Friday, February 28, 2014

Spinning Bonanza!

February, February, where have you gone? My this month has flown by. We've had things shaken up around here with my eldest daughter obtaining her drivers license recently and driving solo now. We're limiting it to school and back for just a bit until we're she's more comfortable so to speak. It really is quite alarming how fast our babies grow up.
I've been trying to prepare myself for this. It's still not easy, but I'm getting there. 

I lost my knitting mojo a bit this month. I started a Noro Striped Scarf for my cousin earlier, decided the colors I chose weren't working and bought more Noro Silk Garden yarn and tried again. I'm liking the color changes better this go around but it's still not making me 100% happy. I may change it up again and just do a cowl in a lighter weight Noro Taiyo Sock yarn. I blame peri-menopause. It equals no sleep physically, but makes my brain cells go to sleep even when I'm awake.  I can't wade through choices as easily as I could years ago. 

I have been spinning. And I must say it's nice to have something to fall back on.
Some Cloudlover fiber (polwarth) on my turkish spindle. I just love a turkish spindle, the first time I picked one up it just flowed automatically. Wow.  The fiber is very well prepped as well, I love her stuff. 

I've already spun and plied half of this Yarnadoodles corriedale fiber so this is part of the last 2 oz. (I don't think they're in business anymore). This is being spun because I scored this Bosworth top whorl spindle  on Ebay and wanted to practice. They usually have some available on their website, it just depends as they do a lot of fiber shows and festivals. I just happened upon a destash and grabbed this one and am so happy to have it. Top whorl spinning took some practice, but now it just flows as well. I LOVE the Bossie, I can't say enough good things about this brand. It spins so beautifully and evenly. I hope I can add a few more to my bouquet of spindles one day. 

I've finally finished spinning this Into The Whirled SW Merino in the Fathom colorway:

I'm working on making it a 2-ply right now, it's slow going because it's so thin. I tend to get impatient when I ply, but plying is an important step in making a nice yarn so I'm trying to just take breaks instead of rushing through it. This will probably end up being more socks for my hubby. As thin as this is (I was originally going to do a 3-ply), I'll most likely knit this on size 0's and with a larger cast on #. 

Well, enough spinning for now. My mini-spinner is still gorgeous but I have to admit I've not been paying enough attention to her. After I finish this as a 4 oz single I'll navajo ply it. 
I have to say, if you're on the fence about getting one, jump off and go for it. It's very relaxing and so portable. It's really worth every penny. I adore mine (and am kicking myself for not plying the blue on this instead, would've saved my weak legs all the treadling.) ;)

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Anna said...

Wow, you're a spinning fiend!

Congrats to your daughter! I know how nerve-wracking it must be for you. I going through this whole high school registration process right now, not really focusing on the fact that my baby will soon be in HIGH SCHOOL! Oh where does the time go??