Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

I've been busy with some knitting this month but mainly I've been spinning on some new toys.

Here's my latest knitting project. 
Brickless by Martina Behm
Stats: Miss Babs Yowza Whatta Skein in LadyBug
Size 5 needles
THIS IS HUGE! It blocked out to 101 inches. It's a nice cozy wrap around kind of scarf/shawl. Much longer than it is deep. I made it for my BFF in CA for her February Birthday. This knit up a lot faster than I expected, it maybe took less than a week. I made one boo-boo but won't ever admit to where it is exactly! 
Overall I loved this even though the pattern didn't really appeal to me at first. I didn't dig those ragged ends, but blocked out and with all the texture in there it's really cool looking.

Got some more socks finished from the stash:

Knit Picks Felici in Moon Lit colorway. 
(I was wearing my pink fluffy robe when I took this picture. Note to self: Don't do that. I can't edit it out no matter what I try.) I like the yarn but the dye job on this batch was terrible. Splotchy and colors running into other stripes. Oh well, they're on my daughter's feet already and out of the stash.

My Spinning is moving along and it's lovely to have this when my knitting mojo has left the building which sort of happened after the Brickless.

First up: My e-spinner has some Romney from Into The Whirled on it. I decided to just spin it up as one and maybe navajo-ply it instead of 2-plying. 
Can't say enough good things about this spinner. I got the Maple Hansen Mini and it's gorgeous and so easy to use. Love Love Love. 

On my Ashford Joy:

Some Superwash Merino from Into The Whirled (in a colorway I need to look up.) It's been sitting there lonely for a bit so I showed it some love last night in the hopes of finishing it soon. I was going for another 3-ply so it's on the thin side, but I decided to just do a 2 ply after all. This will either be a shawl or maybe more socks for my husband. 

All in all, I'm keeping somewhat busy with kids, pets, husband, house and YARNY things. Somewhere in there exercising was supposed to happen but I've been much too lazy on that end. I recently put a couple of exercise apps on my phone to place some guilt on me. Right now I can't get up because a cat is draped across my legs. (sigh, I can always find an excuse! Not Good!). We've also got snow over the past couple of days so I just want to hibernate and stay warm. It's been a crazy, cold winter! Well, I'll get back to spinning and at least my thighs will get some exercise. :)


Word Lily said...

I've been spinning, too! Well, I started Feb 1, and was spinning daily, until my wheel broke mid-ply this week. [The part has been shipped to the maker who will fix/replace and ship back, hopefully soon ...]

How do you like the mini spinner? Starting to look at 2nd wheel options, and in some ways it's very attractive.

Anna said...

I love the scarf/shawl. Beautiful!