Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Quandry

With all the trouble in the world today, leave it to me to be worrying if I'm okay with how these turned out! (Is there a therapist out there?) With almost everything I knit to give away, I'm never sure it's good enough though. I worry, I worry, I worry. And then I worry. I made these Moc-A-Soc's for The Big Guy's co-worker but I'm undecided on if I'm going to send them or not...

Because the toes turned out to be sort of "square" on these and I'm not sure I like them like that. I don't know if blocking will change the shape. (I won't say how many pictures I took to get these shots! But it was A LOT!) I stuffed them to try to shape them but I couldn't get them to look how I wanted because of the toes! The reason is I made one of the "newborn" size before these, and it didn't seem square but more rounded and cute. I guess it transforms as you go bigger?

I used size 1 needles (which BTW I found -in my knitting bag- the day after I ordered another set!) and did the larger size (6-12 mos).

Yarn is Knitpicks Shine in Willow.

Mine are also technically "plain" because I didn't "attach" the sock part on top. I went ahead and bought socks (yes!! explanation forthcoming). I was going to knit (BLUE) socks but my wrist is "braced" again due to that same ol' pain that I get when I overuse it. I was scrubbing my kitchen before our company came and am now paying dearly. I told The Big Guy that I just can't clean house anymore! He thought that was pretty funny!

Anyway....I wanted socks that went all the way INTO the booties. For a baby I just prefer that they be comfortable regardless if they'll be walking in them or not. The seam is on the bottom as well so I just thought "what would I like for my baby?" So there they are...with store bought socks! Thanks Target! He may kick them off in 2 seconds flat, but they're totally Cute Overload! BTW, I wanted the Light Blue to match these:

I was outvoted by The Big Guy who really liked the beige socks better with the Moc-a-Socs! Must be a "guy" thing. Now my gift isn't as "cohesive" as a set (ooh, my ribbed blue socks would've been so cute!), but what can you do? (I'm sending a gift card in addition to/or instead of!)

These were made with two skeins of Plymouth Jeanee. Ooooh, squishy!! Wicked Squishy!!! (That's why I made two!) I have to wash these still (and the booties) and block them - then I'll decide if they go or not. If so, they'll be sealed up and sent to Denver for the little guy yet to be born. His Dad is a UCLA alumni, so that blue should be well received!

Baby things are so much fun!! I just love making them! I'm keeping my first little Moc-a-soc to just luv or hang from my rear view mirror! Yes. It's that cool!


Ariel said...

I love the socks and the square toes are adorable. I want a pair for myself but they're just not as cute for adults.

knittinwolf said...

Those moc o socs are just too cute...those are adorable! I thought those socks were knit dang tight!:) Love the blue hats too! Don't it make you want another baby...well just for a moment anyways!:)

Sorry to hear about your hand/wrist/ is bad for your health!:) All this crocheting is killing my wrist.

Oh and by the way I am a therapist! Don't worry, be happy!:)

Gotta go find some more advil for my mouth. Can you believe they wanted me to come back today for a cleaning!? Geez I can't even yawn my jaws are so sore! Told them I'll call you don't call me!

Nat Red Knits said...

OMG! Those are just too cute for words!

Dawn is right! Clean...very bad for your health!!
Crocheting kills my wrist too, that I why I knit more than I crochet...I knit more than I clean

Anna said...

I love those socks!! I think the square toes are cute! Nice hats, too!

Everytime I read your blog, it makes me want to pick up the needles. Unfortunately, I'm sick and knitting (even reading GASP!) is the last thing on my mind.

msrhonda66 said...

Dawn those are too cute! They would look great in purple & pink! Who's coming to visit? Just wanted to say 'hi' & got your mess. thx!

Anonymous said...

I think that the moc socks turned out Great!!!