Monday, February 2, 2009

Black is the new Black

And it's such a bummer for me to knit with!! My poor eyes! But my cousin is worth it because she really does USE the things I knit for her. That's the best reason to knit for someone, so when she asks for something I just can't say no. She's a Dosimetrist at a cancer center in California and is mostly on several computers all day in a VERY cold office. She requested black, so here they are.

Pattern: Sleekit Mitts
Yarn: Dream In Color Smooshy in Black Parade (which really looks bluish, brownish, blackish)
Size 1 needles

I really like this pattern, it's simple, yet sophisticated.

I sort of "left out" one line in the pattern the first time I made one. It happened to be a part in the pattern that works the thumb gusset up to a certain number of inches after the increases. When you miss something like that you wonder why your finished mitt is literally cutting off the circulation in your hand. Oops.

The pattern calls for a K1, YO, K1 increase to start the thumb gusset and my knitter's mind warned me "You'll get a hole". And yep, I got a HOLE. Knitters Tip #746: Always Follow Your Instincts (REALLY!)
I used a few of the brain cells that are still working and did my own thing: KFB, K1.See? No HOLE!! Yay Me!! I really like how she wrote up the pattern for the top of the thumb gusset though. She has you pass a stitch over some of the ones you pick up along the top and it really closes things up nicely. I'm going to use that technique on other ones I make as well. It sure beats having to use the tail to "fix up" any holes that show when you're done.

Here's another pair that I made for her:

Pattern: Fetching
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in Black
Size 5 needles - I added one extra cable row to the bottom and adjusted for the top as well. Did regular bind off rather than picot that's in the pattern. I think that keeps it from "flaring out" as much. These are thicker and I hope they work for her.

I actually have another pair in the works right now that's in the same blackish DIC yarn (since I had so much left over). She'll use them all the time so she can switch them out.

Today is a rest day. It was only supposed to be "light rain" today per the weather guy.

Oh my. Somebody sure got it wrong. School got out early but luckily my youngest was already here (she was up all night coughing). The Big Guy picked up my oldest who's just happy as pie to get out of school early. It'll probably all be gone by tomorrow though...


knittinwolf said...

Love the mitts! Those fetchings are in my to do list....the never ending list!

Wow SNOW! Guess Mr. Groundhog was right huh?!!:)

Hope you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Mitts!!
Good job.

Anna said...

Those are great! I'm not fond of knitting in black or navy blue. It's snowing off and on here today, but not amounting to much. Better than the ice we had last week though.

Julianne said...

Those are awesome. And of course you know I love the color...I wish we would get snow...It looks so pretty. Well, have to get busy and start ya

Nat Red Knits said...

Those look great! Isn't it nice to knit for someone that actually uses what you make??

Sarah is always a sure bet- she loves when I knit for her.

I can't believe you have snow. Two days ago we had piles of it and we just had two sping like days in the 40's and 50's...snow almost gone but the winter freeze is coming back tomorrow.

Enid said...

well done on completing the mitts. All dark colours can be a pain; have you tried putting a white towel sheet/towel under the project, while working on it?

Dawn said...

Thank you Enid!

I usually work over a light colored fabric and I have my Ott light next to me as well. I'm just getting old.....sob sob...LOL!

I really should do it outside in the sun I think.

Thank you for the kind comments! :)