Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March Post - In The Nick Of Time...

Creative titles for my Blog don't really seem necessary since I only manage to post once a month anyway! (Which actually is a good thing with my sleepy brain). Wow, I'm sitting here totally bewildered! Where did the month go?? I figured I was good for at least TWO this month! I'm such a slacker!

Well, on to the knits:

I realized that I never posted my finished colorwork mittens! These were really fun to make despite my mistakes along the way. There's one glaring right at me in the pic, but they're still warm. Sometimes you just have to let things go. My friend Mona designed these, she's got some great patterns in her head!

Pattern: Ambassadeur d`amour-Ambassador of Love
Yarns: Cascade 220 in pink fuchsia and black.


Pattern: Tie Band Chevron Beret
Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in Cranberry
This was a last minute test knit on Ravelry (as I wasn't aware I was an "official tester" until things were already underway) so I had to marathon knit to get this done. Overall I enjoyed knitting it but the yarn wasn't the best. I wouldn't buy this again, it was badly spun/plied, really rough in some spots, very raggedy looking at times. Maybe I got a bad skein, but even Red Heart has never been this bad for me, and that's really saying something in my book. The color was the only saving grace for me.

Pattern: My basic 64 st stockinette sock
Yarn: Paton's Stretch in Cherry Sours
There's a "weird" feel to this yarn when knitting it up, sort of "rope like" sticky, but they end up softer somehow. My daughter loves them.


Pattern: Basic Socks (again)
Yarn: Premier Serenity Sock Weight in Spring Fling
My usual formula didn't work so well on these, they came out on the small side. The yarn felt thinner but I'm next exactly an exemplary "swatch" knitter so they are what they are. My youngest can still wear them, barely.. but they'll last a bit. I guess the sock bug has bit me again because another pair is in the works.

Next, since it's my Auntie's Birthday today, I'm posting what I made for her:
My FIRST embroidery project ever: Pillowcases.  I enjoyed each and every moment of it so I've already started on some more for myself. These fit her perfectly, she's always had a thing for "little blue birds". I hope she'll  enjoy these. Happy Happy Birthday Auntie! (I didn't iron them before I sent them but they still look cute!) I guess I'll save the remaining knits for next month since it's almost here!

I suppose the Lyrica has been making me sleepier than I realized because I swear the month just began! I've also just started taking Plaquenil for my auto-immune problem. My numbers are increasing in that department and my pain has been SKY HIGH, so, as chicken as I am, I'm also pretty darn desperate for some kind of relief. Here's to hope for less pain and having a "life" again.

I'm looking forward to Aprils post, I went to a fiber festival last weekend and had a blast. :O)  I paid dearly in the pain department, but it was still so much fun!

Happy Knitting!


Yarn Dependent Me said...

LOVE the mittens...and the hat...and okay well all of it. Love love love it.

I just started plaquenil too. It's fabulous! It's really helped with my pain. Until you get the pain under control you'll be really sleepy though. instead of lyrica I take cymbalta. hope you feel better! go take a nice warm bath.

Anna said...

Love the color of the mittens! I love embroidery as well, and your pillowcases turned out great. I think I'm going to do one of those quilt kits for my nephew who will be born in May.

You'll never guess...I started knitting again! Starting off with some slow projects, a baby bib and cloth. We'll see how it goes. ;)

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Prairie Rose said...

Your mittens turned out gorgeous!
(I don't see any mistakes)
Love the hat and the socks too!
Your aunt is a very lucky lady, those pillowcases are beautiful:)
Have a super weekend,Dawn!

StarSpry said...

I love all your knitting projects, and the embroidered pillowcases are adorable!! I hope you start feeling better soon!

Bubblesknits said...

I am in LOVE with those mittens! Great job! And I love the embroidered pillowcases, too!

Esme said...

What beautiful mittens.