Thursday, May 28, 2009

More socks.

I'm in sock mode again.

Simple Stockinette Socks
Yarn: Patons Kroy Stripes - Mulberry
Size 1 magic loop - 64 st cast on.
This yarn is a bit "odd" feeling to me, but they washed up nicely, got a tad bit softer, so we'll see how they wear.

The picture on top is with photo editing, the bottom is without, and the reality is somewhere in between! It's been cloudy all day today, we've gotten 8+ inches of rain in May alone. Now is the time for the standard southern afternoon/evening "pop-up" thunderstorms. There should be another one along any minute now. I'm just tired of everyone mowing every 5 minutes. sigh.

Memorial Day I had a 50% coupon for AC Moore so we went and I got these. I scored Cookie's book for 1/2 off! I'd been seeing the The Red Heart Sock yarn on Ravelry and I just love these colors knit up. I can't wait to make my own socks out of it so I can smile when I see them on my own feet.
That's it. I've got other projects in my mind (and the yarn wound up ready to go) but all I seem to be doing is socks lately.
Happy Knitting!


Julie said...

Pretty. I love the colors. What color is that RedHeart one? It is pretty. I have alot of that in my stash but I don't think that I have that color. How do you like the Cookie book? I don't like that they are graphs. I rather work of instructions that are listed row by row...I have a problem with the graphs. Oh well. It is hot over here.... :-b How are things over there? Okay, well better get back to ya..

Ariel said...

The socks are a GREAT color!!!

Kramer's mama said...

Cute socks! I see you got yourself the new cookie A sock book. Aren't the patterns great? Which one are you thinking of knitting?

Dawn said...

Hey Julie! It's Spring Stripes. I love it!

Usually I'll write out the charts, it helps me so much to recognize the pattern better once I'm done as well. I totally prefer written row by row too! ;O)

Kay-From the Back Yard said...

I like the stripes, too. And besides the sock patterns, you'll love the great information in the Cookie A sock book.

Julie said...

Yea, that is what I plan on doing. It is such a pain though. Wow, I have that Spring Stripe color but your camera really makes it look so bright and pretty.

Kramer's mama said...

Just saw your comment on your blog. The first pattern for the KAL (May) was Kai-Mei from the book. I knitted Sunshine for last month's KAL which was a free for all. I think Sunshine is one of the easiest of the patterns in the book. There are some erratas in the book that have been noted so you might want to check the Cookie A KAL forum on Ravelry:

Ashley said...

Oooh I love those colors! I haven't attempted socks yet...I'm a little nervous!

Anna said...

Those are some nice loud socks. Just the way I like them! :)