Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Few Christmas Knits

Thick Comfy House Socks For The Big Guy

Pattern: Sock It To Me Socks
Yarn: Bernat Denimstyle
Needle: Size 6
Made for Hubby whille he was out of town on his last business trip.
Mods: I made them extra tight because I read this yarn really stretches. These are soft and smooshy. Very comfy.
Big Yarn = FAST Socks. Gotta love it.

Pattern: Bow Knot Scarf (Oooooooh, Luxury. I love my Meunch Chenille.)
Yarn: Meunch Touch Me in Dark Blue 3603 (I think. Where do all my labels go?)
Size 6 needles
This was made for my Mom for Christmas. (I got the idea from another gal's blog and darned if I can't remember who's blog it was now. When I find out I'll edit for that. FOUND IT! Thanks Irisheyes!)
Mods: I did 14 rows for the insert part instead of 16. I also made the wrap part around the neck longer than the pattern instructed. My Mom and I don't like anything wrapped close around our necks. Just a comfort thing and we tend to overheat easily. Couple of Hot Momma's!
Vesper Socks
Yarn: Vesper Self Striping in "Love Stinks, Yeah, Yeah" colorway.
Size 1 needle 64 st cast on.
What can I say, these were going to be my "happy" socks, but a sweet little girl of mine loves them a whole lot so she'll be getting them for Christmas. These took an unusually LONG time for me to knit up, I just couldn't stay with it for very long but they finally got done. I messed up the decreases on the second toe, but it's hardly noticeable, it just proves how scattered my brain is these days.
Pattern: Noro Fingerless Mitts (for Mom for Christmas.)
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden in Colorway 232
Size 4 needles - magic loop - TAAT
Okay, Confession Time: She wanted GRAY ones, but I wasn't having any luck with the ones I was working up. I must've bought 4 different kinds of gray yarn too. I flat out had to get out of that zone for a bit so these were born.
Mods: Some splicing was done due to a muddy brown that was in the middle of all the other pretty colors. I went down on the needle size because my Mom has small hands, and in my own experience NSG grows or blooms upon washing. I just wanted to make sure they'd stay snug to some extent.

I know one of the thumbs *looks* bigger than the other one, but that's what you get with the thick/thin variation of Noro! It made me think I had messed up, but they're the same! Honest!

I'm fighting sinus issues still, getting headaches almost everyday. Can't wait for winter to be over with over here! Still trudging along though, I still can't believe I have ANY knits to blog about! Wow! Maybe I'm doing it in my sleep! LOL!
Happy Knitting!!


kkhymn said...

OMG Dawn! You are getting a lot of knitting done! Yay for you! I have lost my knitting mojo for now and just sewing ...I absolutely love those vesper socks too! Sending you headache free holiday mojo and hugs!`

Ariel said...

And you tell me that I'm fast, you're like a knitting factory lately and everything is so pretty!!! Your giftees will love it all.

I think it might've been Mona's blog for the Bow Knot Scarf. :-)

Nat Red Knits said...

Good Grief Girl!!! Winter has barely started... and btw we have nose hair freezing weather here!

You have been a busy girl! Everything looks so yummy!! I think you are going to have some very happy family members this Christmas!!

knittinwolf said...

Wow wee...who's not sleeping???:) Fabulous projects! Love them all!

Bubblesknits said...

Gorgeous knits! I think my favorite are the "Love Stinks" socks. :)