Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Slowly But Surely

I'm really a simple kind of gal. I think there's a reason I like simple stockinette stitch socks.

Patterned socks take me awhile....a LOT longer than usual. And they require a certain amount of concentration. Which is in short supply these days with all my other issues. (It's been raining for days now, so my pics are not in full daylight.)

I just like simple shaped patterns. Most patterns are easy, but the patterning itself makes them seem too "bunchy" looking to me. They remind me of wrinkly elephant legs for some reason! I know, but it's in my head and I can't get it out! But that's just my own opinion. No biggy. Just like my much increased appreciation of semi-solid colored sock yarns anymore. I'm getting set in my ways in my old age I guess.

This pattern is my style. Simple, but pretty.
Yarn: The YoYo String & Fluff
Colorway: Not Called Amethyst- Superwash Merino

Confession time: I over-dyed this skein with Purple Kool Aid awhile back. It's another one of my "monitor" discrepencies. It looked a deeper shade of purple on my screen when I bought it. Someday I have to fix that issue. Whatever base yarn she used though is absolutely scrumptious. These are almost silky to the touch. I adore them.


I was hurting the other day. Same old issues. I didn't feel up to knitting much so I pulled out the Disco Ball looking beads I'd bought recently and made myself some cool stitch markers.
I love these, I want to hustle to the Bee Gees when I see them.

Since we already have a ga-jillion beads, and I get in the mood every so often when I can't knit, my stitch marker inventory has really blossomed! I love my stitch markers! Making them is really just as much fun as using them. If I wore more jewelry I'd probably be spending as much on beads as I do on yarn.

My knitting meeting is coming up this weekend. I'd better get back to getting things ready to go to the swap. I'm a terrible procrastinator, I pulled stuff out of the closet but have yet to sort through it all. I'll probably end up doing it Saturday morning!

Happy Knitting.


Ariel said...

LOVE those purple socks!!

Julianne said...

Love it all....I wanted to start doing the are so talented...I are you feeling missy? I wish there was something I could do for you or send you to make the pain go away. All I can send is my love and prayers to you that you won't hurt as much. Love ya and miss ya..YBF

knittinwolf said...

Love those socks! Great color too! The stitch markers are awesome! ha ha ha ha stayin' alive....:) Have fun at your swap...let us know how it goes!

Anna said...

Gorgeous socks and stitch markers. You're making my fingers itch for the needles!

Diary of an Eccentric

Nat Red Knits said...

I think the socks are adorable, but I know what you mean, I prefer to knit the plain ole variety too.

Maybe you should set up an Etsy store and sell those stitch markers! I love the ones you made for me!!

bobbi said...

once i bought everything needed to make stitch markers. Beads, loops, tools, wire. they all sit in there place waiting for me. i did make a few once, only once.
i downloaded the sock pattern, thanks. i'm going to add it to my collection of sock patterns not yet knit. but hope to one day. that's if i can get off this computer long enough to knit.

kkhymn said...

Dawn - I love your stitch markers. kitties and sock making talent!

Hugs for a great day, despite the pain you may be feeling because of the crappy weather or storms ... ugh!