Friday, December 19, 2008

I love the lights...

This was shared with me recently:

And I can't stop watching.


I just ADORE Christmas lights, I wish they were up all year but I guess that would dampen the excitment and all. I love the simple ones that The BigGuy puts up every year, but I'd sit outside ALL the time watching if I had something like this set up! Some people make it an art form. This year we haven't gotten to drive around to see many due to all the rain we've had (w/ more on the way), and with our windy, hilly roads, it's just not very safe so this seems like the next best thing.
These make me smile. Over and over and over again.
(There are so many to look at. Beware, you could be occupied for a bit).


knittinwolf said...

How pretty! We haven't driven around icy at night!

Finally found something James wants me to knit...felted slippers! Hope they turn out and he likes them. I'd be so bummed if he didn't wear them!

Hope your feeling better! Whatcha knittin on? Miss ya..

Mychawd said...

Now I can't stop watching!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Anna said...

I love Christmas lights, too. A nearby hospital sets a whole bunch of them up by the Chesapeake Bay, and you have to drive through to view them all. It's pretty amazing. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see them this year. :(