Friday, February 29, 2008

Mrs. Grouchy

Fair warning: I'm cranky. Grouchy. Just a pill to be around. I totally understand if anyone flips out of here now. To start with, I have no knitting to show. Not that I haven't been, but I'm working on some plain vanilla socks and they just aren't all that exciting (and seem to be taking for-ev-er). Wait until I get pics, you'll see what I mean.

I've just been having a tough week as far as pain and crankiness go. It's PMS time, so I'm down a bit by nature anyway. Isn't it funny how things seem sucky when you're feeling bad already? Someone is totally rude to you (Mean Old Hag Librarian) for no reason, or other stuff seems to bother you more than it normally would? It's like getting kicked when you're down. It really stinks. You just get in a funk and the hormones make it worse. It doesn't even have to be anything big or specific. Things just bug you in a weird way, way bigger in proportion than they should.

I've had my usual monthly symptoms making me a joy to be around - worse allergies and headaches (I haven't been using my Neti Pot lately because it seemed to dry me out too much). This "time" also heightens my sense of smell, which was a bummer when all of a sudden "something" in the fridge smelled bad. We cleaned it out, cleaned it out again, and couldn't for the life of us figure out WHAT it WAS??? Finally The Big Guy just threw a bunch of stuff away (after he brought it to me to smell). We finally got rid of the smell, but we still don't know what it was. Crazy huh? This schnoz of mine is a curse sometimes. I can't be in the perfume area of dept stores for too long or I'll pay later, same for candle or other soap shops. I once went to a "Party Lite" candle party and nearly died after I got home. Strong smells trigger my migraines faster than anything. I wish a Dr could fix that! I'd LOVE to wear perfume again...

I was also a little bummed about the Knitty Gritty thing. The post to start this was going on well before I got into it, like 3 months ago, so I figured people must be sending out their squares. I guess I got a little discouraged when I tried to ask if anybody had mailed any out so we could see if there was an impact at DIY and only one other person responded - and she hadn't actually gotten hers out yet due to bad weather. I suppose it's one of those things that people say they want to do (and have good intentions), but never get around to. So my guess is this "major impact" thing is a Big.Fat.Dud. And that's ok. It was a great idea, and I did my part. Actually, it bothered me more at first than it does now.

Another bummer, I've been hurting more and yet had to cut back on the Lyrica. I realized (slowly - duh) that I went from sleeping very few hours a night to sleeping 10+. It didn't make me "fall" asleep (my usual is 3 or 4 am), but it kept me asleep somewhat, I still woke up a lot but went right back to sleep, which for me is a BIG deal. But I was missing whole "days" because I couldn't get up without feeling drugged and dizzy until I HAD slept enough. I was barely making it to pick up my daughter from school and there were a couple of days that I can't believe I DID make it . I had upped myself to the actual dosage (instead of half) because I was hurting again after having some relief, and it finally dawned on me that it was too much. When you can't get up until dinner time, something isn't right...I'm still hurting and yesterday my wrists and arms hurt so bad I couldn't knit, that was a total bummer, but I got some house cleaning done despite the pain. You gotta do what you gotta do.

You know what else bugged me? That there were 10 quilting magazines in the grocery store, 4 beading ones, two sewing ones, two scrapbooking ones.... and not one knitting or crochet one. I subscribe to all the ones I like anyway...but still. It bugged me. Silly huh? I know knitting isn't going anywhere (despite DIY network throwing us out). I know knitting has it's crazy ebb & flows, but geez. Not one magazine to represent.

On the flip side: I'm extremely fortunate to have a spouse who just "knows" that I'm not myself at certain times. Honestly, he usually knows well before I do what my mood is. He made me chocolate cake and even offered to buy me some yarn (I said no, keeping to the yarn diet is way easier than the food diet-chocolate is crucial at this time). He's a really cool guy . If I can compete with college hoops right now for some attention, I must rank somewhere up there with him and I'm very grateful.

I guess all this stuff isn't so important after all. See? My therapy hour is up.

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Anna said...

I totally understand how it is that EVERYTHING can bug you. I get in those moods, too, and yes, usually around PMS time.

These days I'm in a foul mood especially when my hubby picks me up because work has been killing me (hence the lack of blog posts and the fact that I haven't knit in over a week!). I'll get in the car and start complaining and venting and bitching about everything.

I also totally get the scent thing. I can smell cigarette smoke a mile away and it will make my eyes immediately water and burn. It drives my husband nuts when I start asking him if he smells something and he has no idea what I'm talking about.

Hope you're doing better now. Your hubby sounds like a keeper. :)