Friday, January 31, 2014

EOM Catch Up

I'm such a big procrastinator. (I'm admitting it to myself more than anything). I've been meaning to post my other January projects but at least I'm getting in under the wire!

My Easy Neckwarmer/Headband by Jessica Bolof on Ravelry. I made it for my cousin who I know is in a deeper freeze than I am here in the south. (She's pretty far up north in MI.) This was made out of Noro Silk Garden in color 232. If I made it again I'd cast on less stitches as it grew when soaked. The Silk Garden will stretch with wear as well, so I threw it in the dryer for about 20 minutes and it scrunched up again nicely.

I also finished another pair of socks made out of Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso base in the Mona Lisa colorway:

Not a big "gold" lover here, it doesn't quite match the colors of others on Ravelry, but overall I loved the base so one day I hope to have more from this dyer. (I'm a sucker for self-striping, it always lures me in). I can honestly say these practically knit themselves, the yarn was a real pleasure to hold and knit with.

I have to get busy and photograph my spindle projects in the works, but yesterday we did do some over-dyeing of some sock yarns I had in the stash.

Both of my daughter's helped me (snow days from school, gotta keep them busy). My youngest is doing Independent Study at home now so we counted this as a Home Ec project. I love the colors we created, we weren't exactly scientific about it, we totally winged it, but we did get the deeper saturation we were after in the end. I finally used up all my vinegar as well, I can FINALLY use my citric acid in that jug and not have to deal with the smell. I can't wait to dye some more someday.

All in all, January was productive knitting-wise and a great reason to use all the woolies we already have in the house! We don't have the inches of snow and minus degree temps, but for us, it was pretty darn COLD, not what we're used to as much. Still, Mother Nature has her beautiful moments:

P.S. Thank you Word Lily and Anna for actually reading my ramblings! :)


Word Lily said...

I love Noro yarns. And self-striping sock yarns? Totally irresistible, agreed. Love the dyeing experiments, too!

Anna said...

Dyeing looks like so much fun!