL" and it's not a cakewalk at all, but much easier than a real life baby. We thought we'd miss Beyonce' when she went back, but honestly.... we don't! LOL! She DID take FOREVER to burp too. My arm almost fell off. Whoever programmed her is probably laughing their pants off. Right now Miss Beyonce' is driving another Mother (worried at how HER child will manage) to distraction. I feel for her.

Happy Knitting.


knittinwolf said...

The baby is programmed? Geez all we had was an egg that we had to treat like a real baby...I was 16..James and I named it Jimmy....funny how things work out! Guess you might have a Beyonce in the future! ha ha

What a gorgeous cowl...she's going to love it!

Dawn said...

I had twin eggs! LOL! That was a piece of cake compared to this. I can see ONE night, but TWO is a bit much IMO. It's all computer programmed based on real life baby's they've monitored. You have to do it all, feedings, changing and burping, as well as rocking! I'm getting tired again just thinking about it! whew!

Bubblesknits said...

Great lesson, though. After 2 nights of that, they probably won't even think about having a real one for quite a while. lol

Esme said...

This is gorgeous.