Thursday, February 21, 2008

Knits & Bits

Here are my SIL's socks finally. Actually they've been done for a few days now but I was trying to get a decent picture that showed the colorway better (it's still not a great one but you should see the others!) This is the Charlie Brown Valentine Pattern that Dawn shared with me so we could learn to do Magic Loop together. Thanks again tons Dawn, I really enjoyed learning ML and I'm working on another pair now with my handy long needle!

Yarn: Fleece Artist 2/6: Burgundy
Size 2 Knitpicks 32" needle
Only 6 pattern repeats done w/plain foot (Just my preference-not the pattern).

Then I made one of these: The Binary Hat

This is for my nephew, well since I'm sending my SIL the socks and I already sent my brother that Campus Scarf I decided my nephew deserved something "cool". I love this hat, so does my daughter. It spells "HAT" in binary code.

Yarn used: Caron Simply Soft -Black & Country Blue

Used Less than a skein each. I could probably make 2 more hats!!

Needles: Size 7 & 8 Addi Turbo Circs/clover DPNs

Soooo, I made another one that's in his initials. I kind of like the first one better since it has more black space between the blue lines, but this is so "personal" it's a hoot. I used size 7's on this one (okay, I forgot to switch to size 8's after the ribbing, but I really liked how it was firmer and less mushy.) For a guy, it's perfect. I think he'll like it. My brother is an IT Mgr. so he'll totally get a good laugh from it.
Here are a couple of dishcloths I made for my Auntie's BD next month. I hope she likes them. I'm not crazy about the round one, they sure look pretty, but to me it's just easier to "use" the square ones. I'm just weird, I know. I had put that towel down on my chair to take the picture since the cats are always on them and my aunt's allergic, but it's a big duh moment - they blend in so well! Oh well, I haven't been at the top of my game lately. I need to block that round one still.....

Used: Sugar & Cream: Denim & Sugar & Cream: Blue stripes.

Patterns: Dapper Dab (From Color Splash Dishcloths Booklet)

& Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth

Guess you can tell her favorite color is blue!

Onto other news: The kids are super duper excited -School was cancelled for the next two days due to illness. Apparently it's mainly the teachers that are getting hit really hard. I had my oldest out for two days last week. Luckily we just dealt with head colds and not the other stuff that's going around. The Big Guy's employee's have had their kids get terrible other stuff. They've been in my prayers. ER trips and such are not fun and I feel for anyone who has kids that are so sick it's scary.

I'm putting the girls to work though. Yep, we're going into the crazy black hole that is "The Playroom" to seriously de-clutter and get rid of the "baby-ish" stuff. They're growing up so fast, they just don't play barbies, babies, or house anymore. It's all Pokemon, computers, DS games, ipods and High School Musical (well, for the 9 yr old, NOT the 11 yr old as I've been stoutly corrected so I mercilessly tease her!). We only cleaned out their desk today and we got about 4 bags out of there! We have WAYYYY to much stuff.

I don't know who they get that from (Mrs. 250+stash Mama over here ).

We're expecting lots of rain over the next few'll be good to stay inside and not have to pick them up from school. I do have my knitting meeting tomorrow night though. I can't miss that! I can handle rain, and Friday's really the day we're expecting thunderstorms and stuff. I'm off to try to read some more of that depressing novel (only about 200 pages to go) so I can get it over with and get some sleep. Happy knitting.


knittinwolf said...

Wow, you've been the knitting machine! Wow, they cancelled school because of illness! Teachers here just go to school sick and spread it! Way to go TN! Love the hat...where did you get the pattern? We're having the same rain schedule here!:)

Dawn said...

Hi Dawn!! I have the link to the pattern in the post, you should try this one, it's fun and easy to make! I finished one in a day. Now I just have to get busy and get them in the mail! :)

Anna said...

Love the knits. Those socks are really nice. I still haven't tried Magic Loop, but then again, I've been stagnant in my knitting anyway.

My daughter probably won't be in school tomorrow due to the weather. We're expecting a couple inches of snow, followed by a little less than an inch of ice. After my mishap at the train the other day, I might stay home from work.