Friday, January 17, 2014

Handspun Socks

My husband has some very warm toes now.

My first time knitting with something I've spun myself.
This was a 3-ply done on my Ashford Joy.
4 oz of Into The Whirled SW BFL in the Bird Girl colorway.
I got around 350 yds. Approx 114 g
Size 1 magic loop, 3 x 1 ribbing over 68 sts

No, they don't match at all, and that's what sort of cool about them.
He had them on before the ends were even woven in, it's been pretty cold around here. I see more handspun socks in my future, it's fun to see what the colors are going to do. "Surprise" knitting if there ever was such a thing.


Word Lily said...

Socks from my own handspun are on my list for 2014! It will happen this year! But I'm pretty sure they'll be for me, I won't be gifting them, even to DH! :p

Anna said...

They look fantastic! I miss knitting socks...