Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Tree Blues

After several years of no "problems" with putting up our tree, the last few have been pushing our sanity. We keep losing the lights. Our special "pick your own setting" twinkling lights. The "we can't go further with ANY decorating until we have these lights". I'm very sure we said last year that it wouldn't happen again. So, this year of course, we were in the same boat. We tore up the garage (a few times). We tore up the attic (a few more times). Finally they were found where they should've been in the first place: In the box that the tree was in. Silly Silly Big Guy.

We've also had a terrible time with the "Twister Sisters", Sasha & Sophie (our cats) attacking anything on, around, or near the tree. We hardly put any ornaments on it this time because they've been grabbing them and carrying them away. Last year they were sooooo good. This year we must be in the Terrible Two's of their cat lives because they're driving us absolutely nuts.

We start out all "nice and pretty" (with the CHEAP tree skirt for obvious reasons - there's no way I'd use one of my fancy ones with "kitty claws" on duty).

And shortly thereafter we find this:

Thank goodness we don't have to wait for Santa this year to deliver on Christmas Eve! We better put some gifts down there soon so they'll lose their playground. I should get that
"No Peeking" gift bag from Hallmark. That would put a stop to their sha-nanagans!

And, here's my new paperweight. My wireless printer is no more (I should stop being so dramatic, I can still use it to print, just not as a wireless). We switched back to the router that will let "online gaming" live on. What I do for love.


knittinwolf said...

So funny...I can just see them doing this. I've never had my cats steal the ornaments though. Now the tree skirt is another story...needed a new one this year. I don't know what it is about the tree skirt but my cats do the same thing..although Fuji thought it was quite fun too last year! Hopefully we'll put ours up this weekend.


Julianne said...

Oh no....We never had too many problems with our cats other than Daisy laying under it to look at the lights but she never got into anything. I am getting mine this weekend and we are concerned how Chloe is going to be. She thinks everything is something to eat. It oughta be interesting....I will keep you posted. MaryAnn had a spell with her tree this year. She got hers after Thanksgiving and we went over to decorate it on Saturday. I left after it was done and I called them when I got home. My mom told me that her tree fell over. She could not believe it. So they put it back up and tried to salvage it a little. Then it fell again. So she and my mom had to undecorate it and Jesse returned it and got another one which is still in their formal living room undecorated. Fortunately she has tons of ornaments because she normally has two trees. So she is blue about that. She said her christmas curse is continuing. She is funny.....Oh well, enjoy your tree. I love Christmas trees. They always make me ya YBF........AHHHHH...Willow just ate my slipper....between her and Chloe I am going to be left shoeless...

Nat Red Knits said...

I can sympathize completely! The first few years Bingo kept trying to open the presents under the tree. And he didn't care that I had this huge expensive revolving tree in the window, if he wanted to look out that window... he did it.

The wireless printer thing...not happening here either. I cannot get mine to connect...maybe I will call Apple for help tomorrow.

Anna said...

While I adore animals, that's one reason why I'm glad I don't have any other than fish! LOL

We unpacked all of our Christmas stuff and decorated right after Thanksgiving. We went through all the boxes, and I'm still missing things. Not for the tree, thank goodness, but nice Christmas tree candy dish and stuff for my village. No idea where it could be, but my husband pulled down everything last year by himself while I was at work so your guess is as good as mine.