Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finally! A quick project for me!

Okay, Well, not super-duper QUICK. But better than the time it's been taking me to do anything else lately! Helmet Liner
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash in Chocolate
Size 6 & 8 circs & size 8 DPNs.
Modified: Did neck part for 7 inches to make sure it covered the neck better. I did some fudging by the picked up stitches to make sure no "holes" were visable. I just used a lifted stich in a couple of spots to just make things "snug". (Ignore the messy bottom neck part, he wasn't feeling very "vogue" modeling for me).

I have to admit, we laughed so hard when The Big Guy had this on, but if it keeps my nephew warm at night - or whenever - wherever he is in Afghanistan, then that's all that matters. He's always in our prayers.

I hope everyone had a nice Valentines Day! I have to admit, I'm pretty spoiled. I got my usual RX for sanity - See's Chocolates - so I was a pretty happy camper. I also scored some beautiful Sundara yarn the other evening purely by chance. (I think it was the 15th but it still counts!) She won't be mailing it out until the end of the month so I have something to look forward to. Who are we kidding, I've purchased more yarn than that but I'll save that for when I can get some decent pics.

My Doctor's visit went okay. Basically we'll just be re-checking my bloodwork every few months to try to pinpoint what "autoimmune" problem I have. We know I have one, there are over 100 so it may take a bit of time to get closer, and to order the right blood tests. I really do love my Doctor, he's just fun to talk to. He really lifts my spirits. I was apologizing about not being able to tolerate the side effects of so many meds we've tried but the way he put it into perspective for me was to tell me that if it was "meant" to be in my body it would already be there. There's no reason to feel bad about chemicals not working for me just because they may work for someone else. True.

I'm STILL trying to start another pair of fingerless mitts for my cousin. I got to thinking of how sensitive she is to wool and have another yarn that's a lot softer than the DIC Smooshy. Trying to find a pattern I like has been the hard part. I've started 3 and frogged them all. Speaking of which, that's what I should try to get back to now...

Happy knitting!


knittinwolf said...

YEAH! Awesome helmet liner! It turned out so good!

Can't wait to see the Sundara...I've never used it but a friend of mine said its soooo soft and nice to work with. Yummm See's!

Jimmy's Ninja hat was crocheted thats why I got it done so fast!

Hope they find out soon so they can help you out better...hugs

Anna said...

That looks great! I'm sure your nephew will get a lot of use out of it. Glad you like your doctor, and I'm with Knittinwolf, hope they find out soon!