Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Blog Is Not Forgotten

Yet. And I hope to revive it once again.

I've posted before about how sad it makes me when bloggers I enjoy "disappear" or "retire. I have so many I read on google reader but it's still sad when they're gone.  I totally understand how it is tho. Time gets away from you, life just gets more (insert: challenging, crazy, busy, scary, etc.). That's how it's been for me (again, I seem to have more blog crisis's than average.)

My gallbladder problems are still not resolved because all those expensive tests they put me through say it's perfectly fine. Yet my constant pain says: "what the ??" It could be stress related, I've tried to calm down about my Mom's health issues, but seriously, they've taken their toll on me. That finally dawned on me when all the tests were saying things look "okay". Except for a small hiatal hernia, my insides look okay. This added to my already existing fibro pain and anxiety really sucks frankly. Thankfully, my Mom's health is looking up (again), so I'm really trying to just chill a bit. My mind says to do one thing, but my body responds in other ways I guess.

Despite the terrible fatigue (why do GB attacks have to happen in the middle of the night?) and pain (oh, lots of pain), I've still been knitting and practicing my spinning. Some things are for a Christmas swap I'm in so I can't post those for a bit. (Yes, I'm very early, but that's probably part of my GB issues too!). As usual, when I don't feel good, I wonder WHY I keep knitting when it's driving me so batty.  Then something gets done and I'm a very happy knitter again.

My Mitered Baby Blanket
Yarn: Bernat Baby Jacquards - Florals

I got the instructions from a really nice knitter on Ravelry, KnitWeir (Donna). She made this up herself and was kind enough to share her notes with me because I was totally besotted with her blankets.
Pink. Pink. Pink. Little Rosebuds. = LOVE.

I love the way her blankets look almost like a quilt. The squares were easier than I thought they'd be, I whizzed through them. But the simple garter stitch border about killed me. I had to rip and re-do about 5 THOUSAND times. So much that I finally had to ditch the old yarn I was using and start a new ball. That alone proved how bad I'm feeling these days. But, I hung in there and FINALLY got her done! Love it. I'm saving it for a grandbaby of mine one day. (WAYYYY in the future!).

Christmas knitting is always so stressful for me, it's a self-imposed heck I put myself through because I'm too picky and too indecisive. I spend so much time figuring out WHAT to make, then I knit it and am not in love with it, etc. It's a never ending drama for my crazy head, so I'm TRYING to just let it go this year (breathe, don't panic). Whatever I do happen to make (out of sheer luck) I'm trying to keep it SIMPLE because frankly that's all I can handle. When a simple garter stitch border can kick your a$$ets, it's time to knit to RELAX, not to put the pressure on.

I'm so good at thinking logically, but DOING is a whole other story! I've scraped about 4 Christmas things already. Oy.

I also managed to get these done quickly:
Maine Morning Mitts
Yarn: Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn (Cranberry?)
Needles: Size 6
I love this colorway, it just makes me happy, sort of fall like and Christmas-y. And Rose-Bud-y too! I do love my roses. Hobby Lobby's yarns are so soft and squishy, love these so much.

Some simple mitts for my cousin:

I made her a pair of black ones for work out of Caron Simply Soft a few years ago. Well, they're pretty pilly now and obviously very loved, so I found a new yarn and made her an extra pair for work.

Yarn: Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted
(This yarn is new, I found it at Joanne's and it's supposed to be Anti-Pilling. We'll see how they hold up for her. I hope better than the CSS.)
Pattern: Noro Fingerless Mitts 
I used size 5 needles and these came out a bit loose. I like using size 4's for this pattern normally so they're more snug. (Brain Fog Strikes Again).

I made a scarf too but don't have pictures of it yet. I'm just behind on everything anymore, even my picture taking!  Someday I'll get to that and the Christmas stuff. One thing is for sure: Knitting has caused many of my headaches, but brought me peace as well during this rough year. Many Thanks to my friends and blog buddies for your good thoughts and comments and still hanging with me here! (((hugs)))


Sue said...

Oh your knitting looks wonderful, the blanket does look like a quilt doesnt it. Love all your mitts too, what great presents they will make. I havent even started on my xmas shopping but know that I should or otherwise I wont have anything done at all. I hope your anxiety dissipates soon too, I suffer from it at the moment as well over a lingering financial problem we have which we havent been able to solve, along with a few other life problems so I havent been sleeping well either. Wouldnt it be nice if our bodies could just block it out and we could lead a normal life!

mrae said...

Dawn I LOVE the baby blanket. It is soooo Beautiful!!! Great Job!!!!

Ariel said...

That blanket is amazing!!! WOW!!!

knittinwolf said...

Love, love, love the blanket...I thought it was quilted! I see one of those in my future! Just saw one someones blog that it's 72 days till Xmas, boy that stressed me out. Going to be hard Xmas this year with James' job problems...hanging in there though! Hope you start feeling better soon! Think of you everyday even though I'm not good about keeping in touch! I do twitter frequently though...

Prairie Rose said...
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Bubblesknits said...

The blanket is beautiful! I love it! I hope you get to feeling better. I've recently discovered what's up with some of my tummy issues, so I'm hoping I can learn to try to prevent them.

Prairie Rose said...

What beautiful projects!
That baby quilt is just gorgous.
I am so sorry to hear of your health problems, I do hope that you will feel better very soon!
I will keep you in my prayers.
I know what you mean about knitting,sometimes it makes me want to scream,and other times I cant unlodge the needles from my hands.
My Husband calls me the Mad Knitter,because half the time I am mumbling nasty things under my breath and the other half knitting as if my life depended on it!
Have a great weekend,Dawn!

Anna said...

I have anxiety and panic attacks so I can sympathize with you on that front. Hope you're feeling better soon. ((HUGS))