Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do-Overs and Spinning

Wish they were for real when it comes to living a year over again. 

Overall, we've had many blessings this year, but it's definitely had major challenges as well. Being a grown up sure isn't what we think when we're young. 

Our latest challenge has been my FIL recently becoming ill with lung cancer and is now going back and forth to the hospital for various reasons. He had his first chemo treatment recently, but has been in for pain in his chest, swelling, possible pneumonia, and now he has a fever.  It's hard to explain to your children that someone they love so very much may not be with us a whole lot longer but that we have to continue to pray for them no matter what. Around the holidays it's even tougher. 

But we're holding onto hope. Always gotta hold on. And Pray.

I figure it's also time to document my spinning for this year. Next year I hope I see some progress and growth. What I don't want is yarn that looks like something I can buy at a LYS that's manufactured. I totally want the barber pole effect in a nice soft lofty yarn and many colors! 

I'm loving my little Ashford Joy wheel, she spins wonderfully when I get my groove going, it's just THAT part isn't as consistent yet! I know I need to practice more, my legs and fingers haven't been as cooperative as I'd like. Sometimes after I spin for a bit my legs feel like jello, weak as a new born calf. This auto-immune thing I have seems to have weakness in my arms and legs as a regular symptom anymore. It really stinks. But, I do enjoy it when I get some good spinning time in. It's just a price I have to pay to do what I love.

Here's my first round: 

Frabjous Fibers - Hand Dyed Blue Faced Leicester Top - Cabbage Rose colorway - 4 oz. (Bought at LYS).  I did this around summer time I believe and since I don't keep track of things very well I can't remember my approximate yardage on this one. I'll need to remeasure. I believe it was around 160 yds.

OMgosh, it was so hard to get the colors in the picture accurate on this one. But I love just looking at it. I'll never knit it up since it's my first, it holds a special place in my heart. It's thick, thin, and badly plyed (I didn't realize how tired I'd get doing that - should've saved it for a day when I had more energy and less overall pain.) But I love it. 

Here's my second: 

Yarnadoodles BFL Combed Top - Tea Time colorway - 4 oz
I finished this one recently and tried to take my time with the plying this go around, but still, it has it's 
thick and thin spun spots that make it individual. 

I managed around 232 yards this time. It's funny, but I just like to pet and look at my own skeins. It makes me smile. I doubt I'll knit this up anytime soon either. I just love it. 

I did try navajo plying on some Louet Coopworth I spun when I first got my wheel. That was fun, but I still need a LOT of practice in that department too. My Joy is weighted so the "spin back" happens when I forget where my feet are on the treadles. I'm not crazy about that, but it's getting easier with practice. It was really evident in this type of plying as I had to keep rearranging my hands and the fibers every now and then. 

I don't know what I'd do without my knitting or spinning. It's my sanity in these tough days. I'm waiting on some more fiber to spin that I ordered from Etsy (my own Christmas present). I can't wait. I just hope my legs hold up. I may need to look into an electric spinner one day....

Happy Spinning and Knitting! And please, if possible, keep good thoughts for my FIL and our family. 


Prairie Rose said...

So Sorry to hear about your FIL!
I will certainly keep him in our prayers.
Your yarn is just GORGOUS!
Very jealous:)
Head over to my blog, I am having a giveaway!

Esme said...

Sorry about your Fil-I will remember him in my prayers. That is tough.

Your yarn is gorgeous-if you have time I have a giveaway going on right now.

Cat said...

Hard to take, but know we are out here praying and thinking good thoughts for you.

And I love your yarn. I am working on some, but I must say, I am looking somewhat covetously at yours, love the color.


Anna said...

Sorry to hear about you FIL. I'll pray for him and all of you.

You're doing a great job with spinning. I'd probably sit and pet the skeins, too. ;)

knittinwolf said...

I've been praying for your fil....my thoughts and prayers are always with you!

You are doing fabulous in your spinning! I can only spin about 15 minutes and my hand starts cramping and my knee starts aching....hate getting old! I'm dreading the birthday this year :(

Love those colorways too, awesome!
big hugs sent your way

Bubblesknits said...

All your handspun looks wonderful! I love the colors you chose, too.

I'm very sorry to hear about your FIL's illness. My grandmother had lung cancer and I remember how hard it was on her. Definitely keeping him in my thoughts and prayers.