Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tweet Tweet

Here's my latest project. I call her Anabelle.

My Aunt Rene's Birthday is right around the corner and since I'll be sending my cousin all of the mitts I've made her in the past few months I thought Auntie needed some luv too.

Pattern: Sweet Little Bird
Yarn: Red Heart Super Solids - Just a pinch of blue/black and white.
Size 3 needles. (Hard on the hands, but SO cute in the end.)
I washed all the pieces before I assembled her, it softens it up so it's not so stiff and plastic-y feeling.

And then today I finished Cindy's last pair of fingerless mitts:

Pattern: Autumn Cable Mitts
Yarn: Karabella Aurora 4 in Black
Size 2 Magic Loop

These were a bit of good and bad: a pain because of all the cables, yet fun because of all the cables. I like the pattern because it's not overbearing, still looks feminine, and I really enjoyed working them up. Okay, not all the times I had to tink back due to a "wrong way" cable but I should know better than to knit when I'm feeling too tired. I would've done these without a cable needle but in a splitty yarn, with size 2 needles, and BLACK yarn at that, my eyes and fingers were fumbling. It was a LOT safer for me to use a cable needle. I had two balls of this Karabella, so another pair of mitts may be in my future at some point I'm sure.

Are allergies killing anyone else? I was so bad both of my ear tubes got stopped up and inflammed. For two weeks now my ears have been clogged and I'm on the second RX to try to clear this up. I got an RX for Astelin (a nasal antihistimine) and it does help but it sure tastes NASTY! I'll sacrafice if it works though. You do what you have to do.

Happy Knitting.


knittinwolf said...

OMG tooooo funny! That's what I was working on today! I made a green bird and a yellow bird! I'll post tomorrow! Must be on the same wavelength! She's going to love all the mitts and bird! My allergies have been bad too and my left ear is! Hope you feel better soon! hugs

Julianne said...

Oh that is so cute....Aunt Rene is going to love it. It just looks like you can squeeze it....

Anna said...

That's adorable!

Julianne said...

Tweet Tweet...I just love lil' Annabelle...she is sooooooo cute...