Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

Even though I've yet to be added to the list of players for this meme group after repeatedly asking (I'm not the only one or it would really be sad), I still like the thought of doing it once in a blue moon. This weeks is:

10 New Years Resolutions

1. YARN DIET. Yes, this is my second go at it (last one was in 2008). Finding the ISO/Destash board on Ravelry gave my credit card hives this past year. Now that I have no place left in all the cubby spaces in my closet, and things are piling up on other things, it's feeling VERY overwhelming again. It's pretty bad when I don't remember what I have once some "pretty new thing" makes her way into my life. Fickle Knitter. Thank goodness for all the Stash Down Groups on Ravelry. I'll have lots of inspiration and support again.

2. KNIT THINGS I LOVE the most, yet always seem to say "tomorrow" to. I'm really bad at saving nice things for last. "Use It UP" or "make that for myself" will be a big challenge, but could make knitting fun again I think. Otherwise I'll be gone before I ever enjoy it!

3. EXERCISE MORE...yada yada yada. But seriously, some movement, even on my painful days has GOT to start more often in my house. I don't feel good 98 % of the time anyway, might as well add a bit of soreness here and there.

4. FAMILY: Tell them how much I appreciate them a LOT more often. They're really trying, and I'm certainly not easy to live with. Having Fibro and this "Mysterious Auto-Immune" thing is a bummer for all of us. They're all doing their best (well...most of the time), and I need to be a more appreciative person of all the right things they do or try to do.

5. EAT BETTER. Sometimes WAY easier said than done. But we'll try.

6. DECLUTTER:. Watching Hoarders on A & E would give ANYBODY something to think about. I'm a clean freak in a way, but a "collector" of certain things as well. I think I need to work a bit harder on "balance" this year. Some yarn has already made it to my knitting meeting swaps (it's so nice to see someone's eyes light up when they spot something THEY love). I'm also donating things to make room for life, it's a major priority this go around.

7. FIND SOME ANSWERS. Can't say making it through an MRI will be in there, because today on two Xanax's and a Valium, well, let's just say I'm not even asleep yet. TIRED, but not out! We tried twice today and both times my "anxiety" axed it. Bummer, but life goes on. I'm hoping they shoot me with a horse tranquilizer next time. IF there's a next time. The Big Guy says he can't see me go through that anymore. But health issues are a big part of my life and we pray for answers.

8. KINDESS. I had so much fun today telling people Merry Christmas and smiling at them (was it all the drugs? LOL). I usually try to be friendly to people in stores and other places and I'm going to keep doing it as much as I can. A smile can ease someone's troubles.

9. DISCONNECT. Not ALL the time, but some of the time. I admit it, I'm a TV/Internet junkie. Well, I'm home a lot due to pain, but I really want to try to spread my wings a bit more if the pain allows. There's a new knitting meeting starting in my area, I might give it a try and hope it works out.

10. RELAX. Don't take all of this so seriously. If I manage well (or even a little) in one area, it's totally okay.

Time to practice, I'm about an 8 on a 1 - 10 sleep scale now....nighty nite!


Anna said...

Good luck with these! I haven't even thought about New Year's Resolutions yet, but I'm with you on the showing more kindness and telling my family I appreciate them more often.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Diary of an Eccentric

knittinwolf said...

Wow, your on the ball with resolutions! I wanna just think about getting through December. So much going on with Gma and trying to visit her in the nursing home which is extremely depressing....got sick and trying to get over that...trying to knit last minute gifts...

Thinking of you even though I don't talk to you everyday!

love and hugs