Monday, October 20, 2008

By George! There's some Knitting going on!

I finally dusted off my needles and got a sock going.

Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug
I think this is the "Jay" colorway. (My LYS wound it for me back when I bought it and I can't find the label.)
64 St Cast on
Just my basic recipe, a plain ol sock!

I love this yarn, it's really soft and squishy and a pleasure to knit with. I've read the negative reviews about it on Ravelry, but so far I haven't had any knots in my skein. I'm not done with the second sock so I don't know if they'll felt with use yet, or if they'll bleed really bad when washed. So, my rating on "knitting" with it is 4 out of 5 stars, but the rest is still up in the air. We shall see. These will probably go to my Mom for her birthday next month. She loves blue and greens and the colors in these are really pretty even with the striping. It's hard to capture the vibrancy with my camera but I'm pretty happy with them.

The Big Guy took the girls to the Smokey Mtns last weekend. They're on Fall Break from school this week so we're just going to lay low. The trees haven't hit their peak for color changes yet, but you can see Fall is definitely here. It got cool overnight it seems like. One day we're all sweating and the next day we're digging out sweatshirts and jeans! But boy does it feel GOOD!

It's still very pretty up in the mountains. And they brought me fresh pecan fudge on the way home again so I can't complain!
They hiked different trails this time and found some really good spots. Cooked their hot dogs and didn't get eaten by bears so I was relieved! They're going again later in the week and then we're off to the in-laws for a visit. My youngest will be hitting the "double digits" next weekend and I can't even believe it. This momentous occasion in MY life (cause where the heck did the time go??) means I deserve to stop by The Yarn Patch on the way there! You gotta work it when you can baby!!! Happy Knitting.


knittinwolf said...

Finally you've posted..j/k! Are you feeling better? Did you not go with Richard and the girls? Pecan fudge, mmm, you can eat that without problems? Shoot, I'd have to eat it in the bathroom!:)

Double digits huh, time goes by soooo fast I think that definetly calls for a stop at the Patch!:) Whatcha going to buy? Can't wait to see! I'm nervous to start this cardigan thing with the cables because there are sooo many pattern corrections. Love the socks! You're mom will love them too!

Gotta go back to the dentist tomorrow to have him check least its not hurting, still a slight lump but not the throbbing!:)

My dad and James are going fishing this weekend..Jimmy's still thinking on it, he's not into the outdoor thing, he asked if we could go shopping!:) Was thinking on whacking my hair off while they were all gone! Not tell anyone just go do it!:) Still don't know how I want it, guess just go in and say do what you want! It just keeps falling out in clumps...looks like a dead rat in the drain everyday! Maybe its because its in a ponytail and then knotted up when I swim plus the lovely mixture of cholorine? hmmm Don't you love getting older! NOT!!!

love and hugs

Dawn said...

No, unfortunately, the Fudge causes no ill effects for me - except the extra pounds it puts on me! LOL!!! I LUV IT!

I don't know what I'll get at TYP, they were supposed to get some new yarns in awhile ago but it's not like I really NEEd anything! LOL! I'm just gonna browse! (yea right)!

Pony tails are the WORST thing Dawn! But hormones and/or stress will do it too. I know mine thinned out a LOT after I had Chelsea and we moved here. :(

Feel Better!! Hugs!!

Anna said...

Hiya Dawn! Hope everything's going well for you! Sorry I haven't been great at keeping in touch, but I've been thinking about you. ((HUGS))

Love the colors of the socks! I've never used that yarn before so I can't comment on it.

Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos. I bet you had a wonderful time. I love the beginning of fall when the trees just start to change color and it's not so cold. Unfortunately, in Maryland, we've gone straight to cold! I actually had to wear gloves this morning! UGH

Diary of an Eccentric

Nat Red Knits said...

You're making me a little home sick with those Smokey Mountian pictures!!!
If gas would just go a little lower I swear I would make a trip down there!
Not getting eaten by bears is a good thing....remind me to tell you the story of when my brother was chased at Yosemite...or when my nephew went cougar hunting with my cousin and found a bear instead....LOL

LeAnn said...

The Yarn Patch? This was a new discovery for me this year. We go to the Smokies at least once a year and, back in the spring, we were driving down I-40 and my husband saw the sign. He asked me if I wanted to get off the interstate and find it - very sweet of him to do that for me. He dropped me off and took the kids to a gas station to refill and get some snacks.

The ladies at the shop were very nice, very helpful, not pushy. I plan to revisit very soon.