Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

Your Ten Favorite Places to Shop

1. The Yarn Patch
2. The Yarn Company
3. The Yarn Haven

4. JCPenney
5. Belk
6. Target

7. The Loopy Ewe
8. The Knitting Zone
9. Yarn 4 Socks
10. Simply Socks

Guess I knew THAT was coming! hahahahahaha!! Designer make-up? No. Designer Bags? No. Designer clothes? No. Designer YARN! Woot Woot!! yea baby!

I wonder if I have a problem....well, it IS your FAVORITE places to shop!


Ashley said...

I'm not one for designer anything, but if I had to choose...I would definitely pick the yarn!

Dawn said...

Yay Ashley! Let's go shopping! LOL!!!