Thursday, February 7, 2008

UFO's & Knitty Gritty Support

Here's my Sitcom Chic so far, it's been the easiest thing for me to work on while I've been sick and not able to see so straight. Okay, I admit it: Sometimes to just knit and purl feels really good. Especially when your eyes aren't cooperating with small sock stitches.

Here's a washcloth I started for my Aunt's Birthday in March. I forgot my SIL's birthday last month, I may have to squeeze a couple in for her kinda quick like too. Where did January go?? I swear it just flew by.
Okay Dawn. Confession Time. You busted me! LOL! I only did 6 repeats of the pattern because I really like (and only wear) shorter socks. That's why my sock is going so fast (besides doing it Magic Loop style!). I really like this method, I'll be using it again for sure. (These may end up going to SIL...hmmmm).

In other knitting news, there's a big push right now on knitting boards to get DIY to put Knitty Gritty possibly back into production again - but at the very LEAST to put it on at a DECENT hour. Right now if you check out the time slots it's on at 5:00 am . Apparently, we knitters aren't "important" enough (read: ratings, advertisers, etc) for them to put the show on during "normal" daytime hours. It's their opinion we've heard, that we knitters can just "tivo" episodes .

Well, I for one don't own a tivo, and was always a faithful watcher, even of re-runs, (which is all there is now since they never showed a couple of the series'). I've never watched ANY other program on there (except for "Uncommon Threads" which has crochet and other stitch projects and I think that's gone too). I've emailed twice asking them to please air more KG in the past and got the same generic response back as many others.

Out of this frustation there's a Petition that's been going around that you can add your voice to to help. When I did it there were already over 500 sigs. I'm not sure how many there are now but I'm sure it's many more.

Honestly, at first I wasn't going to bother and I'm late getting in the game so far. I figure most of these big companies don't care about their viewership, it's all about $$. From reading up on it, it seems the "mens" shows are what get them ratings. I've never seen my husband or his friends or my male family members sitting around watching DIY or HGTV. Myself and many others find it ironic that they say that only men watch.

Knitty Gritty is what got me to grab my yarn and needles - (that I'd shoved in the closet for over a year out of frustration)- and WANT TO LEARN again. By watching, it opened a whole new world for me cause seeing "how to" made all the difference! Whammo! Instant Love! I can't see not giving others the same chance.

And HEY! THERE's MORE! (Copied from KnitList)

*FWD from another knitting group, I love this show so passing this along:

If you haven't noticed it Knitty Gritty seems to be being faded out on DIY and HGTV, it has been religated to ridiculous time slots, and no new shows have been filmed!! It seems like the craft shows in general are being tossed aside for other topics!!When the networks cancelled the show Jericho there was an outrage and outpouring of support. The fans did a crazy thing. They each sent 1 peanut to the network! On May 29th the network received 10,000 pounds of peanuts..

Needless to say Jericho is back! So let's follow suit! There is a campaign on to bring Knitty Grittyback to a decent hour, and get more new shows filmed and aired!

Simply do this.. Knit a 7x9 swatch out of acrylic, or other washable yarn. And send it to the network at: Scripps Networks P.O. Box 51850 Knoxville, TN 37950

(PS. Per Vicky on Ravelry: that the VP of programing is Freddy James.)

We want to try to get the bulk of them there on Valentines day! So put a note on the swatch that you love Knitty Gritty! We are encouraging Scripps to send the swatches they receive to Warm Up America.

We have rocked the vote before getting a loom knitting show on Knitty Gritty, so let's show our thanks by supporting them when they need it! Please.. if you love Knitty Gritty, join us and lets flood the networks mailbox with Knitty Love!! And get the word out on your blog or whatever forum you are member ofwhere you think that there would be interested knitters!! Thanks!!

Maybe it's because I'm sick, maybe I'm a little cranky, but darn it, they can't act like we're not important without hearing from us! Knitting isn't just a "trend", there are so many of us out there and so many projects we can share, Ravelry is a clear indicator of that! I'm going to knit as many squares as I can probably by Monday so I can mail them off to try to get them there by Thursday. If you can help, we'd all greatly appreciate it. If not, please add your name to the petition!


knittinwolf said...

Gotcha...I didn't think you'd do all 14!:) They look soooo good though. Need to have James look at the camera so I can take some pics to post!

I quit watching Knitty Gritty because it was always repeats....I don't have TIVO either...although I'd love it!

Take care and get better!

Anna said...

Thanks for the Knitty Gritty info. I haven't watched the show in ages because of the rerun situation, but I'll go sign the petition.

Hope you're feeling the better. The dreaded illness has reached my entire family! At least I still feel well enough to knit!

Nat Red Knits said...


You go girly DIY read this!!! I watch the re-runs over and over and if I could I would buy Knitty Gritty! Ok so some episodes were bombs, but so what!

I have a Dish DVR (not Tivo), but it shouldn't matter. We COUNT! I am running along to sign that petition!

(socks look great by BTW )

Elizabeth Boyle said...

Way to go on the Sitcom Chic! I always thought that it was knit top down, so now I know the difference! Hope you have a great day and the headaches and all go away!

I have to admit, I've never watched an episode of Knitty Gritty. Will have to tape one!