Saturday, December 20, 2008

Done & Done

Whew! My knitting made it to it's destinations so I can post about these now.

The minute I saw this scarf made up in this particular colorway, I knew exactly who I just HAD to make this for. My Friend since elementary school, Rhonda.

She loved it! (I told her if she didn't to please send it back to me-no hard feelings-because I love it too!! LOL!)

Socks That Rock-Lightweight
Pond Scum
Size 4 needles
44 st cast on to extend less yardage

This next one was for my BF in CA, Julie. (Modeled by my oldest Miss J). Rhonda told me this is called a "Hollywood Knot". I had no idea! LOL!! But it's a great way to wear this.

This baby is BRIGHT!! Very BRIGHT! And it fits Julie to a "T". She's a rebel, loves RED and looks SO PRETTY in it as well. She can wear really red lipstick and look absolutely FAB-U-Lous in it. Not many women can you know!

Dream In Color Smooshy - Lipstick Lava
Kept 44 st cast on to make it long and skinny.
Size 4 needles.
ETA: I also used the K2tbl (knit 2 together through the back loop) instead of SSK (slip, slip, knit) on this one. Total "personal preference" thing, it just made it go a tiny bit faster for me.
At a couple of spots in the pattern it was a little tricky but it still looked good IMO.
BTW: I did the extra two rows of garter stitch at the beginning since the pattern ends that way. Just makes for a "matching ends" scarf.

I didn't really "over-do it" blocking these. I know some people really open up the lace pattern with pinning and severe blocking, but frankly I just layed it on the floor on towels and shaped it with my hands while they were still damp. I put a fan nearby and just let them air dry. I love how they came out. I think I'll make one for myself one day. Funny how scarves can drive me insane - it feels like the repeats will NEVER end - and then WHAM! You're done and they're GORGEOUS. So worth it.
Many prayers and good thoughts went into these as well.
Merry Christmas my good Friends.
Miss U both.


knittinwolf said...

I've been wanting to do this fact its sitting in a bag with yarn and needles to do! They are gorgeous! Size 6 needles huh? Pattern says size 3!:) Six sound so much faster!:) They're just beautiful, you did an awesome job! Gotta have Julie model it too! hugs

Julianne said...

I truly love it and the color...I will have to model it and post a pic and make sure I am wearing my red red lipstick to match...hahahaha....thank you so much for the are the best and always make me feel good...and Jessica looks fabulous in it too....lots of luv...ybf

msrhonda66 said...

Thank you again, I feel honored to be on your blog-tell Jessica great modeling! Julie does look great in red. You are so talented-we (KW & I) were just going thru all your pics of the things you made. Happy Holidays-my cards are late as usual.

Nat Red Knits said...

Lipstick Lave- What a sexy name!!! I love those scarves. could do what I do and pretend it is all selfish knitting and post it anyway.

Anna said...

Beautiful scarves! You did a great job!