Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Uh oh.

First there was this:

And this:

FINALLY, after almost 9 years here we have our own Red Robin. I sure missed the ones back home! Not only because of the great food, but also the good times & memories of being there with friends and family. It's a happy place.

So.... it's back to this (first uphill spot):

See the house in the middle on the left hand side? That's the one that we grimace at when we're heading up because that's when we FEEL THE BURN. Yowza. It may not look like much, but it's steeper than you'd think.

And this (second hill we go down and back up):

This one isn't as bad as the first but it's still a hill. They were a bit more challenging today. Must have been all those fries....Yum. I hadn't had my favorite burger in two years. It was SOOOO GOOD! I can't even tell ya how happy that made me.

Anyway, we're hoping tomorrow is not more of this:

I suppose we're blessed with all the rain we get, but I can totally do without the tornado scares. And my poor allergies just can't catch a break. It's funny how the very second it stops raining people are out in full mega force mowing their lawns, literally doing it a few times a week. It's one major mowing gig. Crazy. I'm so over it and it's just begun. sigh. I need to buy stock in Kleenex.

OTN: Socks & "The Never Ending Soft Waves Afghan".

Happy Knitting.


knittinwolf said...

yummy looks so good!

Julianne said...

OMG.....I want one now...Remember Spoons? That is the first place we had our California Burgers...then they closed and Red Robin came along with our Guacamole Burgers....Man, now I can't use that as a bribe to get you back to CA. Shoot...losing my leverage..hahaha...Well, evertime you have one think of me okay?..You live in such a beautiful area. I love those trees. At least it is pretty to look at when you have to walk up the you lots...YBF..

Dawn said...

Oh gosh, Yes Julie! I loved Spoons! Sooo many good memories there! I was so sad when I went back and saw FF all changed in front and that it was gone! The Cheesecake factory just isn't the same! LOL!!

I DID think of you when I was there yesterday! I was gonna call you and tell you to meet me! hahaha!! Oh, that makes me sad....

Miss You guys!!! :)

Anna said...

I love Red Robin, but my thighs hate it. LOL I need to get walking or at least back on the Wii Fit. It's so hard to stay motivated.

Dawn said...

I have to admit Anna, I've been feeling SO guilty for eating that burger. Maybe having that picture up will remind me to behave now! :P

I don't know how you keep up your pace Missy. I keep saying it, but you totally amaze me with how much you do. But i have to say, just moving at all makes me feel a bit better (not physically! -yet- just mentally LOL!)

Nat Red Knits said...

I ate at one of those once! The burger was to die for!!!