Friday, July 9, 2010

Frequent Yarn Miles (?) I Wish!

I went through TN, AR, OK, TX, NM, AZ and CA but only bought yarn in TWO of those states! Wish I could've made stops in each place, I love "trip" yarns, they bring back memories each time I come across them in the stash or knit them up. There are some I have from years ago that I still can't part with. But, when you have a trip that long and a schedule to stick to, that yarn shop better be "RIGHT OFF THE INTERSTATE"!

From Nashville TN:
Some Noro Aya, ShiBui sock yarn, and Koigu Kpppm.  This store (Haus Of Yarn) was amazing! What a shock of color when you first walk in! They have a wall in the back of Koigu and other sock yarns that almost made me hyperventilate! I wanted to HUG it all!!! Thank goodness this store is somewhat close to me, I'll be back there one day I hope. It's worth the drive.

I tried out a couple of spinning wheels while there - a Schadt Matchless and a Ladybug. The Matchless was smooth as silk, the ladybug - not so much. But shop models can be a bit loose here and there I've heard. Ladybugs get decent reviews, I'd like to test one more to make sure.  I was hoping I could stop by a store or two in Memphis but the timing didn't work out for that going west OR east. Maybe one day.

CA Stash:
From Classy Knits in Bakersfield on the way home: Muench Touch Me (can't resist the I may already have some of this colorway). Berroco Sox with the shiny bits in it and some Sidar Tinkerbell (so soft!).  Just impulse buys. This shop was "okay", not enough sock yarn for my preference but generally a decent variety.  They did have a whole wall in the back with sale items, yarns, magazines and patterns. Had I had more time I would've loved to have browsed through those.

Generally these trip "stops" are like "Nascar pit-stops" for us, I literally run in and run out as fast as my fibro hurting legs will allow me. The family "says" they don't mind, but I feel bad making them wait too long. As often as I've made them do this over the years, I think they're really good sports. (And making a fast get away helps the wallet too.)

A skein of sock yarn from Janna's Needle Art in CA:

Anzula Handpainted Sock Yarn, it doesn't have a colorway listed but it's the color I've been stuck on all year. Couldn't pass it up. That's all I found there...but it's a nice shop.
From "Swatches" in CA: Two skeins of Malabrigo in Ravelry Red and Rayon Vert and a skein of Ty-Dy Socks. This shop is small but very friendly and welcoming. Can't go wrong with Malabrigo either.

I found these items in CA too, a pretty (knitting?) bag from Ross. Some tiny size straights and DPN's I found in a couple of thrift/antique stores. I found the pattern books and the cute little sheep salt/pepper shakers there too. I just love treasure hunting. That was a fun thing to do amid the other stuff we had going on while there.

All in all I think I did better than I have in the past. I practiced a lot of restraint and considering my closet space, that was a good thing.  Too many things to knit, not enough time....

Happy Knitting! More pics coming soon...