Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy End of The Year!

I for one am so glad this year is finally ending. It's really tested what little strength I have in a lot of ways. The journey is never over until it's over, but I totally want to dig my heels in for a respite about now. There have been so many blessings I'm thankful for, Many MANY! But honestly, this year has sucked in so many ways too. That's life, we gotta do our best and try to go on. Don't mind my babbling. I'm just exhausted beyond measure right now. Just please 2011, please be better.

I did want to update the last of my 2010 Knitting on the blog though. I didn't knit as much this year but I sort of remember enjoying most of it anyway. The fibro and auto-immune issues have put some obstacles in my path over and over again (ow, ow, OWWW! Bad part of the year for SURE!), but I just can't stop doing what I love. (And now spinning is added to the fun! One good part of last year!)

Feather & Fan Fingerless Gloves By Kollage
Knit Picks Essential Kettle Dyed Sock Yarn in Bordeaux
Size 1 needles.
Ugh! What a LOVE/HATE relationship these were!! I started them sometime in the spring I think. They went to CA with me in May, (they travelled well at least.) I've carried them around to several knitting meetings, they sat in my bag for MONTHS, it felt like it was time to get them done. Around November I begrudgingly took them out and set out to finish them once and for all. This is a super EASY pattern, I just didn't dig it I guess. I love the finished result, I just didn't enjoy making them. Then on glove #2 things went a bit haywire, my stitch count got off, my thumb was too long, then too know, knitting CRAZINESS! But, I took deep breaths, tinked when necessary, fudged when necessary, and got them done. Yay me!

My Last Beech Wood Cowl (for awhile anyway).
Cascade 220 Superwash Paints in a purple colorway (couldn't get it right on camera to save my life).
Size 6 needle.


Here are my other Beech Wood's:
Yarn: Madenlinetosh Vintage

Yarn: Mountain Colors Weavers Wool Quarters In Wild Raspberry
Madelinetosh Vintage

What can I say, I made four in a very short span (my aching thumbs do protest quite loudly now). I do love this pattern. Simple yet so pretty when worn. My daughters look great in these, I see a couple more in my future (at some point.) With my thumb (hand, wrist) pain lately it seems like all that sock yarn in the stash is going to get to rest a LONG while, it's sport or worsted for now until this pain lets up.
Weekly NO Knitting Breaks = NO FUN!

I did also whip these up for an Aunt of mine:
Just a basic hat and fingerless mitts made out of Plymouth Boku Yarn. Not the softest stuff, but I do love the colors! I used two skeins for these.

And one of my last knits (Oops! Crochet!!) of 2010:
Pattern: Square Shell Coasters made for my swap partner Mary Jane.
Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna's Glamour
This yarn was hard on my hands, not soft as I would've liked but they're just coasters so it worked. I would never use this for something next to the skin though.

My yarny New Years plan is to try (once again) to knit from the stash as much as possible. This grasshopper has played and it's time to get to work and rebuild & save again. Besides the closet is seeming to overwhelm me again, I wonder if it's time to let some of that acrylic go - or try a different kind of storage?... in any case, I hope to make a dent in what's already there. (And take a bunch to our knitting group yarn swap).  Next year feels like a de-cluttering kind of year. I just hope my legs will hold me up long enough and my arms will cooperate.

Happy New Year and many blessings out to my fellow bloggers and knitting buddy's. Many thanks too for all your prayers for my FIL and family. He's still in ICU, we know he's very ill, but we continue to pray and love him. ♥


knittinwolf said...

She's looking so grown up...why do they have to grow up?!! Gorgeous knits! Praying 2011 will be better for you and your family! love and hugs

Bubblesknits said...

Love all the FO's! My faves are the Feather & Fan fingerless mitts, I think. : ) Your model is a very pretty young lady, too. Happy New Year!

Ariel said...

Everything is absolutely beautiful but your most beautiful work pictured is your daughter.

Anna said...

Wishing you a better 2011!

Prairie Rose said...

What a beautiful young lady your daughter is!
And what lovely knits she is modeling.
Happy New Year to your and family,Dawn!
Hope 2011 is a year filled with Hope and Joy.