Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Whiskers On Wednesday

This post is yarn AND cat related so it fits perfectly for W.O.W. I didn't plan this though, it's just my "luck"!

I have some Socks That Rock lightweight yarn in the Ms. La Rock colorway (on vacation now I think) that was just gorgeous in the hank - but for socks it was NOT making my heart pitter patter. Plain stockinette (my usual) was too funky. It reminded me of preppy polo shirts from the 80's, (nothing against them) I just didn't care for the way it was working out.

I went to Ravelry to find a pattern with some hope and saw that people used "unusual" or difficult colorways for the Leyburn pattern. The Socks That Rock group has a KAL of this pattern and tons of their other colorways are turning out gorgeous in it. It just seems to make those yarns POP! Well......not mine! This is one HUGE, SERIOUS "UGH" if there ever was one!!!
So, the next logical step for me is to just "over-dye" the yarn. I had been wanting to try to dye with Easter Egg tablets just for the fun of it anyway. I ripped the fugly sock, rewound the yarn into a hank on my swift, then set it aside to go get some cotton yarn to finish "TYING IT UP" TO AVOID TANGLES. Well, kids happen, tv happens, laundry happens, I was upstairs, got sidetracked, and completely forgot about the yarn downstairs.

My cats left it alone the rest of that day and all night. The next morning when the girls and The Big Guy left the house it was FINE as well. So sometime between around 7:40 am and noon they did this:

Here's my pathetic attempt to find some loops that make any sense.

Moral: Don't be a ninny and leave vulnerable yarn accessible to your cats. Eventually the fumes get to them too. My Bad.

I did manage to get some loops tied together on it, but it's going to be challenging to wind this back up! Also, easter egg dyes are fun, but it's not always easy to guess what you'll get. Miss C (my youngest) and I thought we had blue, but we really had TEAL (which I love, but this is really BRIGHT!). SO, I'll probably be overdying this yarn again....(no pics yet, it was drying, but maybe someday).

Happy Knitting. And don't tease your cats!


Kay-From the Back Yard said...

That's so funny---er, I mean--sorry about your yarn. :-)

knittinwolf said...

Love that Leyburn pattern...wanting to do those sometime! I bought a bunch of Easter egg dye too...must be on the same wavelength again! Your kitties would never do that to precious yarn!:) Remember when Fuji did that to my, unbelievable mess!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Awww that really sucks maybe something is trying to tell you to put it away and pick out a skein you absolutely will enjoy:)(((Hugs))) Darcy

Nat Red Knits said...

Haha... I am not laughing at you...but with you. That looks suspiciously like something Brodie has done.