Monday, April 13, 2009


Now that Winter's almost out of here, I finally got The Big Guy's Scarf done. Well, I did get lazy and leave that smidget of Pink in there so I guess maybe it'll be My scarf! In my defense, it was pure fiber fatigue that made that happen. I was just in a daze knitting it I think.

I love the effects of Noro, and I love scarves (well, wearing them, not always knitting them), but boy was this a labor of love! This was supposed to be done around Christmas-time I think. When I had posted about it on my blog previously, I know I wasn't thrilled with how my colors were blending the first half so the second half I cut & spliced away and used other colorways that were in the stash too. Soooo, basically this is a mish-mash of probably 4 colorways.
It IS pretty tho. And, I'm just SO GLAD IT'S DONE!
Size 7 straights
Cast On 39 Sts.
Colorways: ??? (Someday I'll find those labels...)

I hope everyone had a beautiful day yesterday. We sure did. Usually it's raining here for Easter but this year it was the most gorgeous day! We went bike riding and just had a total blast out in the sunshine and cool air. Later, The Big Guy made an awesome Ham with other goodies to go along with it so we were feeling very blessed with how our Easter turned out.
My Mom's cat "Baby" finally came home too! She'd been MIA for a couple of days without checking in! Boy is she grounded now! LOL! But we're glad she's home, she's my Mom's heart.
Happy Knitting


knittinwolf said...

Love that scarf! I've wanted to do that one...what's knitting though huh?:) Glad you had such a wonderful day. It was so hot here that were sunburned! Have a great week! Hugs!!!

Nat Red Knits said...

I think it turn out great! I love mish-mash. You tell the Big Guy that real men wear pink! ;P

Anna said...

I was going to say real men wear pink, but Nat beat me to it. ;) I'm the opposite; I like to knit scarves but not wear them.

Diary of an Eccentric

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