Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm Very Blessed

Oh My Gosh. I got spoiled so much this Christmas! I feel so bad for being such a Scrooge half way into the month. I admit I was feeling a bit down and selfish and I really regret that now. We did get a few more Christmas cards from family members eventually, just like the Big Guy said we would. So I really didn't deserve all this love from such sweet friends.

From my BFF Julie!

Thank you so much for everything Julie!! The cowl is SO pretty! I love the colors so much! That you took time to make it when I know how incredibly busy you are, it makes it a million times more special! The yarn is from Sunshine Yarns in the colorways Ginny and Hermione! I can't stop petting it and squeezing it, man this stuff is SOFT!!! I don't know how you were able to part with it! I love the cupcake mini bag too! I needed something for all my counters and markers floating around the bottom of my bags! Oh I just appreciate it all so much! Thanks for spoiling this bratty buddy of yours! Next year give me a big block of coal! LOL!!

This ornament was part of the package too and I just love it! My girls think I'm going to break it open! Wonder what makes them think that?? (addicted knitter here...)

A very sweet RAK from my friend Marie in New Hampshire:

These gorgeous felted vases and holders. I don't know how she makes that ruffle, I have to try that one day! But these are just so pretty I just adore them! Thanks so much Marie! I know you haven't been feeling well lately, my prayers are always with you my friend.

From my Knitting Swap Partner in the Knottygroup! Mona!!

Oh My. Mona spoiled me terribly as well. I got some of her homespun yarn (She sells it on her blog!) And she made me SOCKS (where did they go? They aren't in the picture? Ahhhh! I'll have to redo that one!) AND the coolest pink potholders! LOVE them! Plus all these other fantastic goodies! I just love it ALL!!! Talk about a kid in a candy shop!

From My Friend in COLD Illinois: Jeanne!

She didn't have to do that, but I WAS still expecting my standard Christmas card picture of Brody (Which I forgot to get in the pic because it was already downstairs but you can see him on her blog!) Thank you Jeanne for all the beautiful items! I love them all! And I'll use them all for sure! I just love that "book thong". It still makes me laugh!!!

From my Secret Santa Swap Partner Kathyrn in the Fibro Group on Ravelry:

I'm going to be busy for days making more stitch markers! I love my "D" ornament too, it turns and spins! It's so cool! Thank you so much Kathryn! This was so much fun! :) The "Healing Angel" pin is very special too. We all hurt so much with our health issues, I'm going to wear it all the time while I keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank You for being Angels On Earth and showing this Scrooge some love.


Esme said...

Wow you received some lovely presents-for all the knitting I do I have never received any knitting presents-I love the knitting ornament. I will be posting about a knitting book in the next week. Try visiting when you have eaten-I sometimes blog hop and have cravings.

knittinwolf said...

Wow, what fabulous gifts! What a lucky girl!

Happy New Year!

Anna said...

Boy you certainly were spoiled! Enjoy your goodies.

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