Friday, February 11, 2011

February's Post

I guess one blog post a month is better than nothing!  Slow motion is my speed anymore! I feel like I'm ALWAYS knitting but where are the projects? hmmmm

My Second Noro Scarf:
I have a fussy Model to contend with. You know how teenage diva's can be. My Models Attitude: "Hurry the Heck UP MOM!!" My fault, she had just got home from school and I wouldn't let her go until I got a decent shot.

She always eventually realizes it will go a lot faster if she just cooperates. Smart Cookie.

Noro Striped Scarf
Colorways: 8, 87 and 282 of Noro Silk Garden.
I spliced my way almost throughout the whole scarf so it's really my own manipulation of the colors mentioned. I cut out mainly the oranges and browns that were in there and some dark green.  It's really so much more colorful in person, it's so hard to capture the real beauty on my camera (I suck at photography).

I love this one so much more than the one made out of Kureyon. It's so much softer and just gets better with each washing. It doesn't itch my neck at all with that mix of mohair in there which is a relief. I love wearing it, it just makes me happy. I'm just glad I got it done while the temps are still cool enough for it's use.

Some Spinning:

4 oz of Corriedale in the Calypso colorway from Black Trillium Fiber Studio's.

I wasn't thrilled with this braid, it felt extra "rough" from the get go. I know it's just one of those things, fiber can slightly "felt", it can sit too long, become too compacted, or be bad product from the processing, but I've practiced on other corriedale that wasn't this rough. I finished it up because I was dying to practice plying more, I did have fun doing that. I got about 288 yards out of this.

I've got socks on the needles currently, one pair for my daughter and one for my cousin. Now to decide what else to put on the wheel...

On the health front I'm back on a low dose of Lyrica (25mg) for my fibro and sleep problems. Three days down and I think I am sleeping a tiny bit better. With the weather getting nicer (slowly but surely) I'm going to start walking again to hopefully combat the weakness I feel in my extremities. I feel like a 200 year old in a 40 something body. Ugh.

Happy Knitting & Spinning! :O)


knittinwolf said...

Your spinning is wonderful! Gorgeous skein, just love it and wonderful yardage!

Your daughter is just gorgeous! Beautiful scarf too!:)

StarSpry said...

Your daughter looks lovely with the pretty noro scarf :) Beautiful skein of yarn you spun, too!! I hope you're feeling better and getting more sleep.

Anna said...

Love the scarf! It looks great on your daughter. Looks like you're having a fun time and getting great results with the spinning, too.

Word Lily said...

The handspun looks good from here! Loving the scarf, too.