Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Knits & more Stash

I picked up this lone skein of Happy Feet DK at the CC Fiber Festival last weekend (Colorway 54). It's the perfect color for some fingerless mitts for my girls. I must've been in a "baby blue" kind of mood, because at The Yarn Patch I picked up another skein of Tofutsies in a pastel-y color as well (#800-Fancy Footwork).

This next one was just too pretty to pass up:
The color's aren't easy to get accurate with my camera (they're darker in real life) but this is a yarn called "Jolie" by The Great Adirondack Company. This colorway is called "Amazon". It's 74% cotton/26% rayon and SOOOOOO soft! I picked it up at The Yarn Patch as well. I'm thinking it might be a pretty lacey scarflette for my Mom. Something simple that just lets the colors come through.

I finished another pair of simple socks.

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici - Alexandrite Colorway
Size 1 magic loop
64 st cast on.
Pattern: Just simple stockinette!!
I'm a tad worried on how well these will wear. The yarn is VERY soft, so I'm guessing they might wear thin quickly (and might pill pretty bad) once they're on the feet. We'll see. I'm sending them to my Mom because they ARE so soft. And, as with most yarns, the reviews are so mixed, there's no way to tell how they'll really hold up until she uses them.

I made this a few weeks ago but forgot to post about it:
It's for my youngest daughter. Just a simple crocheted shrug. I probably could've gotten away with making one size smaller because the yarn does stretch a bit. But she'll grow into it.
Yarn: Dale Of Norway's Svale in White
I think I used a size G hook.

She liked it, but now she wants one with the sleeves a bit longer. She likes the one in the SnB Crochet: Happy Hooker book so I'm going to work on that for her at some point. Probably by the time she's NOT wanting it know kids and how fast they change their minds....and how slow this old Mom is anymore!!

*In other news: The Big Guy and I are keeping to our schedule of walking a few times a week in our neighborhood with the "killer hills" and all (ouch). I've been sticking to it despite the pain from my Fibro/Auto-immune problems and that means I pay dearly at times (especially at night). But I have to work on making that dadgummit scale go in the OTHER direction for a change. We've been very blessed because in the past by this time in April, it's already hot, horribly humid, and just plain ICKY outside. This year it's still been cool and breezy, so we're going to get out and enjoy it as much as possible.

My SIL was kind enough to let me check out her Weight Watchers booklet that lists all the points. It's pretty discouraging when you first realize that ONE thing you're eating NOW is more than half the points you get for the DAY! Big eye opener. We're studying that with the intention of working on our eating habits as well. The Big Guy is already down 7 lbs just from walking (he does it at work too) Me so far: Zero. He's a brat.


Nat Red Knits said...

Love the new yarns. I have to tell you that I think, so far the Felici yarn wears pretty good, and super comfy. I plan on getting more myself when I deplete some more of my stash.

Too cute a shrug! I wish I could crochet more like I used to...I guess that is a sign of age and too much repetive work as the Ortho doctor put it.

Good for you and Big Guy! It is so much easier to keep a walking schedule when you have someone to walk with. Men ALWAYS loose faster than is all about muscle mass- even when they don't look like they have any...LOL Keep it up girlfirend.

Anna said...

Love those socks!