Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack

This is probably going to be one of a few posts to blog about my trip/vacation. It all began the day after the kids got out of school (May 22nd). We drove (honest, we're not nuts - there were tons of others on the road too) to CA and got there on May 26th. My Mom's surgery was scheduled for May 28th. So, not a lot of time to rest or gather myself before that.  I'm not a hospital person AT ALL so it's always a nerve wracking experience for me. You put my Mom or a loved one in the mix and I'm a basketcase!

They had said the surgery would be an easy one, (but about six hours). So, we dropped her off at 9:30 am and didn't get to see her until 11 pm when they FINALLY got her into a room. That was one very long and scary day. I was so anxious I don't think my xanax did a thing. A lot of waiting time in the evening was them trying to wake her up from the anesthesia, someone REALLY overdid it this surgery for sure. She was loopy for days afterwards!

The reason for the surgery: My Mom's cancer had returned on the right side of her neck (merkell cell) so they had to remove the node they saw on the PET scan. While doing the surgery they checked out the left side because there was a spot there they had questioned. I'm still stunned that this round just seems to involve the surgery so far. No radiation at all because they want the area to stay pliable and flexible, radiation makes it tough and fibrous.  With Merkell Cell there's no blood test to show it's back, they have to physically examine my Mom every few months to look and feel for anything unusual.  She's still healing so we don't know if they'll recommend chemo down the road again.

This one was tougher for her, she was in a lot more pain, and with her other pain issues (fibro, arthritis, sciatic) she was in a bad way for quite a bit afterwards and is STILL healing of course. Day by day things are getting a bit better though.  I want to thank all my RL friends and my special online friends for all your prayers for my Mom. She's very grateful as well.  I wish I had gotten to have more fun with her this visit, she loves having our "Girls Only"days where we go shopping and out to eat, but this trip that didn't happen unfortunately. But we got to see her, and give her lots of love, so that was worth the drive there and home.

I love this pic of her and my girls. She was so happy to see her Granddaughters and was so surprised to see how big they were this trip. They love their Grandma to pieces too. ♥

More in the coming up days......


Anonymous said...

I wasn't aware your mom was sick. I'll keep you all in my prayers. ((HUGS))

Prairie Rose said...

I love that pic!
So sweet.
I am so very glad that the surgery went ok and I will continue to put her in my thoughts and prayers.
Also,very glad to have YOU back!
Missed you and look forward to hearing more from you!!

Bubblesknits said...

I'm glad the surgery went okay. Keeping her in my prayers.

Nat Red Knits said...

Good to hear the surgery went well. I am glad I am not the only one that lost some blogging mojo.

Shoot me an email. Miss ya.