Monday, December 22, 2008

A Big Thank You!

I had a feeling and was really hoping some Persimmon cookies would make their way to Tennessee again this year since Dawn not only has them in California, but she's also quite Ms. Suzy Baker as well (and I am humbly THE Queen of Burning Things). I can't find Persimmons here in the south, maybe I'm not looking in the right places but so far it's a no-go, at least not the kind you need for cookies.

I grew up with my Grandpa's homemade persimmon cookies during the holidays so they bring back such wonderful memories for me. I can't even describe how the scent takes me back to lots of love and happy times.

But I also got this!

And This!

And I totally adore these!

Dawn has a memory like I can't believe! I got such a kick out of these little Green Olive stitch markers, and she sent me some wonderful stuffed Olives that are from California as well. Another "touch of home" that really makes me smile. I love the Misti Alpaca Chunky yarn too! I think that's my next project, I just have to go dig out my needles!

NOW I get what the homemade soaps and ALL THOSE Knitted squares she was making lately were for! Aha!! I thought she was on the way to making a huge afghan! What cool labels you made for your soaps Dawn! The packaging is great! Are you going to be an ETSY seller?
Well, you SHOULD! These are perfect gifts!

I've been very blessed this Christmas. Thank You so Much Dawn And A Blessed Merry Christmas to You and your family too!
PS. Thanks so much for the goodies for the girls too!! They eyed their stuff before I even had the box fully unloaded! LOL! Little Stinkers!


knittinwolf said...

YEAH you opened it...I knew the cookie smell would waft out and you'd have to open it and get one!

Loved those olive stitch markers...hunted for someone to make olives and said those are perfect for Dawn!:) hee hee

Do I hear KAL? I want to make that scarf too! I have mine balled and ready to go in a bag with needles! Thought it looked nice, fun, and relaxing and hey big needles!:)

So glad you liked everything. I have such a blast looking for things all year to put in your package! You had a couple of posts complaining about the cat hair and saw that grow a cat and started laughing! Yes, I'm easily humored!

Are those ok olives? Do you like the garlic because they make different kinds? Although I've looked for the canned ones you had on the blog that time and can't find them here!

Anxious to start that shawl too. You're not going to do it? Ahhh come on!

Almost done with the cardigan I've had started. Would have had James' slippers done but ran out of yarn, had to search for yarn and order!

Oh and I keep forgetting to tell you that the previous owner of that store backed out of the deal with Alana, so she's not taking over and I'm not knitting samples :(. She's really upset, duh, I'd be too. Still don't know what I should do with the yarn she sent me to do the scarf...she said to just wait till she's doing better??

I need to cast on some socks too because I'm like six behind (I think)...I balled them too, they're just waiting to jump onto the needles!

So happy you liked it! Love and hugs!

Nat Red Knits said...

That Dawn... She is a great one for surprises! You know why there are no persimmons in TN don't you?...They can't say it right....LOL

Uh oh... I hope Santa didn't hear that snark... I can is only by a twist of fate that I don't talk that way ALL the time...hehe